7 Romance & Crime C-Dramas That Combine The Best Of Both Worlds

These are the dramas you want to watch when you want to swoon and be thrilled at the same time.

I mean, these romantic Chinese dramas about crime are just as swoon-worthy as they are thrilling and I know you’ll love them!

1. City of Streamer

City of streamer

In early 20th century Shanghai, the influential Rong family hires a tutor.

What they don’t know is that they’ve unwittingly brought a justice-driven spy, Feng Shi Zhen, into their midst, and this sparks a dangerous tale of love and conspiracy.

2. An Undercover

An undercover

Wei Cifang, a determined young police officer, uses various covers to infiltrate criminal groups. 

When she meets Wu Tong, a man caught in a love network, she must balance personal feelings with her mission to rescue innocent lives.

3. Never Compromise

Never Compromise

Xiao Ang, a retired special forces soldier, teams up with Burmese youth Wen Dan in a deadly war against local gangs and warlords to rescue their loved ones. 

Their quest for justice leads to unexpected truths which ultimately force them onto very separate paths.

This is a very good option if you want to watch a nice Chinese drama with romance and mystery, and I assure you they’ll keep you hooked for hours. 

4. You Are My Answer

You are my answer

Zhou Yuan, head of the major crimes division, and aspiring officer Lu Hao unite in an undercover operation. 

But tensions rise when Zhou moves into Lu’s home, and soon romance starts blooming between them.

5. Unshakeable Faith

Unshakeable faith

Police officer Pang Hong Mei and scientist Ji Danyang battle U.S. and Jiang spy agents in Lumen City to protect the Water Drop Project.

And soon, they realize their dreams and firm ideals even as they race against time to get the bad guys. 

6. How Can I Rescue My Love

How can I Rescue My love

Luo Jing Jing’s life takes a turn, and her love is tested when her first love, Long Xiao Yu, becomes a murder suspect. 

Lawyer Han Ding who is defending Xiao Yu then comes into their lives, and I’m not kidding when I say this romance-crime drama was simply stunning.

7. When A Snail Falls In Love

When A Snail Falls In lovs

Detective Ji Bai trains profiler Xu Xu, whose exceptional profiling skills contrast with her slow pace. 

And even though they’re very different, their teacher-student bond blossoms into love as they tackle case after case.

How many of these crime romance Chinese dramas will you watch? Let me know in the comments. 

And, remember to check the related posts to get even more amazing recommendations. 

Happy watching!

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