10 Must-See Steamy Chinese Dramas With Skinship You Can’t Miss

Are you in the mood for a spicy watch? I mean, a drama where the steam between the leads has you kicking up your feet in happiness. 

Chinese cinema is usually very censored, so seeing leads who get frisky on screen is somewhat uncommon – this means there are very few dramas where the leads have skinship. 

But in this post, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourite spicy romantic Chinese dramas with a certain degree of hotness that will make you feel warm all over.

1. Maids Revenge

Dong Ting Yao’s family is wiped out, and she suspects her fiancé’s uncle is the culprit. 

Somehow, she manages to escape captivity, only to find her half-sister has taken her place. 

Now, she’s on a mission to become a maidservant, get her revenge and reclaim her fiancé, Fang Tian Yi.

2. My Lethal Man

Shen Man Ning’s life takes a turn after a kidnapping case leads her to Yan Xing Cheng. 

Forced into a fake engagement, they navigate hardships and uncover a 17-year-old mystery while learning to love and rely on each other.

You guys, the chemistry between these two was so, so, so potent every time they appeared on screen together, and it was so hot it was scorching (you can watch with complete English subs on YouTube).

3. Be My Princess

Part-time translator Ming Wei lands a role with award-winning actor Mu Ting Zhou. 

But after an accident erases Mu Ting Zhou’s memories, Ming Wei steps in to help him recover, and while taking care of his life, they start to reignite their connection.

4. Hidden Love

Sang Zhi fell for her brother’s older friend, Duan Jia Xu when she was in high school, but a misunderstanding made her ghost him for years.

When she comes to university in his city, they reconnect and slowly fall in love, and if you’re looking for a steamy Cdrama where the leads are super touchy-feely with each other, you’ll love this drama. 

5. Sunshine Of My Life

Dedicated manager Tang Ming Xuan meets Mo Fei, a young woman passionate about embroidery. 

Despite parting ways to pursue their individual plans, fate reunites them and soon their professional partnership grows into a romantic story of love. 

6. Perfect And Casual

Statistics professor Zhang Si Nian’s perfect life is disrupted when he offers a contract marriage to Yun Shu

Initially a means to an end for both of them, their relationship evolves into something unexpected as they navigate the uncharted territories of a new love.

You guys, this drama is available to watch on Netflix, and while Si Nian and Yun Shu were positively antagonistic in the beginning, these two eventually fell deeply in love and there were some very racy moments. 

7. My Little Happiness

Zhuo Rong pursues her dream of becoming a lawyer but faces resistance from her mother. 

Returning home secretly, she meets her childhood friend Wen Shao Qing, and this leads to a battle of wits and an inevitable closeness.

8. Wonderland of Love

Wonderland of Love follows the tale of the emperor’s grandson Li Ni, who, while guarding the border, meets the ambitious Cui Lin on the battlefield. 

Their competitive interactions gradually lead to love, and my favorite thing about this mature romance Chinese drama with skinship and kissing was how the affection between them felt so genuine.

9. Love Unexpected

Xu Nuo, emotionally disconnected after a tragedy, hires economics major Ke Si Yi as a bodyguard. 

As their relationship grows, Xu Nuo rediscovers his emotions, so he decides to confront the many feelings he never thought possible.

10. Decreed By Fate

In this historical Chinese drama with lots of kisses, Ye Rong Er, known as the female Zhang Fei, marries Yin Sishen for an unusual reason.

So, to handle her divorce case, she becomes a matchmaker in order to discover the whereabouts of her elusive husband.

What’s the sluttiest Cdrama you’ve ever watched? I mean, which steamy Chinese dramas with lots of skinship left you thinking got the longest time?

Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check the comments for even more recommendations!

Happy watching!


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