15 Tasty Singaporean Dishes & Chinese Drama Pairings To Try ASAP

There’s something downright magical about sinking into the couch for a Chinese drama marathon, and when paired with the perfect snack or dish, the fun levels literally go through the roof. 

The captivating plot twists, the characters you can’t help but root for, and that sweet romance are all elements that make Cdramas sweet and memorable, and finding the perfect dish/snack to eat while watching will transform the experience. 

In short, if there’s one way to supercharge your Chinese drama sessions, it’s by pairing it with a food or snack that will make you lick your fingers. 

In this post, I’ve listed 15 delectable Singaporean cuisine you can enjoy while watching your favorite Cdramas today, and trust me; your taste buds are going to rejoice.

If you’ve ever wondered what type of Singaporean food to eat while watching your favorite Chinese drama or when starting something new, this post is about to give you some much-needed inspiration. 

Here are 15 tasty Singaporean foods to eat while watching Chinese dramas: 

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice & Romantic Comedies

Hainanese Chicken Rice food

Let’s start with the beloved Hainanese Chicken Rice, a dish that needs no introduction in Singapore. 

The tender poached chicken served with fragrant rice, accompanied by chilli sauce and ginger paste, is a perfect match for light-hearted and heartwarming Chinese romantic comedies. 

The subtle flavors of the dish won’t overpower the sweetness of the love story on screen, and the harmonious balance of taste and emotion will keep you seated for hours.

This is one of the best Singaporean meals you can eat while watching a Chinese drama, and I’m so sure that you’ll love it. 

2. Char Kway Teow & Suspenseful Thrillers

Char Kway Teow food

When you’re engrossed in a nail-biting Chinese thriller, you need a dish that keeps your adrenaline pumping. 

And the perfect one I always recommend is Char Kway Teow, a stir-fried flat rice noodle dish packed with flavors. 

The combination of savory soy sauce, succulent prawns, and smoky wok hei (wok-fried aroma) pairs brilliantly with the suspense and intrigue of any thriller.

And, you can be sure that you’re adding an extra layer of excitement to your viewing experience – while getting lots of nutrition. 

3. Laksa & Historical Dramas


Love historical Chinese dramas? You can travel back in time with a historical Chinese drama while savoring a bowl of Laksa. 

This spicy coconut noodle soup, brimming with fragrant herbs and succulent seafood or chicken will give you a comforting and aromatic backdrop for your historical journey. 

The rich and complex flavors of Laksa will transport you to a different era, and after trying it once, I can tell you for a fact that it is a perfect companion for period dramas.

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4. Satay & Action-Packed Series

Satay food

For those adrenaline junkies who enjoy an action-packed Chinese series, Satay is the ultimate sidekick. 

Skewered and grilled meat, typically served with a peanut sauce and fragrant rice cakes will add a burst of bold flavors and a satisfying crunch to your viewing experience. 

The mix of savory, sweet, and slightly spicy notes will keep your taste buds engaged, mirroring the intense action on screen.

I literally can’t recommend this dish enough, and if you love Singaporean food and Chinese dramas, you’re going to enjoy everything about this combo. 

5. Chili Crab & Family Dramas

Chili Crab food

Chinese family dramas often tug at our heartstrings, and what better way to complement these heartwarming tales than with Singapore’s iconic Chili Crab? 

The sweet and spicy chili sauce coating succulent crab claws and legs is a culinary expression of love and warmth. 

Just like the heartwarming relationships in your favorite family Cdramas, the Chili Crab brings together a medley of flavors that blend seamlessly – you’ll love it!

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6. Bak Kut Teh & Supernatural Fantasies

Bak kut teh food

When you’re diving into the mystical world of Chinese supernatural dramas, Bak Kut Teh is the ideal choice. 

This herbal pork rib soup, infused with a blend of aromatic Chinese herbs and spices, will transport you to a realm where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. 

The comforting warmth of the soup mirrors the supernatural elements on screen, and I really don’t need to say how unique your viewing experience will be at the end.

I’ll forever recommend this Singaporean dish for Cdrama lovers, and even if you don’t like Cdramas but you want to try more Asian food, this is a good place as any to start. 

7. Nasi Lemak & Slice-of-Life Dramas

Nasi Lemak food

For those heartwarming slice-of-life Chinese dramas, Nasi Lemak is the go-to dish. 

This Malaysian-inspired dish features fragrant coconut rice, crispy fried chicken or fish, and an array of side dishes like sambal, peanuts, and anchovies.

Just like the relatable everyday stories in slice-of-life dramas, Nasi Lemak offers a comforting and familiar taste that resonates with the simple joys of life.

8. Popiah & Coming-of-Age Stories

Popiah food

There’s something special about coming-of-age Chinese dramas, and Popiah perfectly complements these tales of growth and self-discovery. 

Popiah is a fresh spring roll filled with a medley of ingredients, often including julienned vegetables, prawns, and a savory sauce. 

Its light and refreshing nature symbolizes the characters’ personal growth as they navigate the challenges of youth.

This Singaporean food and Cdrama genre combo is one I can and always will vouch for and, odd as it may sound, don’t kick it before you try it. 

9. Rendang & Epic Historical Dramas

Rendang food

When you’re immersing yourself in an epic historical Chinese drama, you need a dish with depth and intensity. 

Rendang, a slow-cooked Indonesian-style dry curry with tender beef or chicken, offers a symphony of bold and complex flavors, and it’s just the right thing. 

The intricate spices in Rendang mirror the intricate political and personal dynamics often portrayed in historical dramas, and it’s one dish you want to check out ASAP. 

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10. Roti Prata & Friendship-Centric Dramas

Roti prata food

Roti Prata is the perfect Singaporean dish to try when you’re about to delve into Chinese dramas centered around heartwarming friendships. 

This flaky, pan-fried Indian flatbread pairs perfectly with the theme of camaraderie, and it’s a super feast for the taste buds you won’t regret.

Dip it into some savory curry sauce, and you’ll find the warm, comforting flavors echo the bonds formed between characters.

11. Mee Goreng & Mystery Thrillers

Mee Goreng food

When you’re on the edge of your seat watching intense Chinese mystery thrillers, Mee Goreng is the perfect meal accompaniment. 

This stir-fried noodle dish, rich in spicy and tangy flavors, adds an element of intrigue to your palate. 

Just like the unraveling mysteries on screen, each bite of Mee Goreng reveals a new layer of flavor.

I know I’ve said this for some other meals in this post, but I really do mean it; Singaporean dishes always hit the spot, and eating Mee Goreng while binging your favorite Chinese thriller is the stuff of dreams. 

12. Chendol & Fantasy Adventures

Chendol food

For fantastical Chinese dramas that whisk you away to otherworldly realms, you need to check out Chendol. 

This traditional dessert features green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, palm sugar, and kidney beans, creating a mystical medley of sweet and creamy flavors. 

It’s a delightful match for the magical journeys that fantasy adventures take you on, and you’ll definitely develop a taste for it. 

13. Bak Chor Mee & Culinary Competition Shows

Bak Chor Mee food

When you’re watching competitive Chinese cooking shows, Bak Chor Mee is a fitting choice. 

This bowl of minced meat noodles is a culinary masterpiece, showcasing a mix of textures and flavors, from tender meat to spicy vinegar sauce. 

Much like the contestants’ artistry on cooking shows, Bak Chor Mee represents a harmony of culinary elements.

14. Tau Huay (Soybean Pudding) & Feel-Good Dramas

Tahwa food

When you’re in the mood for heartwarming, feel-good Chinese dramas, complement your viewing with Tau Huay. 

This silky-smooth soybean pudding is often served with a drizzle of sweet syrup. 

And, its gentle and comforting taste mirrors the warm and fuzzy emotions that feel-good dramas elicit, making it an ideal companion.

You need to taste this Singaporean dish if you haven’t, and I can tell you for a fact that once you’ve tried this combo once, you’ll be hooked. 

15. Kaya Toast & Heartfelt Dramedies

Kaya Toast food

Last but not least, for those heartwarming Chinese dramedies that tug at your heartstrings, Kaya Toast is the ideal companion. 

This simple yet satisfying snack consists of toasted bread slathered with Kaya, a sweet and fragrant coconut jam, and a generous slab of butter. 

The juxtaposition of sweet and savory in Kaya Toast mirrors the emotional rollercoaster of dramedies, so it’s a comforting and heartening choice.

You guys, matching up any of these lip-smacking Singaporean dishes with the perfect Chinese drama genre is like adding a dash of extra flavor to your viewing pleasure. 

Why not whip up these dishes (or, order-in), invite your pals or loved ones over, and get ready for an epic binge-fest, now seasoned with the delightful taste of Singaporean cuisine? 

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