Top 12 Amazing Chinese Family Dramas To Watch This Weekend

If we’re keeping it real, spending time with family is like the ultimate drama series – unpredictable, full of love, and occasionally a bit dramatic (we all love it).

If you’re in the mood for a Chinese drama that embraces the chaos that is family, you’re going to want to be seated for these family Cdramas.

1. Octogenarian and the 90s

Octogenarian and the 90s

Grandma Lin’s Sunshine Home becomes a lively hub as the post-90s firecracker Ye Xiao Mei clashes with the smooth-talking Guo San Shuang who’s eyeing the nursing home for easy sales. 

Even with their many conflicts, their youthful outlook breathes life into the elderly residents, and you’re going to love witnessing the touching tales that bind them closer.

2. Hilarious Family

Hilarious Family

Widowed for 18 years, Du Ru Yu has tried to raise her four daughters who have very different personalities, and just know that this isn’t the easiest feat.

Set in bustling Jiang Lin, this female-centric comedy-drama follows the matchmaking escapades of a determined mother and her very, very spirited daughters.

3. Grandma’s New World

Grandmas New World cdrama

On a quest to find her long-lost grandmother, Dou Qi teams up with grandma’s older twin sister. 

And her grandmother’s journey to self-discovery rolls out through shared stories that show her hidden strengths, and each stop on their adventure pieces together the puzzle surrounding her. 

4. Hello Beautiful Life

Hello Beautiful Life

The Sun sisters, Sun Xin the independent tech whiz, and Sun Xiang the bubbly food blogger, are two leads of this very wholesome family drama

Their different paths, filled with flavor and challenges, will keep you thrilled as each sister is determined to realize her dreams.

5. Sisterhood

Sisterhood cdrama

In the 1930s, Ouyang Tian Qing and her companions migrated to Singapore for survival, I know this might sound awfully dire, but there were some really light moments interspersed that made it worth it. 

This drama shows the beauty of Chinese culture while showing us the delicate but strong fabric that binds family together in the most beautiful way. 

6. My Dear Families

My Dear Families

In this drama, Lin Hai Yan’s love endures through two marriages, and from accidents to mental disabilities, Lin Hai Yan’s kindness resolves the abundant family clashes.

7. The Story of Xing Fu

The story of xing fu cdrama

He Xing Fu’s life, despite its ups and downs, shows her determination to create happiness. 

And even with the unexpected mayhem at her wedding and her struggles in the city, she remains resilient while chasing her dreams. 

8. Mom Wow

Mom Wow

Zhou Nan Nan is a single mom who’s just learning the ins and outs of motherhood alongside other moms. 

The different career women and housewives have the occasional spat, but their reconciliation leads to personal growth and a new stage for their children.

One theme that’s emphasized all through this drama is the importance of family and if you’re in the mood for something that will remain dear to your heart, do give them a chance. 

9. The Bachelors

The Bachelors

Qi Guo Sheng’s three sons, each with very different but equally endearing personalities, set out on a tumultuous journey toward escaping singlehood. 

With clashes, laughter, and determination, the family progresses towards shared happiness.

10. As Long As We Are Together

As Long As We Are Together

In this family Cdrama, young parents face different problems while determined to buy a new house for their son’s education. 

11. Dear Parents

Dear Parents

Liu Bi Yun and Jiang Tian Huai’s blended family becomes something of an issue, and from instigators of conflict to supportive siblings, the family’s love and devotion still persevere. 

12. The Family

The Family

Single dad Fang Yong Fu juggles chaos with his three children, and trust me when I say that you’ll love the familial bonds in a not-so-perfect life.

Family isn’t perfect, but they’re ours and that’s all that matters – in these family-themed Cdramas, the leads recognize the importance of family and work towards their collective HEA.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and check the related posts below for even more recommendations that will keep you hooked to your screen for hours. 

Happy watching!

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