11 Best K-Dramas With Lovable Underdogs You’ll Definitely Cheer On

If you’ve ever felt like an underdog, you know how it could be a painfully vulnerable moment where it feels like even the wind could make you lose your footing. 

Underdogs make us root for them, cry with them, and jubilate with them, and these Kdramas feature the scorned and the punished who take their destiny into their hands. 

1. The Glory

The Glory Kdrama

If you haven’t watched The Glory, then you’ve probably heard about it. – unless you’re one of the rare ones who’s a Kdrama watcher but you don’t have an entire account dedicated to fan-girling. 

This drama is about a woman’s revenge and long-overdue payback after being brutally bullied in high school.

You guys, I was rooting for Dong Eun from the very beginning and I genuinely feel she’s the ultimate underdog because she bore all their hate and came back in the most dramatic way. 

2. Birth of a Beauty

Birth of a Beauty kdrama

When a cheating husband pushes his wife to the edge, she teams up with a hot plastic surgeon for a makeover – epic or what? 

One thing you should know is that Tae Hee from this drama didn’t suffer fools gladly and her revenge, which melded with a blooming romance, was pettiness at its best.

3. Vivid Romance

Vivid romance

Unemployed, dumped, and kicked out—In Sung’s life is a mess until a drug test gives him superpowers. 

You’re going to love watching him go from zero to hero in this unexpected adventure, and it was so fun to watch him develop this entirely new, healed persona. 

4. Strong Underdog

Strong underdog

Bullied high schooler Jung Woo takes on the fight of his life, and with a new friend by his side, he’s ready to defy the odds. 

There’s no way you can watch this Kdrama about an underdog without cheering for Jung Woo repeatedly – he really adds a certain sparkle to things and you have to watch to understand what I mean.

5. Beautiful Gong Shim

Beautiful Gong shim

Beautiful Gong Shim is a rom-com about an oddball woman and a successful lawyer who cross paths. 

With family drama, career challenges, and a swoony rooftop romance, this is one of my best finds on YouTube with complete English subtitles and I know anyone would love it. 

6. Big Issue

Big issue

In this drama, a disgraced photographer has to deal with scandals, blackmail, and the price of redemption. 

At every single point, the odds were against Seok Joo and I was absolutely rooting for him as he tried to keep his head on his neck. 

7. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty

Two childhood friends reunite, but Hye Jin feels she isn’t at her prettiest, so she begs her beautiful friend to pose as her.

One thing I felt was resounded in this drama was Hye Jin’s personal growth and I loved how Seo Joon did his absolute best to encourage her to love herself. 

8. Fight For My Way

Fight for My way 1

From taekwondo dreams to office struggles, this drama is a slice of life with friendship, obstacles, and romance about four friends who are chasing their dreams in a mundane world. 

9. Misaeng

Misaeng drama

This drama is about a Go player turned intern who is facing problems in the corporate world, but still try his best to preserve his humanity in their cutthroat environment.

10. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class

Sae Ro Yi’s life takes a dark turn and the situation forces him to open a pub in Itaewon.

You guys, this drama deals with everything from revenge and it features the most adorable and lovable misfits and outcasts who join hands to take down a corrupt conglomerate. 

11. Summer Strike

Summer Strike

Yeo Reum’s life hits rock bottom and this makes her decide to quit her job and escape to a seaside village

A chance meeting with a librarian brings an unexpected brightness into her life and soon, she’s found her family and community. 

This might not be the first drama that comes to mind when you think of underdogs, but Yeo Reum is a shining example of how to step out from under the rubble and find one’s happiness. 

How many of these underdogs would you like to cheer on personally? Let me know which ones you want to watch.

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Happy watching!

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