10 Relatable Chinese Dramas Perfect For Teens To Watch Now

Regardless of whether you’re here because you’re a teen who wants something suitable to watch or you’re an adult who wants to get some major nostalgic feels, I assure you that I have just the thing for you. 

These sweet and awesome drama will ignite your nostalgia like no other and you’re definitely going to be reminiscing about simpler times. 

And, aside from the nostalgic trip they’ll take you on, you can be rest assured that the messages from these dramas are as heartwarming as they come. 

1. Rush To The Dead Summer

Rush to the dead summer

This is a tale spanning ten years about friendship, betrayal, and dreams. 

Despite challenges, these friends pursue different paths after school, and when they become adults and their relationships change, they learn that memories endure, but nothing lasts forever.

2. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You cdrama

Su Zai Zai, a cheerful transfer student changes the introverted Zhang Lu Rang’s life, and it was the sweetest thing watching him come out of his shell slowly.  

Their friendship, along with others, helps him understand himself, and as they all pursued their goals, romance started blooming in their friend group.

3. Unrequited Love

Unrequited love Chinese

This beautiful Netflix Cdrama follows Huai Nan and Luo Zhi’s complex journey from university friends and her one-sided love.

Trials test their connection—questions of love versus family arise and there was still the mystery concerning Luo Zhi’s diary. 

4. Precious Youth

Precious Youth cdrama

Precious Youth tells the story of the love and friendship between studious Liu Ting and passionate Xiao Xiaojun from their college days in 1997 to the present.

5. Suddenly This Summer

Suddenly This Summer cdrama

He Luo and Zhang Yuan face challenges as they pursue education in different places and they soon find themselves trying to preserve their relationship against all odds. 

6. Super Star Academy

Super Star Academy

Cheng Zhi Er’s life changes when she discovers her supernatural powers in a world where people are ranked based on their horoscope signs.

You guys, this is the ultimate wholesome coming-of-age Chinese drama with a sprinkle of romance that’s perfect for teens – you’ll love it!

7. Wait, My Youth

Wait my youth Chinese drama

Su Can Can’s journey with best friends from adolescence to adulthood unfolds in this adorable drama and I know you’ll find each character very precious (just like I did).

8. Just An Encore

Just an encoure

Yan Ze’s unrequited love, intertwines with friendship and jealousy, and this timely and introspective drama explores her relationships, insecurities, and the desire to be someone else.

Her unrequited love for Ji Xiao is then complicated by her best friend Gu Xi Ye and transfer student He Xin Liang.

9. A Little Reunion

A little reunion

A Little Reunion focuses on China’s intense college entrance exam (gaokao) nd the lives of three high school seniors and their families as they prepare for this pivotal exam.

10. Soft Memory

Soft Memory cdrama

A heartwarming tale of students, including Sun Xiao Rou, Ouyang Yu Sheng, and Chu Lu about mistaken identities and the pursuit of love and dreams among a group of students in high school.

What do you think? I can tell you for a fact that these lighthearted Cdramas for teens are just the thing if you want something clean and inspirational to watch.

And, don’t forget to check out the related posts for even more recommendations of dramas that you’ll love.

Happy watching!

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