Top 12 English Dubbed Chinese Dramas To Binge-Watch On YouTube ASAP

I started my journey into international TV shows with dubbed Telenovelas like Teresa, Corazon Indomitable, and Mar De Amor

And most of these dramas were dubbed in English, but I wasn’t even aware – my little brain thought the actors had recorded two versions of their drama. 

If you also started watching foreign dramas on television, there’s a good chance you’ve come across a few dubbed ones.

A dubbed drama is one where another soundtrack is added to a video recording, and this is usually done for television shows.

In this post, I’ll be listing the best romantic dubbed Chinese dramas you can watch on YouTube right now. 

I’m more of a subtitles girl on a good day, but I can’t resist an interesting English-dubbed Chinese drama. 

Here are 12 English-dubbed Chinese dramas on YouTube you can watch right now: 

1. Go Ahead

Go ahead cdrama

The story is about three troubled young people who become like a family because they didn’t get love at home. 

There are two brothers, Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu, and a younger sister, Li Jian Jian. 

They grow up together, and face life’s ups and downs, but when two of them leave for their real families, things get complicated. 

When they meet again after nine years, their past troubles still affect them, and the drama explores whether they can overcome their problems and become better people.

You can watch Go Ahead with English dubbing on YouTube here

2. Chinese Paladin

Chinese paladin Cdrama

In a magical ancient China, a young man named Li Xiao Yao embarks on a journey to Dream Island to help his sick aunt. 

He then meets and marries his true love, Ling’er, but he realizes he’s been tricked by an evil group who kidnaps Ling Er. 

After a strange awakening, he saves his aunt and rescues Ling’er with the help of a kung fu master. 

Together, they face challenges, uncover secrets, and rediscover their love in what works up to a bittersweet ending. 

This is one of the best romantic Chinese dramas of the 2000s, and you can watch it with English dubs on YouTube right now

3. Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy cdrama

Five women on the 22nd floor of an apartment in Shanghai have unique personalities and face challenges in their careers, families, and love lives. 

As they become friends and navigate life’s difficulties together, they each experience personal growth and change.

There’s a whole lot of things to love about this slice-of-life drama, and I have a good feeling you’re going to really enjoy it.

You check out Ode To Joy if you’re in the mood for an English-dubbed romantic Chinese drama on YouTube that will keep you hooked. 

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4. A Wife’s Revenge 

Wifes Revenge cdrama

The drama is about a lady named Bai Ying Ying who feels very sad after she finds out her husband, Ding Zhi Yuan, cheated on her with her best friend, Gu Fei Er. 

Bai Ying Ying also wants to understand why her sister, Bai Jing Jing, took her own life. 

With her friends’ support, like Jiang Chuan and Jin Rui, she tries to start a new and better part of her life, away from Gu Fei Er.

A Wife’s Revenge is one of those dramas that you watch once and never forget, and if you want in on the fun, you can watch the version with English dubs on YouTube here

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5. The Good Wife

Good Wife cdrama

Li Jiayu, a devoted wife, knows how to keep her head up even if the world around her is falling apart. 

She cared for her family tirelessly, even donating her liver to her father-in-law, but her world shatters when she discovers her husband’s affair. 

After a cliff fall erases her memories, a new life begins with coffee making, guided by Lin Tianming. 

But as they fall in love, they’re guarded by the walls of doubt because they know that her memories coming back could easily shatter everything they’ve built together.

You guys, this is one of the best English dubbed Chinese dramas on YouTube, and I don’t doubt that it would keep you engaged for hours – check out The Good Wife with English dubbing now! 

6. Vigilantes In Masks

Vigilantes In masks cdrama

Li Ge Xiao, a skilled martial artist and former high-ranking law enforcement officer, was unjustly framed and lost his family. 

He reemerged from hiding to help recover stolen gold with his new partners Yan San Niang, He Xiao Mei, and Chai Hu. 

Together, they formed a group called “Yi Zhi Mei” to steal from the rich and corrupt and aid the poor and vulnerable.

Who doesn’t love a good old robinhood story? Nobody, and trust me when I say you’ll love this Chinese version with English dubs on YouTube even better.  

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7. Ashes Of Love

Ashes Of Love cdrama

Zi Fen, the Flower Deity, died after giving birth to Jin Mi, and she foresaw Jin Mi’s tough love trial, so she gave her an ‘Unfeeling Pill’ and kept her in the Flower Realm secretly. 

Years later, Jin Mi, an innocent sprite, meets Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, who accidentally breaks the barrier of the Flower Realm. 

She then joins him on an adventure, and this kicks off her difficult love trial as they visit different realms and meet many immortals and demons together with his brother. 

If you love a good romantic xianxia drama, then I really can’t recommend this OG enough – I watched this a few years ago, and I completely loved the storyline. 

You’ve read the plot and if this sounds like something you’d want to watch, you can check out Ashes Of Love with English dubs on YouTube now

8. Legend Of Fu Yao

Legend Of fu yao cdrama

Fu Yao, an orphan turned slave in the Taiyuan Kingdom, sets out to break a curse on her life. 

She then meets Crown Prince Wu Ji and they fall in love. 

And they soon start working together to solve political problems in the five kingdoms and discover the many secrets about her past.

I like an epic any time of the day, and if this is something you fancy as well, you won’t want to miss out on watching this English dubbed Chinese drama on YouTube right now

9. Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Pretty li hui zhen cdrama

Li Hui Zhen used to be beautiful, but tough times made her lose confidence in her looks. 

When she encounters her successful friend, Bai Hao Yu, she’s too embarrassed to meet him and asks her stylish friend Xia Qiao to pretend to be her. 

The twist is that Bai Hao Yu is her boss, and she has to keep up the act while working for him. 

As time goes on, Bai Hao Yu and another colleague, Lin Yi Mu, develop feelings for her. 

You guys, Dilraba absolutely shines in her role as Li Hui Zhen in this romantic English dubbed Cdrama on YouTube, and if you’ve been looking for something new and sweet to watch, this is a perfect recommendation.  

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10. Because Love Is A Miracle

Because love is a miracle cdrama

An Qi Yuan, who is from a simple family and was raised by her noodle-making grandparents has a sweet and innocent personality. 

But, her mother-in-law, Lin Xiu Qin, doesn’t approve of her and constantly tries to break her marriage with Lin Tian You.

The drama in this family drama was really drama-ing at a point, you guys, and if you want chaos that’s just the right amount of dramatic, you’re going to love watching Because Love Is A Miracle on YouTube with English dubs today. 

11. The Love Of Happiness

The love of happiness cdrama

This drama revolves around Lu Xiao Nan, an independent woman who’s wary of marriage because she understands it involves more than just two people, but also merging families.

She then meets Kevin, a kind and adaptable professor with no family ties, and they get married. 

But, soon after, Kevin finds his long-lost family and they become part of a crowded household.

With Kevin’s support, Xiao Nan learns to embrace her new family, and meanwhile, Kevin uncovers the truth about his childhood memory loss.

This is another fantastic romantic Chinese drama with an English version on YouTube and leads with so much chemistry, that they literally heated up my phone. 

12. Royal Tramp

Royal tramp cdrama

Born in a Yangzhou brothel, Wei Xiao Bao is sharp, witty, and a bit lazy. 

And inspired by stories of heroes, he helps Mao Shi Ba and convinces him to go to Beijing. 

There, he tricks a palace official and becomes Xiao Gui Zi, a eunuch, and one day, Xiao Bao meets the young Emperor Kang Xi and they become unlikely friends. 

In time, Xiao Bao supports Kang Xi in various challenges, including dealing with rivals and working undercover for Tian Di Hui, an anti-Qing group.

Royal Tramp is an epic in its own right, as it has amassed fans and followers worldwide, and you can watch it right now on YouTube with English dubbing. 

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One thing I’ll tell you is that English-dubbed Chinese dramas have definitely made it easier and simpler to work or do chores while watching my favorite shows. 

Unfortunately, despite my many years of watching Chinese dramas, my Mandarin is still pitiable at best, but dubbed dramas make it so that I can keep watching while doing other things. 

So, what do you think? Will you give any of these best dubbed Chinese dramas on YouTube a chance? I bet you’ll have a whole lot of fun with it. 

Let me know what you think in the comment section below and check out the related posts directly after this for even more amazing content.

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