6 Super Steamy Thai BL Dramas To Check Out ASAP

Because the best things come in the spiciest packages, and if you’re anything like me, you know that some razzle-dazzle spice is the perfect topping to any drama. 

This time around, I’ve listed some amaze-balls BL Thai dramas that are cute, steamy, and filled with all the fun things. 

I’m taking hot and intense dramas with steamy scenes that are quite literally unmissable. 

Unforgotten Night, Bed Friend, 3 Will Be Free, & other steamy Thai BL dramas to watch now: 

1. TharnType

Tharn type

Type Thiwat, a soccer-loving freshman, dislikes gay people due to a traumatic childhood experience. 

But his life changes when he gets a charismatic, openly gay roommate, Tharn Kirigun. 

Type wants Tharn out, but Tharn stands his ground, and forced to share a space, their hate-love relationship eventually thaws into the sweetest romance.

You guys, these two might not have been able to stand each other at first, but when they did get along, it was magical. 

You can watch TharnType on: Line TV | Viki | iQIYI

2. KinnPorsche

Kinn porsche

Kinn, the son of a Mafia boss, meets Porsche, a bartender with impressive martial arts skills. 

So, Kinn wants to hire Porsche as a bodyguard, but Porsche initially refuses and eventually agrees when he finds out his family are in danger.

Their relationship is a mix of tension and playfulness, and as Porsche’s feelings for Kinn grow, the stakes get higher in their dangerous job.

Best believe that this is one of the most interesting Thai BL dramas with hot scenes that made me blush a good number of times. 

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You can watch KinnPorsche on: iQIYI 

3. Unforgotten Night

Unforgotten night

Kim, a 25-year-old office worker, is tired of pining for his coworker, Day. 

To move on, he has a one-night stand with a stranger he met at a bar, but little did he know, this stranger has become infatuated with him.

Meanwhile, Kamol, a 30-year-old mafia member, has always struggled to find a satisfying partner. 

So, when he meets Kim one night and they connect intimately in a way no one else has, Kamol becomes determined to make Kim his own and pursues him relentlessly.

Does this sound good or what? This is yet another super spicy Thai BL drama that completely changed me and the chemistry between the leads was off the charts. 

You can watch Unforgotten Night on Viki | iQIYI 

4. 3 Will Be Free

3 will be free

Neo, a stripper, runs away from a dangerous loan shark and his gang after a fling with the boss’s wife. 

He’s then cornered in a bar where he meets Shin, Thana’s rejected gay son, and Miw, a bar manager with her own past. 

Somehow, they wind up killing a gang member, and this puts a mark on their heads and soon enough they’re hightailing it from one place to the other to protect themselves.

You can watch 3 Will Be Free on: GMMTV

5. 2gether


Tine, a good-looking college student and cheerleader, asks Sarawat, a popular guy known for soccer and music, to pretend to be his boyfriend to ward off Green’s advances. 

As they play pretend, their feelings evolve, and when the lines between reality and fiction blur, they soon realise that they’re no longer pretending to be in love.

I won’t lie, I’m always super selective about the fake relationship dramas I watch because the execution can go either way, but I felt this one was super, super legit.

You can watch 2gether on: GMMTV | Viki | iWant TFC 

6. Bed Friend 

Bed Friend Thai drama

Uea Anol (James Supamongkon Wongwisut) generally gets along well with his coworkers, except for King Kunakor (Net Siraphop Manithikhun), who is his complete opposite.

Despite their differences, Uea and King end up having a one-night stand during a company outing.

They then decide to continue a purely physical relationship, but their emotions lead to a confusion that causes the both of them to fall deeply in love.

Bed Friend is another sweet and spicy Thai BL drama with risqué bed scenes that had me screaming and wanting to melt into a puddle of unadulterated mush. 

You can watch Bed Friend on: iQIYI | Viki

How many of these dramas have you watched? If you haven’t watched any, do you think you’ll be giving any of them a chance soon? 

Not even to “take it too far”, but these steamy Thai BL dramas are the best things if you’re in the mood for a BL with mature themes that will make you pant with frustration. 

Do check out the related posts below and let me know whatever is going through your mind in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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