Top 14 Must-Watch Romantic Thai Dramas About Cohabitation

If you liked the awkwardness of a shared living area, then you’re going to love these Thai dramas. 

The feels literally skyrocket whenever they’re in the same room, and trust me when I say you’ll be thinking about them long after. 

Here are 14 romantic Thai dramas where the leads live together that you can’t miss: 

1. KinnPorsche

Kinn porsche

Kinn, the Mafia boss’s son, meets Porsche, a bartender who helps him in a time of need. 

Impressed by Porsche’s martial arts skills, Kinn offers him a job as a bodyguard, but Porsche initially refuses, but when his family is threatened, he reluctantly accepts. 

Their relationship is a mix of tension and camaraderie, and as Porsche’s feelings for Kinn grow, the stakes in his dangerous new job rise.

2. CutiePie

Cutie pie

Lian and Kuea, bound by a family promise, must get married and while they’re both unenthusiastic about the entire thing, they know that their parents would be on their case forever so they decide to fake a relationship.

3. Golden Blood

Golden Blood Thai drama

In this BL Thai drama, a mafia boss’s son, Sky, and his assigned bodyguard, Sun, form an unexpected romance in this sweet fake relationship Thai drama.

4. You’re My Sky

Youre My Sky thai drama

Thorn, a passionate first-year college basketball player, rekindles a friendship with Tupfah, an older ex-athlete. 

Thorn tries to hide his growing feelings for Tupfah while trying to revive his friend’s sporting dreams, and as their bond deepens, they question if it might turn into love.

5. Friend Zone

Friend zone Thai drama

Boyo’s life takes a turn after a breakup and losing her job due to her friend Stud’s behavior. 

Together with her friend Boom, they find a new roommate, Good, a freelance artist, all the while Boom faces relationship issues with Tor, who struggles to define their status. 

6. Ai Long Nhai

Ai Long nhai Thai drama

Ai studied abroad but was expelled due to a quarrel, so his father forces him to return to Thailand, where he attends a university taught by his father. 

At this university, Ai meets Chen Nhai, a Harley Davidson-riding classmate with a fascination for a yellow duck keychain, and when Ai falls in love instantly, this sparks a whirlwind romance.

7. My Husband In Law

My husband in law Thai drama

Muey, a smart and talented woman, has loved Thien, a wealthy and good-looking guy, in secret for over seven years, but he only teases her. 

Somehow, Thien becomes involved with a mobster’s wife, and to protect him, Thien’s mother forces them to marry. 

Muey agrees for his safety, and Thien reluctantly complies but wants to keep it secret. 

When Muey starts working at the same company, their hidden relationship faces a challenge. 

8. U-Prince: The Single Lawyer

The Single Lawyer Thai drama

Firstclass, a top student in the Faculty of Law with a punctuality obsession, allows Minute, a wealthy but bankrupt girl, to pretend to be his gay brother’s girlfriend for financial support. 

Soon enough, their constant clashes and living situation in this cohabitation Thai drama challenge their ability to coexist.

9. My Mate Match

My mate match Thai drama

Match wants a roommate for his condo and he has two candidates. 

With three weeks to decide, he documents the process in a YouTube series, #MateMatch #HelpMeChooseRoommate, inviting viewers to vote for the preferred candidate. 

10. Past-Senger

Past senger Thai drama

Kiao, a mischievous teen with dreams of studying architecture, suddenly leaps 27 years into the future.

In 2022, introverted Bamee, inspired by his late father, tries to enter the architecture faculty. 

11. Let’s Fight Ghost

Lets Fight Ghost Thai drama

In this cohabitation comedy, an exorcist college boy with ghost-fighting abilities advertises his services online. 

He boasts high success rates against different ghost types, but during a job, he accidentally kisses a schoolgirl ghost and she decides to follow him home.

12. Leh Ratree

Leh ratree Thai drama

Kate’s father steals money from Sake’s company, and they start looking for him.

He manages to escape but is later hospitalized due to an injury, and to settle his debts, he offers to sell Kate to Sake, who slowly falls in love with her. 

Meanwhile, Sake’s ex-wife, Itsala, refuses to believe he’s moved on and pursues him persistently, and you guys, if you want a romantic Thai drama where they live together that will give you the feels, don’t miss this one. 

13. The Sand Princess

The sand princess Thai drama

Kodnipa, an orphan, moves to the city for education and starts working for the wealthy heir Jirapat. 

When Jirapat impregnates someone Kodnipa knows, the baby is left at her house, and Jirapat offers her two million baht, a condo, and a monthly wage to raise the child, rather than sending it to an orphanage. 

Kodnipa accepts to avoid the orphanage because she grows to love the child, Mochi, but her life becomes complicated when she becomes involved with Jirapat’s older brother, Kirakorn.

14. I Need Romance

I need romance Thai drama

A 33-year-old fashion marketing director, hardened by career struggles and failed relationships, believes love is out of reach. 

Meanwhile, a carefree 26-year-old songwriter, raised by her mother’s friend, reunites with her. 

She remembers him only as a childhood playmate, and his goal is to mend her wounded romantic outlook.

What do you think? What’s the latest Thai drama you watched recently? And, how many of these cohabitation Thai dramas will you check out? Let me know in the comments below.

Also, check out the related posts section for even more stunning recommendations that will keep you glued to your seat.

Happy watching!

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