Friends To Lovers: 12 Best Thai Drama Recs & Where To Watch Them

Friends to lovers Thai bl dramas

This probably doesn’t even need to be said, but I believe we all know that the bestest of romances is one that springs up from friendship. 

For sure, there’s always the awkwardness at the beginning, but what comes after in a friends-to-lovers Thai BL drama is a gushing romance that would absolutely have stars in your eyes. 

1. Theory Of Love

Theory of love

Third, a filmology major, is part of the Savage Team with his close friends Two, Bone, and Khai, and he has been secretly in love with another friend, Khai, who is straight and has a reputation as a player, for three years. 

So, he has kept his feelings hidden from the other man, and Khai’s rule about not dating friends only complicates things. 

Soon enough, Third gets tired of pinning as Khai moves from girl to girl but soon he finds out something he regrets almost immediately.

And just as Khai slowly realizes his feelings and decides to actively pursue Third, the latter decides to give up on his feelings. 

I think my favorite thing in any friends-to-lovers Thai drama is the pathetic pining, and Third essentially uplifts it to an art form in this amazing drama.

You can watch Theory Of Love on: iWant TFC | Viki | Line TV | GMMTV

2. I Told Sunset About You

I told sunset about you

Teh and Oh-aew were close friends until an issue they had made them rivals. 

Now, as they get ready for university, both interested in Communication Arts, they unexpectedly meet in a Chinese class and their reunion stirs up feelings.

You guys, this is the perfect friends-to-enemies-to-friends-to-lovers Thai drama that you need to watch if you’re in the mood to see two people with a deep-rooted friendship fall in love.

You can watch I Told Sunset About You here: Viki

3. Lovely Writer

Lovely Writer

Gene, a writer, tries a new genre at his publisher’s suggestion and it becomes a big hit, and it’s even optioned to become a TV show. 

So, he is asked to help with casting and meets Nubsib, who admires him, and soon the admiration turns into love.

Lovely Writer is one of the best friends to lovers Thai BL dramas with a romantic story that would give you the swoons and feels. 

You can watch Lovely Writer here: WeTV | iflix

4. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy Thai drama

Pran and Pat’s families have a long-standing rivalry, so they always try to outdo each other, and they even pass it down to their sons. 

But when the boys eventually become close friends, due to their families’ feud, they decide to keep it a secret.

And this leads to a journey of hidden friendship and a secret romance that was simply overflowing with cuteness.

You can watch Bad Buddy here: GMMTV | Viki | WeTV

5. Don’t Say No

Dont say no thai

Leo and Fiat have been best friends for a decade, but things change as they grow older. 

Leo, a basketball star, worries that someone is taking Fiat away from him when Fiat’s attention shifts, and at this point, he realizes he has deeper feelings for Fiat. 

With his teammates’ support, Leo decides to confess his love in this adaptation of Don’t Say No When Hearts Are Close by Mame.

You can watch Don’t Say No here: Viki | iQIYI 

6. My Only 12%

My only 12 Thai drama

Cake and Seeiw have been close friends since childhood, and while Cake is outgoing and has many friends, Seeiw is shy.

Despite their differences, they’re inseparable due to being neighbors, and as they grow up, their feelings may change. 

There was a real “will they or won’t they” situation going on for these two and I completely loved every second of it. 

There’s nothing quite as sweet as a friends to lovers Thai drama, but My Only 12% raised the bar even higher and you’re going to absolutely love it. 

You can watch My Only 12% here: Studio Wabi Sabi | iQIYI 

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7. The Miracle of Teddy Bear

The Miracle of Teddy bear

Taohu, a special teddy bear, has been Nut’s comfort for a decade. 

And when he is transformed into a man with no memory, Taohu decides to find the truth of his own past. 

Soon enough, he discovers some unmentionable family secrets,  and he starts racing against time to find answers so he can stay beside Nut forever. 

I know that the premise for this drama sounds a little iffy, but you need to give it a try and there’s a good chance it could become your next favorite friends turned lovers Thai drama. 

You can watch The Miracle of Teddy Bear here: Ch3Thailand

8. My Ride

My ride Thai drama

Mork, who is a commercial motorcycle driver, meets Tawan, a medical resident, in Bangkok one night.

And even though they live very different lives, they become fast friends after Tawan hires Mork for a ride. 

Soon enough, they become swept up in each other, and what follows after is an unexpected bond blossoming into a sweet relationship. 

You can watch My Ride here: WeTV 

9. The Promise

The Promise Thai drama

Phupha and Nanfah were childhood friends who grew up near each other because Phupha’s dad owned a coffee shop across from Nanfah’s dad’s pharmacy. 

So, they shared a lot of memories, but after college, Phupha suddenly disappeared and he stayed gone for ten years. 

And just as Nanfah decides to move on, Phupha comes back into his life and stirs up old feelings anew.

You can watch The Promise here: WeTV 

10. Calculating Love

Calculating Love Thai drama

Sine and Tan secretly love their close friend, but they’re not sure if their feelings are mutual. 

Essentially, they’re worried that their friendship may not stay the same after they express their love.

If you’re really, really in the mood for a Thai drama where the friends fall in love with each other, I can’t recommend this more and it’s perfect for a weekend binge session. 

You can watch Calculating Love here: Youtube

11. Tonhon Chonlatee

Tonhon chonlatee Thai drama to watch

Chonlatee has had a secret crush on his neighbor, Tonhon, for years.

They’re like brothers, but when Tonhon becomes single, Chonlatee decides to win his heart. 

Soon enough, their bond deepens, and Tonhon becomes confused about his feelings, especially when he discovers he has been acting possessively when Chonlatee dates others. 

There’s an ex-girlfriend thrown into the mix and a whole lot of speculation about whether or not they’d end up together, but you guys, their chemistry was fire at every given point. 

You can watch Tonhon Chonlatee here: GMMTV 

12. Cupid’s Last Wish

Cupids Last wish

Korn and Win, who have been best friends for the longest time, become enemies when Win’s dad adds Korn to his will. 

Understandably, this causes a rift between them and the former childhood friends become little more than strangers.

Years later, Win’s soul ends up in his sister’s body after a car accident, and to switch back, he sets out on a journey with Korn to collect holy water from 4 temples in 7 days. 

You can watch Cupid’s Last Wish here: GMMTV 

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below – and do tell me if there are any romantic Thai dramas where the friends fall in love that I missed and I’ll make sure to check them out.

Also, the related posts below have some other even amazing recommendations, so give them some love as well.

Happy watching!


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