Bed Friend & 15 Other Super Swoony Thai BL Dramas To Check Out

If there’s one thing I’ve always known about the Thai drama industry, it’s that they know how to create a mean BL (Boys Love) drama.

So, it’s not so much of a surprise that Thai BL dramas are the most popular & most watched around the world.

This time around, I’ll be listing some of the best Thai BL dramas that you need to watch whether you like the warm stirring of first love or a more mature romance that would make you sweat. 

Here are 15 romantic Thai BL dramas you should check out right now: 

1. 2gether

2gether Thai deama

Tine, a handsome college student and cheerleader, asks Sarawat, one of the most popular guys on campus, to fake a relationship to ward off Green’s advances. 

Their pretend relationship starts to feel real, but they struggle with acknowledging their true feelings. 

Eventually, they realize they’ve fallen in love and want to be together.

This romantic fake relationship Thai BL drama is available to watch on Netflix, and trust me there’s an overload of cuteness waiting for you. 

2. Until We Meet Again

Until we meet again

Thirty years ago, Korn and Intouch, despite their differences, fell in love while studying in Bangkok. 

Their forbidden love faced societal challenges, and this made Korn to give up, resulting in a tragic end. 

In the present day, two new characters, Pharm and Dean, discover they are connected by a mysterious “red thread of fate,” and this hints at a compelling and enduring connection that transcends time and memory.

3. Theory of Love

Theory of love

Third, a filmology major and member of the Savage Team, has been keeping a secret: he’s been in love with his best friend Khai for years. 

Despite knowing there’s no future due to Khai’s straight orientation and “no dating friends” policy, Third silently supports and loves him. 

But, when Third discovers a heartbreaking secret, it prompts a shift in their relationship dynamics.

This friends-to-lovers romantic Thai BL lakorn is the sweetest thing ever, and I loved watching Khai slowly recognise his feelings for Third.

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4. Together With Me

Together with me

Childhood friends Korn and Knock meet again in college, and their bond becomes complicated when they share a passionate night. 

Knock is torn between his girlfriend and his deep feelings for Korn, who cares about his friend’s happiness. 

The lakorn explores how they navigate their emotions, potentially date, and deal with the many societal challenges.

5. Cutie Pie

Cutie pie

Lian and Kuea are in a tough spot because they’re meant to have an arranged marriage due to a family promise. 

Kuea is a free-spirited musician who’s excited about the idea, but Lian, a cool businessman, is initially uninterested. 

Lian eventually warms up to the idea after breaking off the engagement, and then he realizes his feelings for Kuea.

You guys, this romantic, forced marriage Thai BL is steamy, steamy, steamy and I completely loved it – I know you will too!

6. Love In The Air

Love in the air

This lakorn revolves around two close friends, Rain and Sky, who find themselves in a tricky situation due to the weather. 

They then meet Payu and Prapai, who not only offer a clever solution but also stir up romantic feelings in their hearts. 

This is yet another spicy Thai BL drama that had me all hot and bothered when I watched it, and I strongly recommend you give it a chance this weekend.

7. Enchanté


Theo returns to Thailand after living in France and starts studying at his father’s school. 

He then makes a friend named Ak and discovers a book in the library signed “Enchanté,” meaning “nice to meet you” in French. 

Intrigued, Theo asks Ak for help in identifying the real Enchanté, as four guys claim to be him. 

If you want a romantic and funny Thai BL set in a high school, then you’re going to enjoy watching Enchanté.

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8. Secret Crush On You

Secret Crush on you

Toh, a nerdy young man, secretly falls in love with a senior named Neua. 

He feels unable to pursue his dream, so he observes from afar, but when a rare chance arises for Toh to reveal his feelings, it creates chaos for him and his friends. 

Now, Toh has to make a choice: keep his love hidden or take a daring step when success isn’t guaranteed.

9. Cupid’s Last Wish

Cupids Last wish

Childhood friends Korn and Win face a rift when Win’s dad includes Korn in his will.

This causes misunderstandings and, ultimately, the demise of their 22-year friendship.

Later, Win’s soul switches into his sister Lin’s body after a car accident, and this leads him and Korn on a journey to collect holy water from 4 temples in 7 days. 

This adventure might just reshape their relationship forever, and if you like soulful dramas with leads whose chemistry is off the charts, you don’t want to miss this lakorn. 

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10. Never Let Me Go

Never let me go

Nuengdiao, the heir of a prestigious family, lives a sheltered life, but everything changes when his father is killed in front of him. 

Now, he and his mother face threats to their lives. 

Palm, the son of a loyal family employee, becomes Nuengdiao’s protector, and this brings new experiences and uncertainty to his life.

11. Oxygen

Oxygen Thai drama

Gui, an orphaned fourth-year engineering student, works hard to support himself. 

Despite his challenges, he maintains a kind demeanour and is always eager to help others in need. 

On the other hand, Solo, a wealthy freshman music student, struggles with unhappiness after his mother’s passing. 

Their worlds collide when Solo visits the café where Gui works, and this leads to a heartwarming connection as they start meeting night after night.

In time, they become each other’s source of comfort and support, and you guys, this is definitely one of my personal favorite romantic Thai BL dramas, and I think you really need to give it a chance. 

12. Golden Blood

Golden Blood Thai drama

In this love story, Sky, the son of a mafia boss, falls for Sun, his strict bodyguard. 

Despite their roles, they can’t help but love each other. 

The challenge lies in how they’ll confront Sky’s powerful father about their relationship.

13. My Secret Love

My Secret love

Kim and Mek are students at the university.

And while Kim cares a lot about the school’s reputation, Mek likes making prank videos. 

One day, because of a prank gone wrong, the university’s image suffers. 

To fix it, they’re told to act like a couple, but as they do, their real feelings get mixed up with the acting.

This is yet another fake relationship Thai BL drama set in a university that’s perfect for newbies and seasoned fans alike. 

14. The Miracle of Teddy Bear

The Miracle of Teddy bear

For ten years, Nut has cherished a special teddy bear named Taohu, who has a unique ability to communicate with objects in their house. 

One day, Taohu transforms into a young man with no memory of his past. 

And as he tries to uncover his own identity, he discovers it’s linked to his owner’s family’s dark secrets. 

Now, Taohu is racing against time to find answers to his questions and to secure a permanent spot beside the one he loves in this romantic fantasy Thai BL. 

15. Step by Step

Step by step

Jeng is a tough digital marketing manager who isn’t liked by his team because he’s the owner’s son.

Pat, a keen new member who studied in LA, joins the team and catches Jeng’s eye. 

But, Jeng has to be extra strict with Pat due to their positions, and this causes Pat to eventually quit.

The whole sequence of events changes the office for good, and his coworkers start to see him in a positive light. 

16. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy Thai drama

Pran and Pat’s families have a long-standing rivalry that even continued through their sons, who were constantly compared in terms of their academic and extracurricular achievements. 

Despite the rivalry being a family tradition, the two boys eventually became close friends but had to keep their friendship a secret due to their families’ ongoing feud. 

This hidden friendship then develops into a secret romance over time, but their families still stand between them.

If I were told to pick just one romantic Thai BL drama from this list, my answer would be no, because all of these lakorns are worth watching and you should definitely check them out. 

They all deserve a spot on your watchlist and trust me when I say you’re going to have a whole lot of fun watching them all.

So what do you think? Will you be watching any of these lakorns? Have you watched any other ones? Did I miss anyone? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

And, check out the related posts for even more content that would speak to your heart and keep you busy for a long, long time. 

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