15 Chinese Romantic Fantasy Movies Perfect From Start To Finish

Are you in the mood to get blown away? These fantasy Chinese movies are on the right side of awesome and I assure you’re going to love them!

Whether you like time-travelling or magical creatures, you’re going to get a truckload of recommendations.

Before I get into the article, I’ll let you know that I did not include wuxia or xianxia movies here because I feel that’s a completely different subcategory.  

1. 0.1% World

0.1 world

A man and woman, An Yi and Gao Ang connect through shared emotions after an accident links their brain waves. 

Despite being in different locations, they develop a deep understanding of each other and even form a unique and profound bond.

2. To My 19-Year-Old

To my 19 year old

Mo Xiao Feng’s sudden death leads to Yang Yi Xue inheriting a mysterious wooden box filled with love letters which reignites memories of their 10-year romance. 

The box, with magical time-travel capabilities, becomes a portal to reconnect with the past, and Yang Yi Xue tries to revive her lost love by communicating with her younger self.

3. The Eye Of The Dragon Princess

The eye of the dragon princess

Hai Lan Zhu, a water-controlling dragon girl, descends to the mortal realm to bring rain. 

She then befriends Lu Hai Sheng, a detective, but their love becomes a tragic tale as the divine-human union attracts the attention of the demon world.

4. How Long Will I Love You

How long will I love you

In this lively romantic comedy fantasy Chinese movie, a man and a woman, separated by two decades but sharing the same apartment, discover their timelines have intertwined.

Now, they must collaborate to return to their individual lives, and soon they’re navigating the comedic challenges and questioning if destiny will permit their separation.

5. Legend Of The Naga Pearls

Legend of the naga pearls

In Uranopolis, the Winged Tribe loses their ability to fly after a battle with humans. 

Xue Lie, a royal descendant, is looking for the Naga Pearls to avenge his people by destroying the Human Tribe. Ni, Gali, and Hei Yu accidentally acquire the pearls but are pursued by Xue Lie. 

After losing the pearls, they unite to thwart Xue Lie’s evil plans in Uranopolis.

6. Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time

Bai Qian leapt off Zhu Xian Terrace 300 years ago, but in the East Sea Dragon Palace, she unexpectedly encounters Ye Hua. 

Despite betrayal and emotional numbness, she struggles to understand Ye Hua’s actions. 

Adapted from Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Tang Qi Gong Zi, this historical Chinese movie explores their fateful love across three lives and worlds.

7. The Enchanting Phantom

The enchanting phantom

A scholar, Ning Cai Chen, falls in love with a female ghost, Nie Xiao Qian, who is bound to serve a demon. 

Despite the many challenges, they become a couple and to save her from an arranged marriage to the Heishan Demon, Ning Cai Chen asks for help from the demon hunter Yan Chi Xia.

8. The White-Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom

White haired witch of lunar kingdom

This fantasy Chinese movie with romance follows star-crossed lovers, The White-Haired Witch, a devilish outlaw, and Zhuo Yi Hang, a righteous Taoist leader, whose love has the potential to alter the destiny of the nation. 

9. Fall In Love With Fox

Fall in love with fox

Pan Yixu, a student in an elite school is having some financial issues, so she starts living with with a mysterious “brother” in exchange for cooking, only to discover he’s Yan Yu, a fox prince on a mission in the human world. 

10. The Mermaid

The mermaid movie

Chen Zheng, Zhenhai’s general, investigates his wife’s murder by tracing a mermaid 

In the process, he stumbles upon a North Korean conspiracy, and assisted by the mermaid, he combats wrongdoing, punishes apists and thwarts evil conspiracies.

11. Bite Fight

Bite fight

After a bar fight, Ai Fei is bitten by Thomas, a vampire, to save him and since he’s now turning, he must live with Thomas for three months. 

12. The Great Magician

The great magician

The Illusion Sect, rooted in the Shang Dynasty, comprises five factions: gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. 

In the early Republic of China, water master Pei Jing Zhi was killed for the sect’s treasures, later sealed by fire master Kong Kong Er. 

After twenty years, Pei Jing Zhi returns, and he kills Kong Kong Er and entrusts orphan Zhuo Qi Wei to fire master Lu Xia Fei. 

13. Modern Wong Fei Hung

Modern wong fei hung

This Chinese fantasy film follows Huang Feihong, who dreams of battling an evil organization in a modern city. 

14. Soul Hunter

Soul hunter

Yang Lie Xue is a forgetful Soul Hunter from Planet Fantasy and her career and love life get a boost when Han Jiang Dong enters the scene. 

15. The Legend Of Shuanyu Town

The Legend of shuanyu Town

Genius girl Guo Er enters Shan Yu Valley to protect her family’s elders and she teams up with the rogue He Bi Qiang under Mediator Gao Yao’s guidance.

What do you think? What’s your favourite Chinese fantasy movie of all time? Let me know in the comments below!

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Happy watching!

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