5 Swoony Chinese Dramas About Brave Firefighters To Watch Now

This might be terribly cliché, but I’m not above saying that the hot firefighter trope always, always steals my heart.

There’s something about a lonesome lead who puts himself in the line of fire (literally) over and over again, and these beautiful dramas starring firefighters are just the right thing to watch if you feel me. 

For such an outstanding profession, their actions are oftentimes thankless, and if you’re reading this, this is a sign for you to say a big thank you to these heroes.

1. Bright Eyes In The Dark

Bright Eyes In The Dark

Lin Lu Xiao, a skilled firefighter, becomes an instructor for a firefighting reality show by chance, and during the show, he reconnects with Nan Chu, a dancer he had saved before. 

He finds out that Nan Chu has feelings for him, but he decides to keep his distance because he knows the risks of his job as a firefighter and the last thing he wants is to ever burden her. 

Soon enough, they collaborate on rescues, and as their bond grows, they affirm their feelings while bravely confronting the flames.

2. A Date With The Future

A Date With The Future chinese

A decade ago, Xu Lai survived a near-fatal earthquake thanks to young firefighter Jin Shi Chuan and they made a comforting promise during the rescue. 

Now, Jin, a captain, saves Xu Lai again after a highway accident, but he doesn’t recognize her and even sees her as a troublesome reporter.

Despite this, Xu Lai, who is still in love with him, becomes a dog trainer for firefighting canines to be close to Jin – which she does and their story was the sweetest. 

3. The Flaming Heart

The Flaming Heart cdrama

Huo Yan, vice-captain of the Fire Rescue Team, meets Yan Lan, an Emergency Department doctor, during a tricky rescue and after their less-than-ideal first meeting, he realizes that she rattles his composure.

Their paths cross again in an earthquake relief mission, where their relationship deepens as they face different life-and-death situations. 

4. Fireworks of My Heart 

Fireworks of my Heart cdrama

Once close friends, Song Yan and Xu Qin were separated by their disapproving families. 

And after a decade, Song Yan, now a fire chief, and Xu Qin, now an emergency doctor, reunited unexpectedly due to their shared commitment to saving lives and it was the most beautiful thing ever. 

I’ve always loved second-chance romance dramas and if this is a trope you favour, you’ll probably enjoy this wholesome piece!

5. Blue Flame Assault

Blue Flame assault

Li Xi Cheng entered the firefighter team after already being dubbed a hero, and under Deputy Captain Ye Qi Heng’s always-watching eye, he bonds with his team and they form a tightly-knit squadron.

Have you ever done any volunteer work? Which of these romantic Chinese dramas about firefighters will you give a chance? I’ll be waiting in the comments.

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Happy watching!

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