14 Scary Chinese Movies That Are A Must-Watch For Horror Fans

If you want something that would shake you to your bones this weekend, these Chinese horror movies would definitely do the trick.

Get ready to be simultaneously spooked, terrified, and gobsmacked.

Here are 14 scary Chinese movies you can’t miss this weekend: 

1. The Purple House

The purple house

Zhou Tong and Li Yi move into Zhou’s childhood home, but eerie incidents reveal hidden secrets among the strange inhabitants. 

As the couple grapples with complex relationships, they question if it’s a nightmare or a brewing disaster.

2. Snow Monster

Snow monster

Set in a futuristic world, this super scary Chinese horror movie follows Ren Yi Fei and his team who face unknown giant creatures in a mysterious Arctic snow zone during a mission for a Gene Research Company.

3. Deep In The Sea

Deep in the sea

Psychological consultant Huang Xiao Jun, accused of harassment, decides to find out more about a schizophrenic patient’s hallucinations, only to discover a major secret about himself.

4. The Witch Is Back

The witch is back

After a college clash, introverted Li Yi Yi disappears when a revenge plan goes awry. 

The mystery unfolds in the aftermath of a mountain incident, and if you want a horror Chinese movie that’s just as thrilling as the best, this is a perfect option. 

5. The Death Note

The death note

Rebellious Liang Qian inadvertently causes her grandmother’s death, and she soon discovers a mysterious life narrative in the notes left behind.

6. Ghost Leader

Ghost leader

Song Wan Rong, led by ghosts after losing memory, finds herself in a cemetery. 

The reason behind this haunting journey raises unsettling questions, and if you’re already curious, then you need to check this scary Chinese movie out. 

7. The Haunting

The haunting

Jiang Shuo buys a haunted property and, with allies, confronts a Ghost King curse while unearthing the truth behind the peculiar behaviours of the tenants.

8. My Zombie Girlfriend

My zombie girlfriend

In a world overrun by zombies, Enze discovers a weakened zombie girl named Xiaoxi. 

Their quest for a vaccine becomes a perilous journey amid trials and fading hope.

9. Lost Minds

Lost minds

A couple adopts a mysterious 7-year-old girl through an ancient Chinese fertility ritual, only to face disturbing visions and threats to their sanity.

10. Love In Blood

Love in blood

Princess Wang Xuan wants revenge, so she turns into a demon bride, and amid a bloody rampage, she and General Xiao Ji discover a larger conspiracy.

11. The Nursery

The nursery

A spirit feeding on infants and children’s flesh sparks horror in a town, and this sets off a secret from the Yuan Dynasty to the Republic of China.

12. The Frightening Night

The frightening night

Yen Jing, while being pursued by a stalker, hires a detective and joins a film shoot in Anhui. 

Supernatural events intensify the terror, and if you’re like me, then you probably enjoy eerie atmospheres – you’ll love this one!

13. The Matrimony

The matrimony

Set in 1930s Shanghai, cinematographer Shen Jun Chu’s love for Xu Man Li takes a tragic turn after an unfortunate event. 

A marriage of convenience and a mysterious attic leads to ghostly interventions and ominous superstitions.

14. The Vampire’s Invitation

The vampires invitation

After a betrayal, Qi tries to commit suicide until a vampire intervenes. 

Invited to a senior vampire’s castle, Qi starts getting chilling visions that alter her perspective on life and death.

What type of viewer are you? Whenever I’m watching a horror movie, I need my favourite snacks, a comfy blanket, and my eyes. 

You guys, watch these Chinese horror movies if you’re looking for something new and engaging to keep you busy this weekend.

Don’t forget to check the related posts for even more recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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