11 Best Historical Chinese Dramas On Netflix & Viki To Stream ASAP

If you’ve ever opened the Netflix or Viki app and been at a loss as to what to watch, I see you and you are not alone.

I mean, it’s great that many of these OTT platforms now make the effort to include a robust Cdrama library, but the many options significantly slow down the decision-making process.

I’ve watched my fair share of Chinese dramas on both platforms so I have a good idea of what’s good and what can be skipped, and in this article, I’ve listed 11 on both platforms you can watch now. 

1. The Princess Weiyoung – Netflix

Princess Feng Xin Er survives a royal wipeout, but her story takes a turn when she assumes a new identity and decides to remain in her enemy’s camp to take revenge on them.

From enduring hardships, she transforms into a wise and just powerhouse, all while navigating a captivating romance with Tuoba Jun. 

2. A Scholar Dream of Woman – Viki

Chen Bi Yun is a South prodigy who is battling for education rights in 1911.

In order to find out why and who killed her father, she marries into the Xuan daily and even gets entangled in their family power struggles. 

You can watch this Chinese drama with complete subtitles in different languages right now on Viki. 

3. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine – Netflix

In 10th-century China, Princess Ma Fuya faces exile after her family’s massacre. 

And soon, she gets roped into a love triangle with princes Meng Qi You and Liu Lian Cheng, all while making plans to reclaim her kingdom. 

4. Defying The Storm – Viki

In the tumultuous 1937-1945 era, three intellectual families in Peiping make sacrifices for China’s survival. 

Idealists and realists strive to protect culture while trying to find a way out amid upheaval, and together, they head towards the light.

5. Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures – Netflix

Princess Zhaohua battles palace intrigue and family vendettas in the Qing dynasty in this amazing drama.

Her goal is to win over Lhawang’s heart, but Princess Siwan keeps scheming to upset the delicate order of things.

You guys, Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures is a spin-off of the original Yanxi Palace and trust me when l say this drama is good, good, good – you can watch it on Netflix now!

6. The Long River – Viki

While Emperor Kang Xi tackles Yellow River issues after a massive flood, Chen Huang seizes the chance to shine in the civil service exams.

7. Handsome Siblings – Netflix

In this drama, twin brothers separated at birth unite as supreme martial artists. 

Xiao Yu Er and Hua Wu Que then vow to storm the martial arts world and find out the truth about their identity.

8. The Legend of Dugu – Viki

A prophecy puts the Dugu family in the spotlight, and so, ambition, greed, and sisterly bonds collide as they vie for power and success.

9. Winter Begonia – Viki

In this historical Cdrama set in 1930s Beiping, Shang Xi Rui and Cheng Feng Tai navigate challenges during the Japanese invasion while making sacrifices for their country.

10. Song Of Youth – Viki

Lin Shao Chun, a Ming Dynasty daughter, disguises herself as a man to avenge her family’s fall. 

Love blossoms with Sun Yu Lou, but revelations about her husband’s family might just crash their budding romance. 

11. Qin Empire: Alliance – Netflix

Romanticizing China’s Warring States period, this epic drama follows Qin state ruler Duke Xiao and statesman Shang Yang and his bold reforms of Western China during a tumultuous era.

What’s your favourite OTT platform? Do you use Netflix or Viki? What’s the best drama you watched recently? I’ll be waiting in the comments.

And, there are some other very interesting Chinese dramas in the related posts below that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.

Happy watching! 


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