Celebrity (2023) K-Drama Summary & Review: Park Gyu Young Is The Perfect Leading Lady

Celebrity (2023) Korean Drama Review
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Now that I’m sitting here to write this review, I don’t know what to say. I thought the words would come easily when I started writing, but this is what happens when you watch an amazing Kdrama.

Guys, Celebrity is absolutely fantastic and more. I can’t get over how talented the female lead actress is. It’s a short and thrilling Netflix Kdrama that really opens your eyes to the price of fame and how cut-throat that world can be. 

I’ve always loved getting an insider look of the lives of the rich and famous, and Celebrity really does show exactly how messy their lives are. 

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The story follows Seo A Ri (Park Gyu Young), and isn’t her name just great?! I first saw this brilliant actress in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, and shortly after that, I absolutely fell in love with her when I watched Dali and the Cocky Prince – she was my literal obsession back then. 

She somehow gets involved with a group of “e-celebrities” and her life takes a wild turn. Before she knows it, this door-to-door saleswoman becomes incredibly famous, but you know what they say about rising too fast? 

It doesn’t take long for her to make enemies among the other e-celebrities, and everything starts falling apart slowly. She realizes her helpers may not be who they seem, and fame comes at a high price.

One thing I loved about this drama is how it made me feel completely absorbed. Celebrity had me on the edge of my seat, which is quite rare believe it or not. 

It reminded me of “The Glory” with the way the characters had their own secrets and weaknesses, and I appreciated the blurred line between good and bad.

As for the romance, it’s there alright. But, if you’re going in for the romantic bits, then you might be slightly disappointed because the romantic in celebrity is almost strictly in the periphery. 

Kang Min Hyuk stars as Han Joon Kyun, an anti-hero chaebol whose fascination with her grows in leaps and bounds whenever they meet. 

Kang Min Hyuk

My guy was lmao-level of whipped and it was so amusing seeing him so pissed whenever someone messed with his ladylove.

I’m trying my best to not drop any spoilers, but this pretty boy actually initiated an assault case against himself at the police station so that they would call her in.

The thing’s that the day before, she had accused him of being a perv and had even taken his picture and all that after threatening to sue him, and after the debacle of a party, he sent her message after message on Instagram but she didn’t reply. 

So, his brilliant idea was to have the police station call her because she would have no choice but to come. Crazy, right? This isn’t even the half of it. 

He was so, so, so sweet in The Heirs – one of the most popular high-school romance Kdramas, for the uninitiated – and it was really so refreshing to see him take on such a mature role. 

Another standout character I loved was Yoo Shi Hyun (played by Lee Chung Ah), who I first met as Jamie in Awaken

Lee Chung Ah

I’m always drawn to calm, poised, and efficient women in Korean dramas, and Shi Hyun was really everything. It was so beautiful.  

Needless to say, I really did enjoy this amazing Kdrama. 

If you enjoy brutally honest social critiques, a thrilling noir-romance storyline, and an amazing cast where each character shines, I really think you’ll enjoy Celebrity Kdrama.

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