Shin Mi Nah’s “Oh My Venus” Has The Most Problematic Premise (& It Gets Worse From There)

Oh my venus 2

Bear in mind that this review is going to be super short because I was only able to bear the first four episodes and then I dropped it so fast because it was so distasteful.

You know I’ve always known that Oh My Venus is very problematic because I tried watching it a few years ago after reading the synopsis on MDL but I gave up and sort of just forgot it.

Then, I was writing a post for the blog and I had to write something about this drama, so I decided to give it a go so that I can be able to give you guys the best recommendation I can. And, you guys, I was so disappointed and that’s putting it lightly.

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For those who haven’t watched Oh My Venus, here’s a quick recap: Shin Min Ah plays the female lead, Kang Joo Eun, a once-beautiful but now-overweight lawyer who’s unceremoniously dumped by her long-time boyfriend on their 10th anniversary; while So Ji Sub plays Kim Yeong Ho, a stoic chaebol who’s obsessed with fitness and healthy living and sees his wealth as a personal flaw. 

Oh My Venus Trailer 1

Kang Joo Eun might be kicking it as a lawyer, but she lives in SK and the beauty standards are harsh, harsh, harsh, so even though she’s ~80KG, everyone that comes into her line of sight makes it a mission to talk about her weight. 

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As for our male lead  Kim Yeong Ho, he lost his mother as a kid and his sorrow was compounded by the fact that he had a type of disease that made him unable to walk so everyone sort of hid him away. This is what made him obsessed with fitness and saving damsels in distress (he does this a lot). 

Oh My Venus Teaser

I checked this out after reading a 10-star review by a user on MDL. That person only had praise for this drama and I thought okay I should actually give it a chance and watch with an open mind. 

And if you know me, loving this drama should have been a no-brainer because it has all my favourite elements: a swoon-worthy main couple with amazing friendship, girl friendship goals, a group of friends who are brothers, the cohabitation trope, and our female lead, Kan Joo Eun (played by Shin Min Ah) is a thriving lawyer. 

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But, they were very comfortable discarding all her positive attributes and focusing on her shortcomings, i.e., her weight problems. 

Oh My Venus Preview

I’m not kidding when I say that literally every conversation she had with her friend, Lee Hyun Woo, in those first few episodes ended with her friend saying something dumb about her weight and our female lead laughing it off in the most awkward way ever. 

Oh my venus 3

To say that this is problematic is a big understatement and I’m literally questioning the taste of the reviewer who said the drama handled the issue of weight loss and gain fairly because this was anything but. But, I do admit I liked the talk of hypothyroidism and all. 

As far as I’m concerned, it’s only the chemistry between Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub and the relationship between the three boys (Sung Hoon, So Ji Sub, and Henry Lau) that carry the entire drama. 

Oh my venus 1

I could have overlooked all these, but the second lead couple who we’re supposed to root for played the most distasteful and unredeemable roles in the drama, so I wasn’t entirely sure how we were expected to do that. 

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For now, I won’t go back to this drama but I can’t say about the future. I talked this over with a friend and I was told to give it a little time, but even the goddess Shin Min Ah isn’t enough to pull me back in.

What do you think? Have you watched this drama? If you have, did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it to anybody? Let me know in the comment section.


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