15 Cute C-Dramas With Fake-To-Real Couples That Will Make You Swoon

In these Chinese dramas, the love and romance between the leads bloom when they find themselves in a fake relationship.

This could be an agreement to pretend they’re dating or even a contract marriage – what matters is that at this point, they don’t have genuine feelings for each other.

Eventually, they’ll find themselves falling, and my favorite moment in these dramas is the point when they realize that the other person has become very dear to them. 

1. Hello Mr Gu

Hello Mr Gu

Gu Nan Zhou, a crowd-averse CEO, reluctantly enters a fake marriage with Zhou Jian Qing, a penniless heiress. 

Despite their clashing personalities, they become unexpected confidants, and they help each other heal and eventually fall in love.

2. Perfect and Casual

Perfect and casual cdrama

Cold, male god professor Zhang Si Nian and cheerful Yun Shu, after a rocky start, agree to a contractual marriage. 

These two were professor and student, and I liked the way their romance eventually turned real in this fake relationship Chinese drama.

3. She And Her Perfect Husband

She And Her Perfect Husband

Lawyer Qin Shi discovers she’s been listed as married for a job (courtesy of her brother). 

In time, her fake husband, Yang Hua, agrees to form an alliance, and even with everything, they find themselves falling in love.

4. Love In Time

Love in time

Writer Su Jia Nan, facing family struggles about her inheritance, reluctantly teams up with her high school tormentor Lu Bo Yan in a fake marriage.

5. Oh! My Sweet Liar

Oh my Sweet Liar

Xiong Xi Ruo fakes a pregnancy to escape trouble, and this leads to a fake marriage with Li Hong Bin, who’s tired of his family’s pestering. 

As expected, their pretend love starts turning into something real and it was the most wholesome ever watching them find their way to each other. 

6. Don’t Mess With Ex-Girlfriend

Dont Mess With Ex Girlfriend

Designer An Duo Duo wants revenge on her cheating fiancé, so she hires a fake husband, Qin Qi, and stuns him at their wedding. 

What starts as a vengeful plan turns into a war when emotions get involved, and I loved every second of it.

7. Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding m

Wedding planner Xia Ran and Doctor Jin Zhi Hao create a fake relationship to fulfill each other’s wishes. 

As they help others find happiness, they discover a genuine connection.

8. Love Is Weird

Love is weird

Sang You You and Huang Fu Hao enter a contract marriage and soon their feelings deepen, even with the different rivals lingering around. 

9. Well-Intended Love

cuGaG lJxrJf

Actress Xia Lin enters a fake relationship marriage with CEO Ling Yi Zhou – for his medical help, she agrees to be his fake girlfriend to make his grandmother happy.

You can watch this romantic fake relationship Chinese drama right now on Netflix, so don’t waste your time!

10. Cute Programmer

Cute Programmer

Lu Li disguises as a man to work with her idol, Jiang Yi Cheng, and somehow, they wind up in a contractual marriage. 

11. Miss Mystery

Miss Mystery cdrama

Xue Tong wants revenge on her family’s murderers, so she and Zhu Guan Wen start posing as a couple. 

As they grow feelings for each other, love becomes both their strength and their potential downfall.

12. Shuke and Peach Blossom

Shuke and Peach Blossom

Shu Ke and Tao Hua’s contract marriage in this Cdrama leads to real feelings, but when exposed, challenges arise (like his meddling ex and his annoying family).

13. You Are My Destiny

You are my destiny

A cruise mix-up entangles Chen Jia Xin and Wang Xi Yi’s destinies, and when a one-night stand leads to a pregnancy, they enter into an arranged marriage with a divorce clause. 

14. Cheat My Boss

Cheat My Boss

Jiang Chu Chu’s life as an internet star collides with Luo Tian Yi’s corporate world in a sweet romance with trials and cultural clashes.

15. Your Sensibility, My Destiny

Your Sensibility my destiny

Lin Chi, a jianghu heroine, accidentally forms a sweet destiny with Lord Mo Qing Chen, who lacks emotions. 

Their contract develops into a deepening love story, and you guys, if you love fake relationship Chinese dramas where the pretend love becomes real, you’ll enjoy this one. 

Do you have a partner? What’s your favorite fake relationship Chinese drama? 

Don’t forget to check the related posts below for more recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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