7 Angsty Chinese Dramas About Star-Crossed Lovers You Should Watch

You all, if you like angst and tension, then this is the trope you really want to sit on for a long, long time. 

For the uninitiated, star-crossed lovers are individuals who clearly love each other, but for some reason (family, status, politics, whatever), they can’t be together. 

I know this sounds deeply sad, and it is sad for the leads, but my favorite pastime is an anguished lead (of any gender) pining over their lover. 

I think you already get the picture, and now, I’m going to list 7 of my favorite Chinese dramas with star-crossed lovers who keep running into wall after wall as they chase their HEA. 

Here are 7 amazing Cdramas with star-crossed lovers who work overtime for their happiness: 

1. Love Between Fairy And Devil

Love between fairy and devil cdrama

Orchid, a low-ranking flower fairy, accidentally stumbles into a face-off with the emotionless monster, Dongfang Qing Cang.

The backstory is that the first God of War sacrificed herself to save the world, and she sealed his army and spirit. 

Their unexpected encounter sets off a wild chain of events that could rewrite the fate of Shuiyuntian, Cangyan Sea, and Yunmeng Lake. 

A flower fairy and a monster? I’ve heard better jokes. You guys, these leads were doomed from the very beginning, and if you want to see how their story develops, you’ll need to watch this beautiful xianxia drama.

2. One and Only

One and only

Zhou Sheng Chen is a battle-hardened general, while Cui Shi Yi is a once well-read noblewoman turned mute. 

With political turmoil underway and the always-shifting alliances, they form an unlikely bond as master and disciple. 

But with principles and palace power struggles in the mix, their connection could entangle them in the turbulent politics of the capital once again.

As I said before, the lovers’ hiccups could be political, and you don’t even want to know the level of messiness in this Cdrama about star-crossed lovers. 

3. Love You Seven Times

Love you seven times

Xiang Yun, a cloud-turned-fairy, finds herself entangled with the God of War, Immortal Chu Kong, due to a red thread mishap. 

Their love spans several lifetimes, and it reveals a fate that began in a forgotten memory. 

This is one of the most popular Chinese dramas of the past decade that kept viewers absolutely hooked and I just know you’re going to be glued to your seat.

4. Dance of the Sky Empire

Dance of the sky empire

In the prosperous Tang Dynasty, Li Xuan, a human-Kunwu hybrid, Su You Lian, a saintess, and Long Wei Er, a prince, disrupt the fragile peace. 

As relationships get complicated against the backdrop of a defeated dragon king, Li Xuan faces a dilemma—loyalty to his heart or his nation. 

I don’t want to give too many details about this drama (because I would inadvertently drop a spoiler), but this tale of love, loyalty, and dragon kings is the very best thing if you want to watch a Cdrama where the leads love each other but can’t be together. 

5. Bloody Romance

Bloody romance

Wan Mei, a herbalist’s daughter, escapes a grim fate and joins a city of female assassins. 

Guided by Chang An, her affection grows, but conspiracies and betrayals threaten their bond. 

And when Gong Zi also falls in love with her, she realizes that she needs to find a way to navigate a world of deadly intrigue and power struggles.

6. Siege In Fog

Seige In fog

A powerful family’s third master coerces a young maiden into marriage, even though he knows she loves another person.

Eventually, their initial resentment turns into a slow-burning love story even as war and chaos are underfoot. 

But the biggest complication for these two arises when her old flame returns as her husband’s assistant – sounds interesting right? You can watch this Cdrama on YouTube right now with complete English subtitles.

7. Destiny’s Love

Destinys Love cdrama

Chi Yu, a guardian of the stars, loses his power’s key and wanders to Earth. 

Drawn to a female general, he alters her fate, and this leads to cosmic consequences. 

After 3,000 years of imprisonment, Chi Yu returns to fix the problems he caused, only to find his lost love reincarnated as a film producer. 

And, what did you think about that? I love romantic Cdramas a lot and there’s nothing that quite hits the spot like the angsty pining and mooning when the leads know they can’t be together. 

Don’t forget to check the related posts below for more information and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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