Revenge At Its Finest: 10 Chinese Dramas Recs That’ll Keep You On The Edge

One thing I always, always say is that historical Chinese dramas about revenge are the “IT” of the entertainment industry.

I mean, no matter how you look at it, so few sub-genres are as inspiring and scorching as planned retribution, and if you’ve watched even one drama like this, you probably know what I’m talking about. 

In this post, I’ve listed my all-time favorite historical Chinese dramas about revenge that you need to watch ASAP – their amazing plotlines are so, so, so good. 

Here are 10 historical Chinese dramas about revenge you should watch: 

1. The Princess Weiyoung

The Princess Weiyoung cdrama

Princess Feng Xin Er survives when her dynasty falls, and by a twist, she becomes Li Wei Young, the Prime Minister’s daughter. 

With plans of revenge, she enters into the Prime Minister’s home, and while there, she faces many tough times. 

But her smarts and fairness help her rise, and she becomes strong and even finds love along the way.

Her love interest in this drama turns out to be one of her sworn enemies, and best believe it was super scorching. 

2. Story of Yanxi Palace

Story of yanxi Palace cdrama

In 18th-century Beijing, Wei Ying Luo enters the Forbidden City to uncover the truth about her sister’s tragic fate. 

She suspects Imperial Guard Fuca Fuheng but cleverly befriends Empress Fuca Rongyin. 

And soon, the Empress becomes her mentor, and while she learns to read and write from the Empress, Fuca Fuheng falls for her. 

Eventually, she sets out to clear the Fuca siblings’ names, and this leads to an undercover investigation of others in the palace.

She does all this while protecting the Empress from palace plots and climbing the ranks herself, and I genuinely cannot recommend this revenge historical Chinese drama with lots of palace drama enough. 

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3. Maid’s Revenge

Maids Revenge cdrama

In one tragic night, Dong Ting Yao loses her family in a massacre. 

Her dying father sends her to her unseen fiancé, Fang Yu Ze’s home, but, his powerful uncle, Fang Tian Yi, shows up and takes her captive, so she believes he is responsible. 

She then escapes, only to find her sister now engaged to Fang Yu Ze, so she disguises herself as a maid to seek revenge on Fang Tian Yi and reclaim her position. 

But she soon finds out that Fang Tian Yi has his own plans, and her destiny gets roped into his in the most scorching way. 

4. Jun Jiu Ling

Jun jiu ling cdrama

Chu Jiu Ling, the daughter of the late emperor, wants to take revenge on her uncle, the current ruler, who caused her father’s death. 

After a failed attempt, she assumes her friend’s identity and becomes a skilled physician. 

Jiu Ling then uncovers corruption and a plot against her father, and she soon forms alliances with her crush, her friend’s fiancé, and an imperial guard. 

In this historical Chinese drama about betrayal and revenge, she navigates the royal court, while her true identity in her quest for justice, and she’s really one of the most awesome female leads you’d ever see. 

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5. The Long Ballad

The long Ballad Cdrama

In 626 C.E., the Tang Dynasty is in turmoil after a coup, and when Li Chang Ge’s family is killed, she sets out to get revenge. 

She then raises an army to challenge the new Emperor but is defeated by the Eastern Turkic Khaganate. 

Their leader, General Ashile Sun, keeps her as a strategist, and a romance grows as they become a formidable team.

This is yet another amazing Chinese historical revenge drama that you really shouldn’t miss out on if you want the sparks and the romance. 

6. Marry Me

Marry me Cdrama

Ju Mu Er, a carefree musician, has her life upended when her teacher is murdered and she loses her sight. 

Determined to find justice, she meets Long Yue, a wealthy but sharp-tongued man. 

And to avoid an unwanted marriage proposal, she suggests a pretend marriage to him, which he surprisingly accepts. 

While they investigate the murder, their fake marriage turns real, and the slow burn in this drama is really everything. 

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7. Renascence 

Renasence cdrama

In ancient Da Chu, a corrupt Imperial court conspires to kill Empress Yao Mo Xin. 

But after her death, her spirit possesses her sister Yao Mo Wan’s body, and she is determined to get her pound of flesh. 

In her new guise, she joins forces with Prince Ye Jun Qing to overthrow the evil Emperor and expose the court’s corruption.

To do this, she uses her intelligence and wit as her most powerful tools, and it was a wild ride from start to finish – no dull moment at all!

8. Shining Just For You

Shining Just For You Cdrama

Ye Ling Shuang can foresee disasters, so people fear her, and it’s only a kind princess who befriends her, but the wicked Emperor Gao threatens the princess. 

When she refuses him, he attacks her kingdom and Ling Shuang is captured, but vows to take her revenge. 

With her gift, she gains freedom and rises in status, and soon, the Emperor and a prince, Wu Yu, both fall in love with her. 

To find happiness and stay alive, Ling Shuang must stay on alert at every point (especially since treacherous ears are always listening), and I just know that you’ll love this love and revenge Chinese historical drama. 

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9. Ming Dynasty

Ming Dynasty cdrama

Sun Ruo Wei’s family was killed by the Emperor in 1402, but she was miraculously saved and adopted. 

In time, she becomes a concubine of the crown prince by chance and decides to find out the truth about her family’s death. 

But, she eventually abandons revenge plans, when she realises the dangers that could befall her if she actively destabilises the court. 

Instead, she sets her sights on becoming a kind, supportive empress to the crown prince (who’s impressive in his own right), and when he dies after a decade, she becomes Empress Dowager when her 7-year-old son becomes Emperor.

This is another absolutely bonkers historical Cdrama about revenge turned love that will keep you glued to your screen for hours. 

10. Extremely Perilous Love

Extremely Perilous Love cdrama

Xu Yin, determined to avenge her father, disguises herself and ends up marrying General Gu Sheng Han by mistake – it was supposed to be someone else. 

As they adjust to their unexpected relationship, they try to uncover each other’s true selves. 

Over time, their initial dislike turns into a strong friendship and love, and they go from enemies to supportive partners.

I’ve just listed 10 of my favorite revenge-themed historical Chinese dramas, and if you like your vengeance served at the right degree, any of these dramas is a good place to start.

It was sublime getting sucked into their heads, and I just know you’re going to love them just as much as I did. 

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