Spoiler-Free Review: My Little Monster Japanese Movie Is A Fave You Can’t Miss

  • Country: Japan
  • Release Date: Apr 27, 2018
  • Duration: 1 hr. 45 min.
  • Rating: G (family-friendly)

My Little Monster is one of those movies that you watch once and you just know that you’re going to love it forever – or, at least, think about a decent amount of times.

I typically give myself a 24-hour break after viewing before settling to write a review, but, you guys, my fingers have literally been tingling for me to sit down and pen my thoughts. 

To get the negatives out of the way, I’ll tell you right now that the final 25% of the entire story felt very rushed. 

My little monster 2

But I’m used to Japanese dramas that languish (for lack of a better word), so it was very expected that any kind of ending would feel abbreviated since this is a movie that’s a little under two hours. 

And, I genuinely feel that the character development was lacking for several key side characters, but this can’t be helped because, as I said in the previous paragraph, everything is packed into less than two hours. 

Onto the good stuff – the chemistry between the leads was so scorching I could literally feel them baring their souls to each other.

My little monster 3

This is a very much G-rated Japanese movie so there isn’t any literal baring, but I felt that Shizuku (played by Tsuchiya Tao) and Haru (Suda Masaki) were a perfect fit. 

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I also like that we got everything from family conflict to her own dilemmas and if you want a slice-of-life Japanese movie that shines in every way, you’ll love My Little Monster

My little monster 4

The ending could have been better, but I still loved every minute of it and I’ll 100% recommend it to anyone who needs something to watch. 

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