21 Small Town Korean Dramas Set Away From Seoul You Should Stream

No matter how we look at it, there’s something undeniably charming about a small-town romance that would appeal to the stodgiest of us all.

And, we can always trust a Kdrama to deliver leads with interesting backstories and a compelling romance that would make you feel warm all over. 

This time around, I’m listing some of the best romantic Korean dramas that take place in a small town, and trust me, you’re going to love them a whole lot!

Whether it’s a romantic thriller with a murder mystery like My Perfect Stranger, or a slower, more melodramatic drama like My Liberation Notes, I can tell you for a fact that you’re going to love these dramas!

Here are 21 comforting Korean dramas set in a small town you need to watch:

1. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hometown cha cha cha kdrama

In this drama, dentist Yoon Hye Jin moves to a seaside village after a conflict with her boss and decides to stay to set up her dental practice over there. 

But her reserved nature clashes with the locals, and she soon gets assistance from Hong Do Shik, a free-spirited resident.

They don’t get along all too well at first – she thought he was a meddler and he felt she was a little too oblivious to everything around her – but, after some run-ins and many heartwarming moments, they fell in love with each other. 

I honestly couldn’t tell you how this drama got its name, but what I’ll tell you for free is that it’s the sweetest thing ever and you’ll definitely enjoy Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha if you’re in the mood for a Kdrama about village life. 

2. When The Camelia Blooms

When the Camelia blooms

Dong Baek, a single mother in Ongsan, manages the Camellia bar-restaurant while caring for her son, Pil Gu. 

And despite the town gossip due to her upbringing (or lack thereof), her single mother status, and the bar’s male patrons, Officer Hwang Yong Shik loves her. 

Her ex-boyfriend, Kang Jong Ryeol, a secretive baseball player, returns, and a sinister serial killer threatens Ongsan, possibly targeting Dong Baek.

This one’s a romantic thriller and, you guys, you know how mysteries set in a charming small town are always so intense and thrilling – You’ll love it!

3. Once Upon A Small Town

Once Upon A Small town kdrama

Han Ji Yool, a veterinarian in Seoul, rushes to his grandfather’s animal clinic in Heedong Village after a serious-sounding call, only to discover his grandfather is in Europe. 

Left with the clinic, he meets police officer Ahn Ja Young, who always wanted to serve in her hometown – we later find out they were childhood buddies but he couldn’t recognise her.

They bond as she assists him in the village, and this leads to a blossoming romance between the two in this super short, super interesting Kdrama with very beautiful countryside scenery.

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4. Summer Strike 

Summer Strike kdrama

Lee Yeo Reum, a young woman doing relatively well in her job and personal life, suddenly loses her boyfriend and her mother dies just as her job becomes unbearably difficult.

Feeling very sad and tired, she quits her job and returns to a calm seaside village, Angok, to rest. 

There, she meets An Dae Beom, a man with his own troubles, and soon they become very good friends and then lovers. 

Summer Strike‘s female lead, Kim Seol Hyun, won the 2023 LA Web Fest award for Best Actress – Long Form Series, and that’s just one in a row of achievements this beloved small-town Kdrama has snagged since it broadcasted. 

My only quip with this drama was the insertion of the murder mystery towards the end, but even that couldn’t dull what had come to become a comforting drama about love, family, and finding one’s self amidst the noise of everyday living. 

5. Racket Boys

Racket boys kdrama

Yoon Hyun Jong, a former skilled badminton player facing financial struggles, seizes the chance to coach a nearly-disbanded middle school team in Haenam. 

With only three players initially, including his son Yoon Hae Kang, they work hard to improve. 

And as the team expands and gains new members, they strive to reach greater heights in competitions. 

Meanwhile, Yoon Hyun Jong’s wife, Ra Young Ja, leads a strong girls’ badminton team with star players Han Se Yoon and Lee Han Sol, and this makes them one of the top teams in their league.

If you watched this amazing sports Korean drama set in the countryside while it was airing, you probably know how we all waited with bated breath every week for new episodes – what are you waiting for?  

6. When The Weather Is Fine

When the weather is fine kdrama

Hae Won, a kind-hearted cellist, faced emotional pain that led her to close herself off from others. 

Seeking solace, she returns to her hometown and meets Eun Seob, the owner of “Goodnight Bookstore.” 

Eun Seob’s formerly simple life changes for the good, because their meeting sparks a story of forgiveness, healing, and love, set against the backdrop of a quaint countryside bookstore.

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7. Our Blues

Our Blues kdrama

Set on Jeju Island, this drama follows Lee Dong Suk who sells goods from the mainland and one day, he meets Min Sun Ah, who is trying to escape her mysterious past. 

Meanwhile, Park Jung Joon, a ship captain, falls in love with the cheerful diver Lee Young Ok, and Jung Eun Hee, a fish shop owner, reunites with her past lover Choi Han Soo, who returns to Jeju Island after realizing city life isn’t for him.

I love drama with multiple leading characters and this drama was everything my heart needed to be at peace, and I hope it can be yours as well. 

8. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol Kdrama

The life of Goo Ra Ra, a wealthy but naive girl with dreams of becoming a pianist, becomes hard after her father’s death and she lands in a pile of debt. 

But a chance encounter with Sun Woo Joon leads to an accident and she’s injured.

Feeling responsible, Sun Woo Joon decides to take care of her, and as they navigate adult life together, Ra Ra’s innocence starts to win his heart.

If you want a romantic Korean drama about village life that will stay with you for a long time, you really don’t want to miss out on this beautiful piece. 

9. The Good Bad Mother

The good bad mother kdrama

Young Soon, a single mother and pig farmer, raised her son Kang Ho alone, but her strict parenting made him see her as a bad mother. 

Kang Ho grew up to be a distant prosecutor, and this kept him away from his mother, but an unexpected event brought him back home. 

Soon, his childhood friend Mi Joo, known for her warm heart and sense of justice, also reconnects with him.

This is yet another must-watch countryside Korean drama on Netflix that’s perfect for a binge-watch whenever you’re in the mood for a feel-good series. 

10. Eccentric! Chief Moon

Eccentric chief Moon kdrama

Yoo Yoo Jin, a famous fashion designer, loses her memory and ends up in a remote South Korean village. 

She stays with Moon Seung Mo, a retired chef seeking solitude, and even though they don’t like each other at first, Seung Mo’s newly returned love for cooking and a shared passion for food stoke the flames of their romance.

11. Dr. Romantic

Dr romantic kdrama

Kim Sa Bu, once a renowned surgeon, leaves his prestigious career to become a humble neighborhood doctor known as “Teacher Kim,” also called the “Romantic Doctor.” 

Kang Dong Joo, driven by a desire to rise above his impoverished background, pursues VIP patients for success. 

While Yoon Seo Jung, a dedicated surgeon burdened by a past mistake, strives to move on. 

Soon enough, their paths intersect with Teacher Kim, and their lives and careers are reshaped forever.

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12. Behind Your Touch

Behind Your Touch kdrama

This Kdrama revolves around Ye Bun, a veterinarian with psychic abilities, and Jang Yeol, a dedicated detective. 

Together, they tackle small-scale crimes using their unique skills, and when they’re faced with a relentless serial killer, they pull out all the stops to find the perpetrator. 

You guys, Behind Your Touch is one of the new romantic thriller Korean dramas only released this year (2023), and I absolutely loved it with everything in me. 

This small-town Kdrama delivered everything from the romance to the suspense to the countryside living, and unlike the others which have been positively melancholic, Behind Your Touch is infinitely more fast-paced and just as enjoyable. 

13. Andante

Andante Kdrama

City boy Lee Shi Kyung moves to a rural school, and over there, he faces new and scary challenges. 

Through these experiences, he discovers the real essence of life and love.

14. When I Was The Most Beautiful

When I was the most beautiful kdrama

Oh Ye Ji is a ceramic artist with a kind heart and unwavering optimism. 

She hopes for simple happiness but ends up in a complicated love triangle with two brothers, Seo Hwan and Seo Jin. 

Seo Hwan, an architect, falls in love with her instantly, and this causes tension with his older brother Seo Jin, a competitive race car driver. 

Meanwhile, Carry Jung, Seo Jin’s ex-girlfriend and business partner, struggles with intense jealousy and can’t move on from their past relationship.

15. Everybody Say Kungdari

Everybody Say Kungdari kdrama

Bo Mi, a Korean adoptee, lives happily in New York until an unexpected incident leads to her being expelled from the U.S. due to her lack of citizenship. 

She then returns to her hometown, Kungdari, South Korea, where she meets Soo Ho, a former finance worker who moved there to create a natural remedy for his sick daughter after finding success in the U.S.

This is another fantastic albeit underrated countryside Korean drama that’s slow, comforting, and feels like a warm, weighted blanket.

16. Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer kdrama

Rock band Ex-So, led by genius Lee Min Ki, turns to farming for a change.

Alongside drummer Han Ki Joon, and keyboardist Kang Hyeok, a medical student, they navigate a love triangle with the female lead. 

Yoo Han Cheol completes the band as the bass guitarist, and if this sounds chaotic, then you might want to check out the drama itself!

17. Into The Ring 

Into the ring kdrama

Seo Gong Myung is a smart and serious government worker known for being very handsome but also strict and hard to approach. 

He sticks to his strong beliefs and follows rules closely, which makes him tough to get along with. 

On the other hand, Goo Se Ra is a determined woman from a modest background who’s skilled at speaking up for herself and isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right. 

When they team up, after Seo Gong Myung’s demotion and Goo Se Ra’s new role on the Council, they work together to punish dishonest politicians.

I watched this romantic small-town Korean drama during the 2020 worldwide lockdown, and it was such a heartwarming balm to my spirit – You’ll love this drama if you  like politics, romance, and a beautiful small town.

18. Baek Hee Has Returned 

Baek hee has returned kdrama

After 18 years away, Yang Baek Hee returns to her small hometown, Sumwol Island, with her rebellious daughter, Shin Ok Hee. 

Baek Hee left after a scandal but has since built a successful life. 

But As Ok Hee uncovers her mother’s past on the island and meets three men from her childhood, she wonders if one of them might be her father.

I was drawn to this drama because of the storyline which is very much similar to Mamamia!, but after watching, I’ll tell you for a fact that this drama is as unique as they come. 

19. 100 Days My Prince

100 days My Prince kdrama

Crown Prince Lee Yul, a strict and lonely ruler, passed a law that says people in Korea must marry by 28. 

Hong Shim, a strong and smart woman, cares for her father and somehow, ends up taking in the injured prince, who has lost his memory and lives as a commoner. 

Now, as the oldest unmarried woman, Hong Shim faces a choice: marry the strange newcomer or face punishment. 

The majority of events in this historical Kdrama take place in a small town, complete with meddlesome neighbors, friends-turned-family, and a general sense of belonging. 

20. Love Tractor

Love Tractor kdrama

City dweller Seon Yul moves temporarily to the countryside and meets Ye Chan, a cheerful rural man. 

Seon Yul, who is new to farming, then learns to embrace rural life and slowly grows fond of Ye Chan’s genuine passion. 

In this romantic Korean BL set in the countryside, they embark on a heartwarming journey filled with love and healing. 

21. Warm And Cozy

Warm and cozy kdrama

On Jeju Island, a man and a woman, both carrying scars from life and love, find comfort together. 

The woman hopes to heal her career and heart, while the man guards himself from past pain. 

Through their journey, inspired by sacrificial love, they learn to open up and rediscover warmth in their lives.

Have you ever been to the countryside? What are your favorite small-town romance Korean dramas? Let me know in the comments below!

What’s clear across the board is that these small-town dramas are everything the heart needs, and trust me when I say you’ll definitely enjoy them!

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