11 Lovely Childhood Friends Turned Lovers Korean Dramas To Watch

This is one of those age-old tropes that have always existed in Korean dramas and that’s because they’re so good. 

There’s something very touching about two kids who were childhood friends becoming lovers and if you think so as well, then you’re going to love them so much. 

1. See You In My 19th Life

See You In My 19th Life dramas

Ban Ji Eum has a remarkable ability: she remembers all her past lives. 

Reincarnating for centuries, she lives each life diligently, but after a tragic end to her 18th life, she tries to reconnect with her past and find Moon Seo Ha. 

Even though she wasn’t childhood friends with him in her present life, she met him as a kid and fell in love with his spirit and I found that so beautiful. 

2. Come And Hug Me

Come and Hug Me kdrama

Yoon Na Moo and Gil Nak Won, childhood sweethearts, are torn apart when Na Moo’s psychopathic father murders Nak Won’s parents. 

Years later, Na Moo becomes Chae Do Jin, a rookie detective seeking redemption, while Nak Won becomes Han Jae Yi, an aspiring actress. 

When their paths cross again, these two fight against everything to protect their love.

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3. Chocolate


Lee Kang, a neurosurgeon who once dreamt of being a chef, meets Moon Cha Young, inspired by him to become a renowned chef. 

Reunited years later at a hospice ward, they heal emotional scars by preparing meals for patients.

4. Lovers of the Red Sky

Lovers of the red sky kdrama

The sweetest thing about this Kdrama is that their parents were good friends. 

When they meet, she is blind while he can see, and they have this very magical day together, but a twist of fate changes their lots: he loses his sight while she gains hers. 

In time, both of them keep thinking of that day of happiness they spent together, and it was lovely to see them finally reunite.

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5. Our Beloved Summer

Our beloved summer

Former high school sweethearts Choi Woong and Kook Yeon Soo, after a viral documentary, find themselves back in each other’s lives.

6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Its okay to not be okay

Community health worker Moon Gang Tae and children’s book author Ko Moon Young, both battling personal demons, defy fate and find love as they discover themselves.

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7. Bloody Heart

The bloody heart

Lee Tae, the new king of Joseon, clashes with First Vice-Premier Park Gye Won over absolute monarchy. 

And soon, Yoo Jung, a noblewoman who was a playmate and was ousted from nobility, gets entangled in royal power struggles.

8. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty

Hye Jin, once cute and wealthy, now hides her identity from childhood friend Sung Joon, her boss, who treats her with disdain. 

9. 100 Days My Prince

100 days My Prince kdrama

Crown Prince Lee Yul, experiencing amnesia, gets married to Hong Shim to comply with his own marriage law. 

What the both of them don’t know is that they were childhood friends and watching them find their ways back to each other was a major highlight to me. 

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10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting fairy Kim bok joo

Weightlifter Kim Bok Joo pursues her Olympic dream while navigating her first romance with a childhood friend who has always been by her side.

11. Pinnochio

Pinnochio Kdrama

Broadcast reporter Choi In Ha, plagued by Pinocchio syndrome, teams up with rookie colleagues to pursue justice while facing personal and professional challenges.

What do you think? Will you watch any of these amazing Korean dramas? Let me know which ones sound most interesting and which ones don’t.

And don’t forget to check the related posts for even more recommendations that’ll steal your heart. 

Happy watching!

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