14 Historical Korean Dramas On Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss

If I’m being 100% honest, I was a little hesitant to watch Netflix originals because before they came into the scene, I had mainly watched tvN, JTBC, or SBS dramas.

But, Netflix is easily one of the best OTT platforms and I love that they expand their catalog on a weekly basis, so there’s always something new to watch.

Here, I’ve compiled this list of 15 totally fantastic historical Korean dramas on Netflix and I promise you’ll love all of them.

1. The King’s Affection

During the Joseon Dynasty, twins were considered ominous, and when the Crown Princess Consort’s twins were born, she sent her daughter away.

Years later, she returns as a maid and ends up taking her brother’s place where she starts to live as a man.

2. 100 Days My Prince

Crown Prince Lee Yul, with temporary amnesia, marries Hong Shim due to a law he passed. 

Their romance faces challenges when his memory returns, and this is one super interesting historical Kdrama on Netflix you need to give a chance. 

3. Hymn Of Death

Set in Japanese-occupied Korea, playwright Kim Woo Jin falls for soprano Yun Shim Deok, but their tragedy starts after she records Korea’s first pop song.

4. The Empress Ki

In this Netflix historical Kdrama, a Korean woman rises to power in the Mongol-founded Yuan Dynasty and becomes its last empress.

5. Kingdom

After the Joseon King’s death, his son is branded a traitor while he investigates with his guard and discovers a zombifying plague in a village.

6. Poong, The Joseon Psychiatrist

Expelled royal court physician Yoo Se Poong seeks redemption in a village, alongside other characters dealing with heartbreak.

At the moment I’m writing this article, only the first season of Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist is available on Netflix, but it’s pretty much complete as it is and you’ll love it!

7. Mr. Queen

Chef Jang Bong Hwan travels back in time and into the body of Queen Kim So Yong in historical Korea, and he soon gets embroiled in the many palace intrigues.

8. Hwarang

Hwarang follows Silla’s elite warriors, and you’ll get to see their friendships and love lives in ancient Korea.

9. Under The Queen’s Umbrella

Queen Im Hwa Ryeong, with troublesome princes and her own challenges, try to keep their heads above water while living in the palace.

You guys, Hwa Ryeong is one of the best Kdrama mothers I’ve ever watched and if you want to watch a historical Korean drama on Netflix, this is a very good option. 

10. Queen For Seven Days

This romantic historical Kdrama is based on the romance between King Jung Jong and Queen Dan Kyung who was deposed within a week due to political rivalries.

11. Moon Embracing The Sun

In this drama, Crown Prince Lee Hwon does all he can to get justice for his lost love and when they’re reunited, he throws himself into the fire time and time again to protect her. 

12. Love In The Moonlight

You can watch this gender bender romance drama that follows Crown Prince Hyo Myung and counselor Hong Ra On who have a love that might kill them both. 

13. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

King Lee Soo wants to marry his first love, Gae Ddong, and with the help of a matchmaking agency, he’s sure it can happen.

But when the head of the matchmaking agency falls in love with Gae Ddong, there’s no telling what could happen – this Kdrama is so perfect!

14. Tale of Nokdu

Jeon Nok Du disguises himself as a woman to investigate his family’s attack and then meets Dong Dong Ju in a widowed village.

Will you check out any of these fantastic historical Korean dramas on Netflix? Let me know which ones you’ll watch.

And don’t forget that the related posts have even more recommendations that’ll keep you totally hooked from start to finish.

Happy watching!


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