Loved Moving? Here Are 8 Korean Dramas & Movies You Should Watch After

I’d like to say there’s no way you existed in the Kdrama-verse in 2023 and you didn’t hear about Moving.

Everyone kept saying that Moving was going to give DC and Marvel a run for their money and I have to agree – it really was epic in the best way possible.

Unlike most superhero shows, Moving leaned into the melodramatic, so it was decidedly much more introspective and feeling than any of the offerings out there.

The end result was definitely and easily the best thing I’ve watched in recent years (with the sweetest leads I absolutely fell in love with), and I know you’re going to love these dramas that are just like it. 

1. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny counter

If you liked The Uncanny Counter and Moving, you’ll know why I recommend this one. 

In The Uncanny Counter, a group of people have superpowers, and it’s full of action and crime-solving. 

On the other hand, Moving also features characters who have superpowers, but it takes a slower pace and focuses on the challenges people with superpowers face, especially when they’re treated like objects.

2. He Is Psychometric

He is psychometric

This Kdrama is about a main character with the power to read memories. 

Unlike the characters in Moving, the lead in this drama didn’t have the power from birth. 

If you’re looking for something interesting after Moving, this is a good choice.

3. Psychokinesis


Psychokinesis follows a man who suddenly gains the power of psychokinesis and uses it to fight bad guys. 

It’s thrilling and exciting, and if you enjoyed Moving, you’ll likely love this one too.

And you might enjoy this one in particular because Ryu Seung Rong, who played the untouchable/killable Jang Joo Won in Moving, is the main lead who suddenly develops powers. 

4. Mother

Mother Kdrama

While these two Kdramas might not seem similar at first, I couldn’t help but think of this drama while watching Moving

What stood out to me was Han Hyo Joo’s role as a mother – She was willing to sacrifice everything, even herself, for her child. 

It’s similar to Mother where a woman defies her survival instincts to save an abused child and faces so many challenges because of this decision.

5. Sky Castle

Sky castle

This Kdrama is about parents doing everything they can to protect their children and secure their future. 

If you’re in the mood for a binge-watching session, I highly recommend this Kdrama – It’s a must-watch Korean drama like Moving you’re going to enjoy.

6. The School Nurse Files

The school nurse files

While more on the fantasy side compared to Moving, this show is still a great option if you want something similar. 

It follows two teachers with superpowers who work together to fend off strange creatures in their school.

7. The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim

Shaman ga doo shim

Just like Moving, The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim follows two teenagers with powers who must learn to discern between good and evil. 

But unlike our pookies in Moving, they weren’t born with their powers, but their struggle is quite similar.

8. Call It Love

Call it love

This new Kdrama is a top-notch melodrama, and It’s really so, so good. 

No matter how I look at it, Moving is a touching and haunting melodrama, and when you’re done watching Moving, sinking into another captivating melodrama like this one will be a great experience.

What do you think? Have you watched Moving Kdrama? Will you watch any of the Kdramas like Moving that I’ve compiled in this list? Let me know in the comments below.

And, make sure to check out the related posts below for even more totally fantabulous Kdrama recs that’ll keep you busy all through.

Happy watching!

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