11 Reverse Harem Korean Dramas With Different Male Leads You Can Swoon Over

While Korean dramas with this trope are no longer in the limelight, if you were a drama lover between 2010 and 2020 you know that it was a big thing. 

International stars like Lee Min Ho got their big break after starring in dramas like this and there were literally versions everywhere. 

So, this is me saying annyeong to my inner child and soothing my fanatical crush on multiple men with the general public – Here are the best reverse harem Kdramas to watch. 

1. Boys Before Flowers

Boys Over flowers

After being given a scholarship to a super-fancy high school as hush money, Geum Jan Di clashes with the elite F4 group.

They then make it a personal mission to torture her whenever they can, but she stands up to them and they soon become friends.  

You guys, it was so sweet watching her dynamics with the four boys and it’s an OG drama so you can expect that it’s problematic and dramatic as hell but just as engaging.  

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2. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart moon Lovers kdrama to watch

Go Ha Jin is transported back to the Goryeo Dynasty and into the body of Hae Soo, and she soon gets tangled with the 9 different princes.  

This is definitely the highest count I’ve seen for a reverse harem Korean drama, but the drama still shines and you’ll have fun watching.

3. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince kdrama

Choi Han Gyul hires Go Eun Chan to pose as his gay lover to avoid arranged dates. 

They then start working together at Coffee Prince, where Eun Chan disguises her gender and blends in with the rest of the male workers. 

4. You’re Beautiful

Youre beautiful

In this musical drama, Min Yu impersonates her brother to help him cinch a deal with a major idol group, but she soon falls for Taek Young, the leader of the band. 

While there were only three other boys in this drama, I loved that they all balanced each other out in a beautiful way. 

5. Dream Knight

Let me be your Knight

Joo In Hyung’s life changes when mysterious men enter her life, and she gets pulled into a friendship group full of men. 

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6. Oh My Baby!

Oh My Baby kdrama

Jang Ha Ri, a workaholic journalist, decides to pursue single parenthood but finds herself surrounded by potential love interests.

Sounds amazing? You bet. This lovely drama is everything you should watch if you want to laugh and swoon today. 

7. Peng

Peng kdrama

Go Sa Ri’s men aren’t quite friends, but there’s a whole lot of eye candy and you’re going to be so satisfied. 

8. Triple Fling

Triple Fling cdrama

Lee Se Hee finds herself in a love square with three attractive guys while navigating her newfound popularity.

9. I Have Three Boyfriends

I have three boyfrienda 1

An amnesiac woman juggles relationships with three men who appear in her life after an accident.

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10. Not Found Love

Not Found love

A woman in her 20s reflects on past relationships with five men and tries to find answers about love and romance across various tourist destinations.

This is one of those amazing Chinese dramas with a deeply unique premise and structure and you’re going to be dazzled.

11. Cinderella And The Four Knights

Cinderella And four knights

Eun Ha Won, a high school student, becomes a live-in butler for three cousins with different personalities and this leads to romance and drama at Sky House.

If you haven’t watched this drama, you probably think it sounds weird as hell, but I promise it isn’t the worst I’ve watched. 

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So make sure you check out these super interesting reverse harem romantic Korean dramas with many boys and have fun with them.

And when you’re done, remember to check the related posts for even more drama recommendations that will keep you busy all through the weekend. 

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