6 Dreary K-Dramas About School Violence & Bullying That’ll Make You Ugly Cry

If you’ve watched Korean dramas in the past few years, you’ll probably notice that a good number of shows about bullying have been released.

And, unlike a problematic drama like Boys Before Flowers where the bullies are romanticized and justified, there’s an increasing class of dramas that instead deal with the aftermath of school violence.

So, I’ve rounded up six personal favorites with leads I found intriguing and stories that made me cry ugly tears – you’ll want to be seated for these ones. 

1. The Glory

The Glory Kdrama

A high school student turned teacher sets out to get revenge on her former bullies, including the now-married perpetrator, when she becomes her bully’s child’s homeroom teacher.

This Netflix drama is easily one of the most popular dramas in this sub-genre and that’s because everything Dong Eun faced and how she so meticulously planned out her revenge was stunning. 

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2. Weak Hero Class

Weak Hero class

Yeon Shi Eun, a seemingly weak high school student, uses his intellect to combat violence both inside and outside of his school.

Our male lead in this drama was a new-to-me actor until I started watching Love Song For Illusion and got hooked, so I decided to check out his past projects.

Suffice it to say that this is the ultimate underdog story and you’re going to be totally rooting for him by the time he starts his mission.

3. The King of Pigs

King of Pigs

Still traumatized by past school bullying, Kyung Min and Detective Jong Suk are drawn into a mystery when they receive a message from a long-lost friend that links them to a series of murders.

King of Pigs is relatively darker and more atmospheric than the others in this post, and there’s literally no way you’d watch this Korean drama about bullying without bawling your eyes out for everything he had to go through. 

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4. Bitch × Rich

Bitch X rich

Baek Je Na, a wealthy student, clashes with Kim Hye In, who witnesses a murder and is offered a chance at a prestigious school in exchange for her silence.

You guys, Je Na was horrible with a capital H and I’m not kidding when I say Hye In standing up to this notorious bully (who would even bully the rich kids) had me hollering in support. 

5. Class of Lies

Class of lies

A disgraced lawyer becomes a teacher at a high school connected to a case he handled, aiming to restore his reputation. 

He then discovers crimes committed by students and intervenes to protect victims and this sheds light on the lack of repercussions for teenage offenders.

I, personally, love it when responsible adults decide to act their age and actually protect victims, and that’s why I enjoyed Brave Citizen Korean movie a whole lot.

6. Shadow Beauty

Shadow Beauty

Bullied for her appearance, Koo Ae Jin leads a double life as a social media star, but her secret is at risk when a schoolmate discovers her online persona.

Shadow Beauty is just one of the many high school Korean dramas about bullies punishing their classmates for not meeting their beauty standards and to say this is the worst thing ever is essentially an understatement. 

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What do you think? Would you be interested in watching any of these Kdramas about bullying? Let me know why and why you’d watch them.

And don’t forget to check out the related posts for even more recommendations.

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