10 Sweet & Short Korean Dramas You Can Finish In One Day

If you’re anything like me, life can become a little hectic, but watching a new fave can lift your mood instantly. 

But when you’re strapped for time and unable to commit to a full-length series, a super short Korean drama can never be a bad idea. 

So, I’ve compiled this list of favorite, most interesting, and totally binge-able short Korean dramas you need to check out ASAP. 

1. Long Time No Sex (6 Episodes)


Woo-jin and Samuel, a struggling couple, turn to blackmailing cheating partners in a desperate attempt to improve their lives.

I watched this lovely drama while it aired (the last episode was released last week), and I’ll tell you for sure that while it has only 6 episodes, it’s still as good as the best. 

2. The Bequeathed (6 Episodes)

The Bequeathed

Yoon Seo-ha inherits her family’s burial ground and then discovers dark family secrets that lead to murder and a tense investigation.

You can watch this short Kdrama right now on Netflix, but just know that it’s atmospheric and super stunning.

3. Gyeongseong Creatures (10 Episodes)

Gyeongseong creatures

Jang Tae-sang and Yoon Chae-ok discover a dangerous creature spawned from secret experiments during the Japanese occupation of Korea in 1945.

I waited patiently for this drama ever since promotion started in 2023 and I’ll tell you right now that my waiting was worth it. 

4. Death’s Game (8 Episodes)

Deaths game

Choi Yi Jae faces despair and strikes a deal with Death to avoid Hell which leads to a harrowing struggle for survival in multiple bodies.

For this one, if you’ve ever imagined what it would be like if all your favourite Korean actors came together on one project, this short and interesting Korean drama answers it. 

5. Boyhood (10 Episodes)


Jang Byung Tae’s life changes dramatically after an incident at a rural agricultural high school in the 1980s.

This is yet another short drama that’s just as interesting as the rest in this post, and just as an aside: I’ve had the biggest crush on Im Si Wan for the longest time. 

6. Secret Playlist (8 Episodes)

Secret Playlist

Han Joo, a college student with a secret identity as a cover singer, crosses paths with idol Do Gook and this leads to a quest to uncover each other’s identities.

What I especially loved about this romantic short Korean show is that the romance still felt genuine and developed even though it was relatively short – you’ll love it!

7. A Breeze Of Love (8 Episodes)

A Breeze Of love

Basketball captain Do Hyun reconnects with his first love Dong Wook as they prepare for a championship, and soon enough, they reconcile as they slowly find themselves. 

You’re going to love this BL Kdrama and I know I’ve said it for a good number of dramas in this post, but this is one that’s particularly dear to me and I just know you’ll have fun with it. 

8. Vigilante (8 Episodes)


Kim Ji Yong wants to get revenge on his mother’s assailant, so he adopts a dual persona as a model student by day and a ruthless punisher of criminals by night.

In time, he gets entangled in a dangerous game of morality and vengeance, and while I wished for a better outcome, the ending of this Kdrama with less than 16 episodes did what it could and I still recommend it. 

9. Doona! (9 Episodes)


Doo Na from the girl group Dream Sweet and college student Won Jun become intrigued by each other while living in the same sharehouse.

If you watch Japanese dramas, you probably already know all the drama that can take place in a sharehouse and this lovely idol Kdrama is just what my heart needed.   

10. Evilive (10 Episodes)


Livelihood lawyer Han Dong Soo descends into darkness when he confronts a former baseball player with a hidden agenda, and this leads to dire consequences for himself and his family.

This short thriller Korean drama only reinforces my feelings that thriller dramas should be short, snappy, and super bingeable.

What do you think? Which of these lovely short Kdrama would you watch before you go to bed? Let me know!

And don’t forget to check the related posts for even more recommendations that’ll keep you hooked. 

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