8 Romantic Korean Dramas Without The Dreaded Love Triangle (They’re Still So Good)

Love triangles are amazing because they up the drama in a show but they can also be very frustrating for both the viewers and the character.

And since you can’t see the tears in my eyes, I am talking about a K-drama I am currently rewatching that’s getting me in my feels again – You guessed it right, it is True Beauty. 

The love triangle in True Beauty absolutely wrecked me so I definitely understand people who avoid Korean dramas with love triangles.

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If this sounds like you, here’s a list of some very amazing romantic Korean dramas without love triangles that I think everyone would love and appreciate.  

These are the ones where our leads, while not absolutely devoted to each other from the beginning, don’t waver in their love and there aren’t any external parties (ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or potential partner). 

1. Something About 1%

Something about one percent

Arrogant Lee Jae In is forced into an engagement with kind-hearted Kim Da Hyun by his grandfather, and this leads to unexpected changes in both their lives.

Rather unexpectedly, this Korean drama with a rich male lead didn’t have a love triangle and the showrunners would probably never have any idea how much I appreciated it. 

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2. The Beauty Inside

The beauty inside

Actress Han Se Gye transforms into different bodies for a week each month, and only Seo Do Jae, who has face blindness, can recognize her. 

From the beginning, they both only had each other and I think that’s beautiful in a chaotically, poetic way. 

3. Goblin: The Lonely & Great God

Goblin 3

Immortal Kim Shin wants his mortal bride to end his eternal life and finds her in Ji Eun Tak, but their story is complicated when he falls for her.

There’s this funny scene where Kim Shin finds out her sunbae whom she has a good relationship with is in town and he actually goes to find the other man

Aside from this, both parties were genuinely devoted to each other from the beginning up until the end. 

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4. Master’s Sun

The Masters sun

By chance, CEO Joo Joong Won meets Tae Gong Shil, who sees ghosts, and they work together to deal with supernatural occurrences while falling in love.

There was a slight hint of a love triangle in this one (on his side), but it never manifested and I loved that for both of them. 

5. Come and Hug Me

Come and Hug Me kdrama

Childhood lovers Yoon Na Moo and Gil Nak Won are torn apart by a tragic event involving Na Moo’s father, a serial killer. 

Years later, as adults, they reconnect even as their past haunts them, but they know they can only fight their battles together. 

6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Its okay to not be okay

Community health worker Moon Gang Tae and children’s book writer Ko Moon Young, who has antisocial personality disorder, find love and healing despite their personal challenges.

Some might argue that what happened between Gang Tae and Joo Ri (the nurse) was a love triangle, but it definitely wasn’t.

What could be a love square, though, would be Joo Ri, Sang In (the producer), Gang Tae (he never wavers in his feelings for Moon Young), and Jae Soo (Gang Tae’s friend). 

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7. The Secret Life of My Secretary

Secret Life of My Secretary

Perfectionist Do Min Ik relies on his hot-tempered secretary Jung Gal Hee for a lot of things.

But when her resignation coincides with his development of prosopagnosia, he realizes he needs her even more than he expected. 

8. Oh My Venus

Oh my venus 3

I know I’ve talked earlier about how this drama ended up having the worst messages, and that still stands, but I appreciated that it didn’t have a love triangle between the leads. 

How many of these romantic Korean dramas without love triangles will you check out right now? Let me know in the comment section below.

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