7 Interesting Korean Dramas Like ‘The Glory’ You Need To Check Out

If you found yourself completely absorbed in the world of The Glory, you’re not alone.

I binged it in a day and when I raised my head for air once the credits started rolling on the final episode, I was positively a changed person. 

The only other drama I’ve seen Song Hye Kyo – the lead in The Glory – is Descendants of The Sun, and while I knew she was an amazing actress, I would never have imagined that she not only honed her skill in the past few years, but that she could literally embody a role. 

In this post, I’ve compiled 7 incredible Kdramas about revenge that you should watch if you enjoyed The Glory.

I don’t take my recommendations lightly, so if you’ve been looking for something to watch after completing The Glory, I’ve got you covered. 

Here are the best Korean dramas like ‘The Glory’ that you should watch next: 

1. My Name


My Name follows Yoo Ji Woo, a woman who sets out to take revenge on the people that murdered her father.

And to accomplish her goals, she aligns herself with Choi Moo Jin, a formidable crime boss, and then infiltrates the police force. 

I’ll tell you something, this Kdrama was propulsive – and in a good way.

I mean, she witnessed her father’s death and like Moon Dong Eun from The Glory, Ji Woo isn’t one to suffer fools gladly. 

While My Name is decidedly darker and leans more into the shady things that goes on behind the curtains, the female leads both echo the same sadness and you’ll definitely enjoy this if you like The Glory.

2. Agency

Agency 03

You might be wondering what this Kdrama is doing on this list, and I’ll get to it in a minute. 

I quite literally grew up with Kdramas and from watching women be primarily cast as simpering dundees, it’s so refreshing to see a strong, bold, and ambitious woman on screen.

And, I frankly found Dong Eun from The Glory inspirational. 

Go A In is also one of those strong female characters I won’t be forgetting in a hurry, and if you liked Dong Eun’s brand of badassery, then you’re going to love watching Agency

This drama revolves around workplace politics which is a far cry from the more revenge-aligned The Glory, but the leads alone feel the same.

3. City Hunter

City Hunter 03

City Hunter is another Korean drama about revenge that revolves around Lee Yoon Sung – a male lead – who goes undercover on the International Communications Team at the Blue House with plans to wreak havoc on the people that ordered his father’s death when he was a kid. 

The entire first two or three episodes of City Hunter felt like an overdrawn montage where Yoon Sung was being prepped by his father’s comrade to enact his plan for revenge, but things picked up considerably after that.

I love, love, love elaborate plans and they took it a step further by even sending him to MIT so that he will have the pre-requisite information to infiltrate the ranks and take out his revenge. 

If this doesn’t put you in mind of Dong Eun prepping for years and bidding her time before making her entrance into their lives, then I don’t know what.

Every single person that had led her to the point she was suffered in the end, and it was beautiful to see. 

This Korean drama is perfect if  you’re on the lookout for something to watch after The Glory and you want to keep the same vibe.

And, if you’re a fan of meticulously plotted revenge plans, you’re going to enjoy this one. 

4. Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich 02

In this Kdrama, Yoon Hyun Woo, a devoted secretary to the powerful Soonyang chaebol family, is betrayed and killed during a power struggle, and he is miraculously reborn young Jin Do Jun, the family’s youngest member. 

Needless to say, he sets out to take his revenge and reclaim control of the Soonyang Group.

The stakes in this Kdrama are high through and through, and if you want a show like The Glory that will leave you panting and on the edge of your seat multiple times, I can’t recommend this more. 

5. Revenge Of Others

Revenge of others 02

After her twin brother’s mysterious death at school is ruled as suicide, Ok Chan Mi transfers to his school to find out the truth as she doesn’t accept the verdict.

What follows after in this high school Korean drama is a tension-filled adventure to find the truth. 

The most obvious differences between this Kdrama and The Glory is that one is a school drama and the other isn’t, and one is about finding out the truth while the other is about wreaking cold revenge on her bullies – this is settled. 

But, one thing you’ll recognize in both leads is the drive to deliver comeuppance to the perpetrators of all the crimes, and this tenacity is really one for the books that I feel everybody will appreciate. 

The Glory and Revenge of Others both tackle schoolyard bullying, so you should check out the trigger warnings before watching.

6. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Kdrama

Revenge? Yes. That’s really the only correct answer when it comes to this absolutely bonkers Kdrama.

When I say they take their revenge seriously with everything from costumes, to temporary jobs, to fashioning coincidences, I’m absolutely not kidding.

It’s all really beautiful and I believe that you’ll appreciate this type of carefully thought-out revenge plan if you like The Glory

The lead of this drama, Do Gi is an exemplary officer in the Special Forces who has always lived by the principles of honesty and integrity, but one day his mother’s killed and her murderer walks away with a slap on his wrist.

Shortly after, he meets Jang Sung Chul, who then offers him an opportunity to help victims failed by the legal system.  

Inspired by the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi, this revenge Kdrama like The Glory will take on a thrilling ride of vengeance and you might just discover a brand new definition of justice. 

7. Payback: Money & Power


This is another one of the new Kdramas released this year that everybody – no, really, everybody – should watch at least twice.

I mean, Lee Sun Kyun is an amazing actor, so you should just know that he bodied the role of Eun Yong and his performance was fantastic. 

In this Kdrama, he comes back to South Korea after getting word that his foster mother committed suicide and that his foster sister was imprisoned.

He then teams up with his nephew, Jang Tae Chun, to avenge his foster mom’s death and take down the bad guys in power. 

Have you ever watched a Kdrama that just made you so mad at everyone in authority, I can assure you that you will feel genuine rage with the level of corruption in this drama.

Plus, Park Hoon is here so, you know, there’s lots of eye candy. 

And, there you have it – 7 Korean dramas like The Glory that will give you enough, enough, and enough quality content for a full binge-fest.

Will you check any of these out? How many have you watched? Do you have any other recommendations? Let me know in the comments below.

Whether you like your revenge served cold or warm, there’s something for you on this list, so don’t hesitate to get started!

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Happy watching!

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