6 Swoon-Worthy Korean Dramas Like My Demon To Watch ASAP

My Demon just released its final episode and to say the entire globe is literally sitting in stunned silence won’t be an exaggeration.

Starring Kim Yoo Jung and Song Kang, this lovely fantasy drama about a baleful, morally-grey demon and a second-generation heiress who’s barely surviving an inheritance war almost seemed to come just at the moment it was needed. 

And if you’ve been closely following the episodes and you now need something else to keep you busy, here are some pretty amazing Kdramas like My Demon that will keep you hooked!

1. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Tale of the nine tailed

A gumiho named Lee Yeon protects the mortal world by defeating supernatural beings. 

While looking for his lost love’s reincarnation, he crosses paths with TV producer Nam Ji Ah, who suspects him in her parents’ mysterious accident. 

On the surface of it, this drama might not have much in common with My Demon, but it almost seems as if ruthlessness is a common trait among fantastical beings (demons or nine-tailed foxes), because these two definitely passed the vibe check. 

2. My Love From The Star

My Love From the star

Alien Do Min Joon has been on Earth for 400 years and he’s over it, but then he meets Hallyu star Cheon Song Yi and falls in love with her just when he finds out he has limited time left on Earth.

You guys, this is yet another fantasy Korean drama that still has my heart, and I feel this Kdrama is like My Demon because it has that “he fell first, he fell harder, he kept falling” trope.

At first, Min Joon (just like Gu Won) was standoffish but once he opened his heart, he became this possessive teddy bear who simply wanted to be with her all the time. 

3. Goblin: The Lonely & Great God

Goblin 3

Immortal Kim Shin is looking for his bride to end his life, and then he meets Ji Eun Tak, who claims to be the one. 

Kim Shin could have birthed Gu Won because they’re both so endlessly silly, especially when it comes to their women, and if you’ve been looking for what romantic Korean drama like My Demon to watch on Netflix next, you’ve for it. 

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4. Doom At Your Service

Doom at Your Service

Tak Dong Kyung, facing a bleak future due to glioblastoma, unintentionally summons Doom, Myeol Mang and they strike a deal for a hundred days that changes their fate.

If you’ve watched DAYS, then you probably know how similar the plotline and leads are: morally grey antihero, the whole thing about “recharging”, and a couple of other things I can’t remember at the moment.

5. The Bride of Habaek

Bride of habaek

Things start getting complicated when Yoon So Ah, who is tasked with serving a water god, finds herself in a love triangle between a God and a resort CEO.

I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Gu Won from My Demon and Ha Baek from this drama because these two beings really started getting involved in human issues and even started a romance they knew they may not have been able to finish. 

6. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Its okay to not be okay

Community health worker Moon Gang Tae and children’s literature writer Ko Moon Young slowly learn to love themselves in this beautiful Kdrama like My Demon

You’re probably side-eyeing me for this one, but hear me out: our leads in both dramas had an interconnected fate that started when they were kids and also the romance in both dramas was amazing.

Also, I loved everything Do Do Hee wore in My Demon and the only other person whose fashion is so iconic and unforgettable is Moon Young from this lovely Kdrama.

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What do you think? How many of these romantic shows like My Demon will you give a chance this weekend? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

And, don’t forget to check out the related posts below for even more drama recommendations you can check out next.

Happy watching!

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