8 Musical K-Dramas With Leads & Stories That Speak To The Heart

I’m probably the last person who would ever be regarded as an authority on anything, but I daresay music is the most universal language in existence. 

Music makes you feel something even if you’re not sure of the words or the exact emotion it should evoke, and that is pure sorcery. 

This time around, I’m listing some of the most beautiful Korean dramas where music plays a huge role and I’ll tell you for a fact that you’re going to love them!

1. Castaway Diva

If you’ve watched this 2023 Kdrama, then you probably know exactly how big the music was to the plot and the leads. 

Mok Ha, played by Park Eun Bin, is a wannabe singer who survived 15 years on a deserted island, only to return to a vastly changed world – she had been on her way to meet her idol when she fell into the sea. 

There’s a bigger plot of subterfuge, an abusive parent, and a hidden identity, but I felt that what tied everything together was her love for music. 

2. Dream High

This high-school Kdrama follows six students at Kirin Art High School as they pursue their dreams of becoming music stars. 

Since this is essentially a teen show you might think it’s all smiles and roses, but, you guys, the debts and rivalry were at an all-time high in this musical Kdrama.

3. Heartstrings

Lee Shin, a cold university music student, crosses paths with Lee Kyu Won, a traditional Korean instruments major. 

Their worlds collide, love blossoms slowly, and they find themselves learning more about each other.

One element that was pretty much dominant in this drama right from the beginning was the clash between modern and traditional music.

This was metaphorical for exactly how opposite they were, but it was also beautiful watching them learn to appreciate each other some more.

4. Trot Lover

Jang Joon Hyun, a music snob, and Choi Chun Hee, a trot singer’s hopeful daughter, find romance despite their musical differences.

Remember what I said earlier about metaphors? This is another old but gold drama released in the past decade that delivered both stunning leads and a captivating plot. 

5. Do You Like Brahms?

Song Ah, defying her family’s opposition, joins a music school where she meets Joon Young, a talented pianist. 

These two had the cutest, softest love I’ve been privileged to watch on screen and it was such a wonderful and healing experience watching them fall in love. 

Park Eun Bin shone in her role as Song Ah and watching her love for music bloom as she grew into herself still makes me teary-eyed. 

6. Persevere Goo Hae Ra

Aspiring musician Goo Hae Ra faces obstacles in releasing her late father’s music, and joined by twin brothers, they enter a musical competition show to achieve stardom.

7. Wish You

Street performer Kang In Soo catches the eye of record company keyboardist Yoon Sang Yi. 

Soon enough they’re busking and a romance starts between them and it is so beautiful. 

I know I’ve said this for a good number of dramas in this post, but if you take even one recommendation from this, this is it: the leads in this BL drama bond over their shared love of music and it was beautiful to see. 

8. The Musical

Medical student Go Eun Bi dreams of becoming a musical actress, and somehow, she gets entangled in a love triangle with talented composer Hong Jae Yi and confident musical diva Bae Kang Hee.

Do you like music? How many instruments can you play? How many of these music-themed Korean dramas will you watch? Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy watching!


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