Top 25 Romantic Korean BL Dramas That Are Just As Good As They Sound

If you’re new to BL or Boys Love Korean dramas, then the pickings can be rather overwhelming.

With so, so, so many amazing titles to choose from, it’s hard to tell which ones are worth your time and which will be to your liking. 

That’s where I come in – I’ve created this post with 25 of my all-time fave BL Kdramas and they’re so, so good!

Love Class, You Make Me Dance, & 23 other super-interesting BL Kdramas you should watch:

1. Where Your Eyes Linger (2020)

Where your eyes linger kdrama Cover

Kang Gook is Tae Joo’s bodyguard, and while Tae Joo is a chaebol, they have been best friends for fifteen years.

Kang Gook is very much aware of his feelings for his buddy, but Tae Joo thinks of it only as a very close friendship. 

The dynamics of their relationship change when Choi Hye Mi, a new student, tries to come closer to Kang Gook.

I absolutely adore the friends-to-lovers trope, and there was just everything to love about the leads in this BL Kdrama who started out as friends and became lovers.

2. Cherry Blossom After Winter (2022)

Cherry Blossoms after winter kdrama Cover

Seo Hae Bom met Jo Tae Song when he was seven years old after Tae Song’s parents adopted him.

He always envied and admired Jo Tae Seong, but when they are enrolled in the same high school, cupid strikes as they start spending more and more time together.

3. Semantic Error (2022)

Semantic Error kdrama Cover

Chu Sang Woo, a hard-working and righteous university student, ends up on a team of freeloaders for a liberal art class project.

Annoyed by the complete negligence of his group members toward the project, he removes their names from the presentation he worked on all by himself. 

In doing so, he causes a heavy blow to the dreams of Jang Jae Young, the most popular student at the university.

Their story takes a different turn when Jae Young and Sang Woo have to work with each other and if you like leads who relentlessly tease each other, you’ll love these two.

4. Blue Of Winter (2022)

Blue Of Winter kdrama Cover

After meeting Hyeon Woo during a judo competition, Han Ji Seok and Kim Do Jin approach him to become close to him. 

And somehow, Ji Seok ends up dating Hyeon Woo, but Do Jin is rejected before Hyeon Woo leaves for the Olympics.

Siz years later, gold medallist Kim Do Jin meets Ji Seok and Hyeon Woo meet again and they realise that their feelings for each other might be stronger than they expected.

5. Wish You: Your Melody From My Heart (2020)

Wish you kdrama Cover

Kang In Soo, an aspiring singer, catches the eye of Yoon Sang Yi, a talented keyboardist at a major record company, when his best friend Choi Min Seong records his performance and uploads the video on YouTube. 

His dreams seem to be within reach when the recording company then scouts him on the recommendation of Sang Yi, but this professional alliance takes a personal turn when In Soo must live with Sang Yi in the company residence. 

6. To My Star (2021)

To my star kdrama Cover

Actor Kang Seo Joon meets chef Han Ji Woo during a difficult time in his career, and soon, sparks ignite between the two, and their opposite personalities start attracting them to each other.

But, their differences become more clear as they get to know each other.

The chemistry between the actors in this romantic BL Korean drama was incredible, and the story was so, so addictive.

If you’re looking for a new drama to binge-watch, this is it and I promise you’ll be glued from start to finish.

7. Long Time No See (2019)

Long time no see kdrama Cover

Chi Soo and Gi Tae, who are assassins, fall in love while living in disguise, and when their secrets are revealed, they discover that they are employed by rival bosses. 

The story turns dangerous when their bosses tag them as traitors, and they’re forced to flee.

What follows will see their love being tested by the harsh reality of the world they both belong to.

8. Love Class (2022)

Love-Class-Kdrama Cover

Cha Ji Woo’s life is simple and mainly revolves around Bae Yu Na.

But things start changing when a university class makes him work with Lee Ro Ah on a project on love. 

As he spends time with Lee Ro Ah, he becomes curious about his newly developed feelings for Lee Ro Ah and his misunderstood emotions for Yu Na.

9. Once Again (2022)

Once-again-kdrama Cover

When destiny separates Shin Jae Woo and Kang Ji Hoon, all Shin Jae Woo wants is to return to when things were simpler. 

Little does he know that his wish will be granted, and somehow, he travels back 15 years into the past, where he meets the young Kang Ji Hoon. 

10. Light On Me (2021)

Light-on-me-kdrama Cover

Woo Tae Kyung is an introverted guy with no friends, and he’s adjusted to this way of living.

His teacher then suggests that he joins the school’s student council to make new friends, and he follows through with her instruction. 

Soon, he meets Shin Da On and Noh Shin Woo, but things get complicated when his relationship with Da On doesn’t sit well with Shin Woo.

11. First Love Again (2022)

First Love Again Kdrama

For 300 years, Yeon Seok has waited for his first love, but never in his dreams did he imagine that said first love would be reborn as a man. 

When this happens, Yeon Seok pushes Ha Yeon – his reborn first love – away because he’s wholly unprepared for the situation.

But their bond is beyond lifetimes, and they find themselves being pulled together against their wills. 

This is honestly one of the best Korean BL Dramas I have watched, and I have a very good feeling you’ll enjoy every second of it.

12. You Make Me Dance (2021)

You Make Me Dance Kdrama Cover

Song Shi On is a student of contemporary dance who has been abandoned by his family.

He then meets Jin Hong Seok, a debt collector for the Chachacha capital. 

While one is all about pursuing his dream of being a dancer, the other has buried his dream of becoming a pianist in exchange for doing anything to make money.

Love starts to bloom between them as they share a rooftop apartment.  

13. Mr. Heart (2020)

Mr. Heart Kdrama Cover

Jin Won is a goal-oriented marathon runner in high school with an outstanding record.

When he starts finding it hard to maintain his winning streak, his coach pairs him up with Go Sang Ha, an optimistic athlete who is passionate but very laidback. 

Dissatisfied with his new partner, Jin Won initially keeps pushing Sang Ha away, but the passion for running brings both athletes closer to each other.  

I was utterly hooked on Mr. Heart – the story was so captivating, and the characters were so lovable.

If you’re a fan of BL Korean dramas, you have to add this one to your watchlist.

14. Nobleman Ryu Wedding (2021)

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Kdrama

In this romantic historical Boys Love Kdrama, Nobleman Ryu Hu Seon discovers that his bride is a man on his wedding night.

It turns out his ‘bride’ is actually Choi Ki Wan, his actual bride’s brother who took his sister’s place when she disappeared right before the ceremony. 

For the sake of his ailing mother, Ryu Hu Seon decides to continue with the sham marriage and keeps Ki Wan away from the eyes of anyone.

But things get complicated when Hu Seon’s friend Kim Tae Hyung sees Ki Wan and falls for him. 

15. Ocean Likes Me (2022)

Ocean Likes Me Kdrama Cover

Han Ba Da dreams of one day opening an Udon restaurant on a beach.

But, his dream seems almost impossible as he’s unable to get many customers.

Then, he meets Tommy, a failed musician, and the two decide to achieve their dreams come what may. 

16. A Shoulder To Cry On (2023)

A Shoulder to Cry On Kdrama Cover

Lee Da Yeol is a talented archer who has no problem living like an outsider in his high school as he pursues his passion for archery. 

But, his life is turned upside down when the most popular student of his school, Jo Tae Hyun, puts his scholarship at risk by falsely accusing Da Yeol of trying to make out with him.

Their story begins with hate, but the limits of love and hate start to blur soon for Da Yeol and Tae Hyun.

17. Blueming (2022)

Blueming Kdrama

Cha Si Won’s personal theory is that only good-looking boys can become popular in school.

So, he decides to put this theory to the test by challenging himself to gain popularity through his grades, discipline, and personality. 

His plan seems to be going well in the first year of college, but, his world is shaken, and his theory is displaced by the entry of Hyeong Da Un, who is not only good-looking but also rich and brilliant.

If this was not enough, Hyeong Da Un also has a great personality. It is now difficult for Cha Si Won to understand if he is intimidated or attracted to Hyeong Da Un.

If you enjoy slow-burn romance in a BL Kdrama with a side of heart-wrenching drama, Blueming is the show for you.

I couldn’t get enough of the well-developed characters and the intricate plot, and I have no doubt you’ll become emotionally invested in time.

18. Kissable Lips (2022)

Kissable Lips Kdrama

In this Korean BL webdrama, Kim Jun Ho is a vampire who is looking for pure blood to survive and become human.

His search ends when he meets a human with pure blood, Choi Min Hyun. 

But things become complicated because he ends up falling for Choi Min Hyun, and now between living a human life or protecting his love, Kim Jun Ho has a tough decision to make.

19. My Sweet Dear (2021)

My Sweet Dear (2021) Kdrama Cover

Yoon Do Gun and Choi Jung Woo are both talented chefs, but their methods are different.

While Yoon Do Gun is a creative chef who takes pride in developing new recipes, Choi Jung Woo does not mind copying other’s hit recipes. 

A clash between these two is inevitable when they end up working in the same kitchen.

But the rivalry starts to turn into something else when they begin to develop an understanding of each other’s working style and choices.  

20. Tinted With You (2021)

Tinted With You Kdrama Cover

Jung Eun Ho, art student extraordinaire, is assigned to complete a mysterious and unfinished canvas.

While working on it, he ends up travelling to the distant past, where he meets Lee Heon, the deposed crown prince living in exile, and falls in love with him. 

The story evolves as Eun Ho tries to protect Lee Heon from the acting king, who wishes to permanently secure the throne by killing Lee Heon. 

21. Peach Of Time (2021)

Peach of Time Kdrama

Peach, a Thai boy, flies to South Korea to meet Yoon Oh, who he first met in Phuket.

While Peach is happy to be able to live with Yoon Oh, he also notices the strained relationship between Yoon Oh and his mother. 

So, he decides to step in and fix the mother-son relationship but wonders when and why Yoon Oh’s happiness became so important to him.

If you’re in the mood for a story that explores complex and nuanced themes, Peach Of Time is a must-watch.

The characters are multidimensional, and the plot of this must-watch BL Korean series is as thought-provoking as they come, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching it. 

22. Behind Cut (2021)

Behind Cut Kdrama Cover

Kim Ki Jin, a fashion design student with big dreams, meets Yeong Woo, a delivery boy with no ambition or vision for his future. 

Opposite attracts, as they say, and they both start enjoying each other’s company without thinking much about it.

But, the dynamics between the duo change when a famous model, Hwang Yi Bin, tries to get close to Kim Ki Jin.  

23. Oh! My Assistant Is Coming (2022)

Oh! My Assistant Kdrama Cover

Seon Ho is an artist for adult webtoons, but his occupation starts taking a toll on his personal life, and he finds that he has not been aroused in a long time.

To get some space from his work, he hires a charming and talented assistant, who turns out to be his biggest fan.

24. Roommates Of Poongduck 304 (2022)

Roommates of Poongduck 304 kdrama Cover

Ji Ho Jun, a rich heir, is kicked out of the family house by his father with a challenge to survive on his own for two years and become a successful team leader in their company. 

Moving to his new abode, he meets Seo Jae Yoon, who isn’t the nicest.

Soon, both face each other again when Ji Ho Jun appears as the team leader of Seo Jae Yoon’s team.

This BL Kdrama about cohabitation between two strangers made me laugh and cry, so just trust me when I say Roommates of Poongduck has the perfect balance of humor and heart.

The show will have you experiencing all the feels, and I was thoroughly entertained.

25. Color Rush (2020)

Color Rush Kdrama Cover

As a monochromatic, Choi Yeon Woo’s life is limited to shades of gray, black, and white until he meets Go Yoo Han.

Meeting with Yoo Han makes Yeon Woo experience a “color rush” for the first time. 

Now, as much as he wants to be near Yoo Han, he is also afraid of ending up being obsessed with the one who makes him see the colors. 

For those who appreciate a well-crafted soundtrack, Color Rush features music that will make your heart soar.

I was blown away by the beautiful score and how it elevated the emotional scenes – This is another very popular Korean BL drama you definitely don’t want to miss. 

How many BL Kdramas have you watched? Do you think you’ll check these ones out? Let me know in the comments below.

And, do check out the related posts below for even more amaze-balls recommendations!

Happy watching!

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