Our Top 12 Must-Watch Korean Dramas on Hulu to Stream Today

If you’re a Kdrama lover, you’ll find everything you need on Hulu – whether you like thrilling action shows or cozy romance shows. You might be wondering which Kdrama on Hulu deserves your attention, and I’m here to help you out. 

And, if you’re wondering why you should listen to me, let me assure you that I’m a passionate Kdrama fan and I only give you the best of the best – My Korean drama watchlist is proof of that.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to find your next great drama. I know for a fact that you’re going to love one or all of the dramas on this list – my bet’s on the latter. 

1. Big Mouth 

Big mouth

Park Chang Ho, known as “Big Mouth,” is a lawyer with a knack for making big promises but falling short.

He’s then hired by the Mayor who has plans to weaponize his incompetence, but he soon gets framed as the notorious swindler “Big Mouse” and lands in prison. 

And then there’s Go Mi Ho, his strong-willed nurse wife, on a mission to prove his innocence and solve the case. This Kdrama is very much an action/thriller one and the female lead will definitely have you on the edge of your seat.

2. Kiss Sixth Sense

Kiss Sixth sense

Hong Ye Soo can see the future with a single kiss, and when she accidentally smooches her scheming team chief, Min Hoo, she gets a shocking vision of them in bed together. 

As if that’s not enough, Ye Sool’s ex-boyfriend, Pil Yo, pops up and asks her out three times. This quirky office romance is filled with laughter and surprises as Ye Sool tries to survive work and a romance that seems intent on blossoming.

This is a solid romantic Kdrama available to watch on Hulu that will keep you hooked for hours, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

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3. Rookie Cops

Rookie cops

This coming-of-age Korean drama follows a couple of students at the Korean National Police University as they try to survive the ups and downs of youth and strive to become full-fledged cops. 

From bridging generation gaps to finding romance on campus, this amazing drama captures their journey in the line of duty. And you best know that this drama delivers a heartfelt tale of determination, friendship, and the excitement of youth as they chase their aspirations at the police academy.

4. Big Bet

Big Bet kdrama

Cha Mu Sik is the owner of a lively casino bar, but when things get dicey with the National Tax Service, he takes off to the Philippines for a fresh start.

Now, he’s determined to build a booming casino business and win the hearts of the political and business circles. But just when he’s getting the hang of it, he is framed for a mysterious death.

With Oh Seung Hoon from the Korean Desk hot on his heels, the race is on to uncover the truth and clear his name.

5. Legend Of The Blue Sea

Legend of the blue sea

In this fantasy Korean drama that you can watch on Hulu right now, Shim Chung, a lovable mermaid, follows her heartthrob Kim Ryung to the bustling city.

But, she crosses paths with Heo Joon Jae, a clever scam artist. With nowhere else to go, Shim Chung starts crashing with Joon Jae, who’s hiding his mischievous partners, Jo Nam Doo and Tae Oh.

Love triangles and hilarious antics then start when Shim Chung catches the eye of Cha Shi Ah, an artifact researcher who isn’t all that he seems. Lee Min Ho is the male lead of this drama and that’s really all you need to know about how amazing it is.

6. Revenge Of Others

Revenge of others 02

Tragedy strikes when a boy falls to his death at school, and Ok Chan Mi, refusing to accept her twin brother’s alleged suicide, transfers to his school, Yongtan High.

There, she crosses paths with Ji Soo Heon, who witnessed the incident. And soon enough, a mysterious hero who stands up for bullied students starts appearing from time to time.

Chan Mi suspects a connection to her brother and she sets out to discover the truth behind this enigmatic figure. I know this might be a tired trope – getting revenge for a bullied friend slash colleague – but you’ll totally enjoy it.

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7. Connect

Connect kdrama

Ha Dong Soo is a member of the extraordinary connect race with an immortal body. After being kidnapped by ruthless organ traffickers, one of his eyes is stolen and he soon realises that he can see through the person who received his stolen eye and the person is a serial killer.

Determined to put an end to the bloodshed, Ha Dong Soo starts racing against time to catch the killer. But, he’s incredibly meek and somehow gets help from a quirky sidekick as he races against time to prevent the killings.

8. Uncontrollably Fond 

Uncontrollably Fond 03

Sin Joon Young and No Eul were once in love, but life pulled them apart. Now, Joon Young is a superstar actor-singer, while No Eul is a documentary producer-director.

When their paths cross again, Joon Young realizes No Eul’s financial issues have turned her into a person that can do anything for money and he’s very disappointed.

This romantic Kdrama is also available to watch on Hulu and trust me when I say you absolutely will not regret it. I loved the way Joon Young and No Eul’s romance developed, and I do not doubt that you will enjoy it as well. 

9. May It Please The Court

May It Please The court

Ace attorney No Chak Hee risks it all for success at her law firm, but a troublesome case leads to a year-long suspension. Determined to return, she becomes a public defender.

And there, she crosses paths with Jwa Shi Baek, a fellow public defender with a mysterious personal life. Though they clash at first, a serial murder case brings them together and as they find themselves spending time together, they eventually start trusting each other.

Soon, Chak Hee and Shi Baek, working side by side, try to solve the case and even discover more than they bargained for.

10. Grid

Grid Kdrama

Under the safeguard of the Grid, Earth remains unscathed from devastating solar winds. But, one day, bureau employee Kim Sae Ha stumbles upon a murderer, and this prompts detective Jung Sae Byeok to give chase.

And in a stunning turn of events, they meet the long-lost founder of the Grid, who seems to be helping the fugitive. You guys, this thriller Korean drama on Hulu is everything and more, so you really don’t want go miss it.

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11. One Dollar Lawyer 

One Dollar Lawyer 02

Cheon Ji Hun, a lawyer with a unique perm and a 1,000-won retainer, fearlessly challenges wealthy clients and their expensive lawyers who disregard the law.

Baek Ma Ri, a confident lawyer and prosecutor’s assistant, leads a smooth life until she encounters Cheon Ji Hun.

When their paths unexpectedly cross, what follows is a captivating story filled with humor, romance, and thrilling legal battles. that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

This is another perfect watch if you’ve been thinking about the best K-drama on Hulu to watch. If you like the law, thrills, and a healthy dose of laughs, you don’t want to miss this. 

12. While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping kdrama

Nam Hong Ju has the extraordinary ability to foresee events related to Jae Chan in her dreams, but she is powerless to change them, but she does try.

Meanwhile, rookie prosecutor Jung Jae Chan moves in across the street, and after a dream about Hong Ju and a ruthless attorney, he saves their lives.

Soon, they discover a mysterious connection as their fates become intertwined through shared dreams. Then, there’s also Jung Hae In who sees her in his dreams which puts them in the most heartaching love triangle.

That’s it, folks!

I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again, the Kdramas on Hulu are so awesome. Seriously, if you’ve watched any of the dramas on this list, you know what I’m talking about.

And If you’re looking for even more cool recommendations, just look at the related posts below, and enjoy watching! For now, here’s a list of my all-time favorite Korean dramas of all time.

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