7 Amazing Kdramas Like My Lovely Liar You Should Watch Now

I tried my best to keep up with all the Kdrama releases last year and My Lovely Liar was one of the dramas I found absolutely thrilling. 

Starring Kim So Hyun from River Where The Moon Rises and The Tale of Nokdu as Mok Sol Hee and Hwang Min Yu from Alchemy of Souls as Kim Do Ha, this romantic melodrama Kdrama was everything my heart needed. 

Kim So Hyun’s character in this drama is a shut-off young woman with the ability to detect lies, while Hwang Min Yu plays Kim Do Ha, a tortured soul who has been through it with the media and has become something of a recluse. 

I loved the healing journeys of both leads and the chemistry, OST, and the entire plot of the drama made it one I haven’t forgotten since I watched it.

If you’re like me and you enjoyed it so much, you’re probably going to love these dramas that have the same vibe and you should give them all a chance. 

1. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were sleeping

Just like My Lovely Liar, While You Were Sleeping revolves around a character who has an extraordinary ability. 

In this drama, three people who have interconnected fates see visions of future events in their dreams and they decide to use these visions to catch criminals and seek justice for people. 

And, just like My Lovely Liar, there’s an achingly sweet love triangle at the heart of it all and a second lead who just about stole my heart. 

2. The Girl Who Sees Scents

The girl who sees scents

This is yet another Kdrama on Netflix like My Lovely Liar which focuses on a woman who has superpowers. 

While Mok Sol Hee can predict lies, a traumatic incident made Oh Cho Rim have a super strong sense of smell. 

3. Memorist


Just like Mok Sol Hee from My Lovely Liar, the male lead in this drama has a special power he uses to find a criminal – he can read a person’s memories.

Memorist definitely has a thicker thriller vibe than My Lovely Liar and romance isn’t the central focus, but it’s a perfect option if you’re looking for what to watch next.

4. About Time

About time

This time around, rather than a superpower, the female lead has a special ability – she can see the time a person has before they die. 

And, just like in My Lovely Liar, she’s able to see everyone else’s clock except the male leads and she notices that her clock stops running when she’s with him. 

In My Lovely Liar, the female lead was thrown off her game when she felt she could get a read on Do Ha and that’s how Michaela from About Time felt, too. 

5. Flower Of Evil

Flower Of evil

This drama also revolves around an innocent person who ends up taking the fall for a murder.

While Do Ha from My Lovely Liar was framed and then eventually acquitted, Hee Sung from Flower Of Evil had to live in hiding and he adopted a new identity. 

This is a good drama to watch if you’re looking for something sweet and interesting to watch after My Lovely Liar. 

6. The Master’s Sun

The Masters sun

This is yet another drama like My Lovely Liar which features a female lead who has an extraordinary ability.

The female lead from The Master’s Sun can see ghosts since when she was a child and they’ve troubled her ever since. 

She then realizes that these ghosts disappear when she’s near the male lead and she immediately knows what she’s supposed to do. 

And just like My Lovely Liar, the female lead eventually helps the male lead work through his past trauma and live a better life.

7. Sell Your Haunted House

Sell Your Haunted house

On the face of it, this might sound like an odd inclusion, but stay with me.

I loved the way the female leads in both this workplace romance Korean drama and My Lovely Liar used their supernatural abilities to earn money as opposed to being quietly tormented by it.

I’ll always, always stan a business-conscious female lead and these two were just beautiful.  

Have you watched My Lovely Liar? Or, have you watched any of the dramas on this list? Let me know which ones you’ll give a chance.

Also, don’t forget to check out the related posts below for even more recommendations that will keep you hooked for hours.

Happy watching! 

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