10 School Chinese Dramas Set In University To Watch With Friends

Chinese drama about university to watch

There’s something about university life that always makes me feel warm from the inside.

It’s almost as if every drama is designed to remind me that there’s a lot of loving and living I should partake in at every point in time.

These lovely, heartwarming, and wholesome Chinese dramas set in universities will make you appreciate the simplicity of life and the golden years of your youth. 

1. Make My Heart Smile

Make My Heart smile

This drama follows several young college students who form friendships and fall in love while pursuing their dreams together.

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2. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden cdrama

Shan Cai gets admitted to the most prestigious university in China and soon clashes her with elitist classmates, especially Dao Ming Si. 

And despite the animosity she faces, she becomes friends with Hua Ze Lei and the rest of the gang and even finds love.

3. Hidden Love

Hidden Love cdrama 1

Sang Zhi fell for Duan Jia Xu when she was still a high schooler and he was in university, but a misunderstanding and an impromptu move made them lose contact.

When she enters university, she then reconnects with him because he works in her city and they soon start falling for each other. 

While this drama isn’t primarily about the university experience, it still shows all the heartaches uni students face and the many stages of growth. 

4. First Love

First Love cdrama

Lu Wan Wan and Ren Chu grow and influence each other positively in their university days when they find themselves in a funny scandal. 

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5. Hi Flower

Hi flower

Lu Ru Hua works hard to pay off her parents’ debts while attending Haicheng University. 

She then meets Wen Chu at university, and despite a rough start, they fall in love.

6. Lighter and Princess

Lighter and Princess 899

Li Xun, a brilliant but aloof student, clashes with Zhu Yun, and this leads to an unexpected romance that would be tested by a life-altering incident.

Lighter and Princess is one of those dramas that everyone knows about even if they haven’t watched it and if you want to watch a Cdrama set in a uni, I’ll recommend it!

7. Shining Like You

Shining Like you

Lu Qi Yi, once top of her class, struggles to fit in at an art academy but finds support and affection from her classmates Fang Yan and Du Ang.

8. The Love Equations

The Love equations cdrama

Zhou Xiao, a literature student, falls for Zhao Fan Zhou, a dedicated forensic science major, despite his detached demeanour.

In time Fan Zhou thaws for Zhou Xiao and I felt that was poetic in all the ways that matter. 

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9. The Best of You In Mind

The best of you in my mind

Lin Xi Chi, a cheerful veterinary medicine student, deepens her friendship with childhood friend Xu Fang, leading to unexpected emotions.

10. My Honey

My Honey

While attending college, Su Zi Ying meets and becomes friends with Ye Jun Cheng even though she has a fear of close contact. 

I especially liked this lovely drama because you could tell that both Zi Ying and Jun Cheng had grown significantly from the beginning of the series.

Are you in university? Are any of your favourite dramas missing from this list? Let me know in the comment section.

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