14 Chinese Dramas With Multiple Seasons Perfect For A Binge Session

The bestest thing whenever I start watching an interesting drama is the thought that there are still a lot of episodes left to be watched (remember my meltdown after WIFTY?)

In this post, I’m listing 14 amazing Chinese dramas with more than one season and I just know that you’ll enjoy them. 

The second seasons could be either prequels or sequels, but sure is that you’ll get that same fun two times over. 

1. Please Don’t Spoil Me – 3 Seasons

Please Dont Spoil Me

Yan Yi Yi, an internet writer, lands in her own novel as a feisty supporter.

To escape a tragic fate, she outsmarts the emperor, but the plot police warn her of obliteration if she strays. 

So, surviving requires a dance with destiny and a secret romance with the emperor.

2. The House Of The Fairy Fox – 2 Seasons

House of the fairy fox

In warlord-era Linghe City, merchant Xiao Ge Ran gets tangled in a murder case, and she joins forces with Bai Qi, a fox descendant, to expose schemes by the Yin Yang Master, Jin Chuan.

3. My Handsome Husband – 2 Seasons 

My Handsome Husband

Gu Liang, murdered by her scheming ex-husband and sister, gets a second chance. 

As she rewinds a year, complications arise, and this leads her to a mysterious man and the quest for true love.

4. Please Be Married – 2 Seasons

Please Be Married

Gu Liang’s back for another round after being murdered by her cheating ex-husband. 

Changing past decisions stirs up trouble but also introduces a mysterious young man, and this is frankly one of the more exciting Cdramas with multiple seasons to watch.

5. Oh! My Dreamy Daddy – 2 Seasons

Oh My Dreamy Daddy

Qin Mu Xuan and Gu Zi Jin’s conspiracy leads to a cute baby, Qin Xiao Bai. 

Years later, the cold CEO Zi Jin wants Mu Xuan by his side, but their son complicates things. 

6. The Legend Of Zu – 2 Seasons 

The Legend of Zu

Zhuge Yu Wo battles evil for Mt. Zu Sect, but chaos ensues when the Scarlet Soul Stone ends up in Ding Yin’s body. 

Love blooms, power struggles shake the sect, and Jiang Hu faces catastrophic chaos in this amazing historical Cdrama

7. Double Characters – 2 Seasons

Double Characters

Tang Ming Xuan faces a mysterious reappearance of his wife’s death at his wedding. 

Doubts, suspicions, and hidden truths unravel, and this leads to a struggle for love and the real cause of danger.

8. Well-Intended Love – 2 Seasons

cuGaG lJxrJf

Xia Lin, a leukaemia-stricken actress, enters a fake marriage with CEO Ling Yi Zhou for a bone marrow transplant. 

Just like the other Cdramas in this list, this romantic Cdrama has more than one season, but unlike the others, the second season of this one is set in an alternate universe. 

9. My Girlfriend Is An Alien – 2 Seasons 

My Girlfriend Is An Alien

Alien Chai Xiao Qi meets the forgetful and overbearing boss Fang Leng, and this leads to a hilarious cross-star love story supercharged with superpowers.

10. Ode To Joy – 4 Seasons

Ode To Joy cdrama

In this slice-of-life, lighthearted Chinese drama, five women on the 22nd floor navigate career, family, and love struggles in Shanghai.

11. More And More Loves You – 2 Seasons

More and more loves you

Yu Lan’s 11-year secret crush on Sheng You Ting reaches a breaking point, but when she tries to forget about him, she realizes the impossibility of suddenly stopping a long-time love.

12. Maybe It’s Love – 2 Seasons

Maybe Its love

Long-distance couple Wei Qing and Zhou Shi break up due to trust issues but reunite two years later. 

As they make their way through their many past misunderstandings, they slowly find each other’s hearts again.

13. Fights Break Sphere – 2 Seasons

Fights Break Sphere

Genius Xiao Yan loses powers, summons Yao Lao, and sets out on a journey to avenge his family’s assassination and restore peace.

14. The Romance of Tiger and Rose – 2 Seasons

Tiger and rose

Aspiring screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian gets transported into her own TV series, and now she is determined to survive and rewrite her destiny as the Third Princess.

Have you ever finished a drama and wished it had even more episodes? These fantastic Chinese dramas with more than one season will definitely scratch that itch. 

Please check out the related posts below for even more recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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