Top 22 Chinese Dramas On YouTube With Complete English Subtitles

Are you looking for some new Chinese dramas to watch? 

It’s 2023 and there are a whole lot of OTT platforms, but sometimes, subscription fees can be a headache.

Luckily, there are loads of Chinese dramas on YouTube that you can watch right now.

These dramas are a 100% free to watch and you can toggle the quality options to get a crisp view. 

It’s YouTube, so you can expect a few ads, but I promise nothing too intrusive and you’re going to be binging away in no time. 

Here is a list of 22 romantic Chinese dramas available on YouTube you should stream ASAP: 

1. Hidden Love

Hidden Love cdrama

Sang Zhi falls in love with Duan Jia Xu, a guy who used to visit her house and play games with her brother when she was younger. 

Even though he’s older, she had a crush on him, but she decided to cut him off after a misunderstanding. 

She ends up going to his city to attend university, and they reconnect and their once innocent friendship turns into love as they spend time together.

2. The Last Princess

The last princess cdrama

Set in early 20th century China, the drama is about Jin Yu Rong, a noblewoman turned aspiring doctor, and Zhao Zheng Nan, the son of a powerful family who becomes a soldier. 

They both care about helping people, and they meet and fall in love, but are separated due to the changing times. 

Yu Rong finds purpose in the revolution, and this inspires Zhao Zheng Nan to join the fight against Japanese occupation for a better China.

3. My Little Happiness

My little happiness cdrama

Cong Rong wants to be a lawyer, but her mom insists she studies finance abroad. 

Unable to change her mom’s mind, Cong Rong pretends to go abroad but secretly works as a legal intern.

Her first case then involves her childhood friend Shao Qing, who is also her landlord, and as they reconnect, they try to resist fate, but their bond keeps growing.

This is one of the best romantic Chinese dramas with English subtitles you can watch on YouTube right now without any subscription or payment. 

4. Dating In The Kitchen 

Dating in the kitchen

Gu Sheng Nan works at Zijing Hotel and is underestimated in the kitchen, but she expresses herself through her cooking and improves as a chef. 

One day, she gets into a misunderstanding with her future boss (she bombed his car), CEO Lu Jin, who is known for making tough decisions. 

But, after trying one of Sheng Nan’s dishes, Lu Jin, who loves food, is impressed and acknowledges her talent, and this leads to an unexpected bond between them.

5. Perfect and Casual

Perfect and casual cdrama

This very interesting lighthearted romance Cdrama follows a cold and prickly professor named Zhang Si Nian and an exuberant person named Yun Shu. 

They met when Yun Shu scolded Si Nian without knowing he was her teacher. 

Later, they decide to pretend to be married for several reasons, and when they start to like each other, they realize that they both know nothing about being in a relationship.

6. The Centimeter of Love

The centimeter of love cdrama

Dr. Xu Qing Feng, a doctor, and Guan Yu Qing, an airline pilot, face tough family situations with demanding parents. 

To cope, they work extra hours to stay away from home, and when they meet and fall in love, they find strength in each other to confront their problems. 

But, their families oppose their relationship, and this only makes their journey to happiness all the more challenging.

You guys, this is another fantastic romantic family Cdrama with complete English subtitles on YouTube that you won’t regret watching – give it a chance. 

7. Love of Thousand Years

Love of thousand years

Fu Jiu Yun, a powerful immortal, has loved a mortal woman for a very long time but could never win her heart. 

After many lifetimes, she’s reborn as a princess, but faces danger from an evil prince and demons. 

With cleverness and help from Fu Jiu Yun, she escapes and seeks revenge, but their love is threatened by destiny. 

8. Unforgettable Love

Unforgettable Love cdrama

This wholesome Chinese drama is about He Qiao Yan, a serious CEO, and Qin Yi Yue, a kind child therapist, and it’s the sweetest found family drama you’ll ever watch.

They start as strangers but grow to love each other. 

If you want something new and different to watch, believe me when I say this Chinese drama with English subtitles on Netflix is well worth it. 

9. A Girl Like Me

A girl like me Chinese drama

Ban Hua, a lady of high rank, has had three failed marriages due to her direct and fiery nature. 

Despite her bad reputation, she’s kind-hearted at heart, and she soon starts having ominous dreams and uses them to protect her loved ones.

When she meets Count Rong Xia, who wants to get to the root of his family’s tragedy, they become friends, and Ban Hua helps him uncover the truth. 

10. Once We Get Married

Once we get married

Gu Xi Xi is a fashion shopper who works from home, buys fancy wedding dresses from Alex for her customers. 

One day, she meets Yin Si Chen, who is a serious businessman, at a private event about a business deal with Alex.

Due to an unexpected event, they agree to pretend to be married to help both their businesses, and over time, their different personalities lead to them falling in love in this pretend marriage.

You guys, I’m literally not kidding when I say that this is hands-down one of the most romantic Chinese dramas with complete English subtitles you can watch on YouTube completely free right now – you’ll love it. 

11. Please Feel At Ease, Mr. Ling

Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling

This Cdrama is about a woman named Gu An Xin who meets a successful executive named Ling Yue after an accident. 

Ling Yue’s injuries are connected to a fight for power in a big company, and while at first, he seems not very smart, he later shows that he’s actually very clever. 

12. Love Scenery

Love scenery cdrama

Liang Chen is passionate about sharing meaningful music that promotes kindness, authenticity, and excellence. 

On the other hand, Lu Jing is known for his expertise in computer science and studying complex human behavior, earning respect in academia. 

They start as strangers but grew closer as they pursued their dreams together using the power of big data.

13. The Love Equations

The Love equations cdrama

Zhou Xiao is a cheerful literature student who adores detective novels and often gets lost in their pages. 

She then falls in love with Zhao Fan Zhou, a serious forensic science major who is usually focused on his studies and comes across as distant and unapproachable. 

Their love story is quite surprising given Zhao Fan Zhou’s serious demeanor, and you’re absolutely going to be shipping them hard from the very first episode. 

14. The Romance of Hua Rong

The romance of Hua rong cdrama

Hua Rong’s dream adventure turns into a nightmare when she’s kidnapped by pirate Qin Shang Cheng, who wants to marry her. 

After escaping her island prison and a sea monster, she meets Prince Jin Yi Wen, who falls in love with her instantly.

But Qin Shang Cheng is determined to get her back, as he sees her as his lost treasure.

15. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My girlfriend is an alien cdrama

Chai Xiao Qi, an alien girl, got stuck on Earth when she lost her signal from her home planet, Cape Town. 

She then meets her boss, Fang Leng, who has a condition that makes him forget women when it rains.

Chai Xiao Qi, besides being an alien, is also a witch, so when she smells male hormones on Earth, she gets a bit loopy and funny things happen. 

To get by on Earth, she uses her special powers to fix all sorts of problems, and this then leads to a funny and romantic love story between them. 

16. The Oath Of Love

The Oath Of Love cdrama 1

Lin Zhi Xiao is a young cellist who is determined to pursue her dreams, but her world changes when her father gets cancer. 

Doctor Gu Wei, who’s also facing challenges, enters her life unexpectedly, and as they become friends and grow closer, they slowly realize that they bring happiness to each other. 

17. My Marvelous Fable

My marvelous fable cdrama

Best-selling author Wang Pu Tao and rookie editor Feng Tian Lan become colleagues by chance. 

Feng Tian Lan, attracted by a novel, ends up working at a publishing house, where his first task is to remind Wang Pu Tao to submit her new work.

After meeting at a bar, Wang Pu Tao agrees to submit her work on the condition that Feng Tian Lan agrees to her terms, and this leads to their adventurous journey together.

This is another must-watch Chinese drama on YouTube with English subtitles that super, super interesting and you definitely won’t regret giving it a chance. 

18. And The Winner Is Love

And the winner is love cdrama

Chong Xue Zhi, a young mistress from the Hall of Flames, sets out on a martial journey in this drama.

She then meets Shangguan Tou, the master of Moon Valley, and they fall in love. 

The Hall’s prized Lotus God Nine Stance Technique is stolen, and  Chong Xue Zhi is banished, and together with Shangguan Tou, they uncover a secret manuscript to counter a deadly technique, face a mysterious murderer, and unite to restore peace to the land.

19. Sweet Games

Sweet games cdrama

Nine years ago, An Ran was a popular university senior, and now, she’s an ambitious entrepreneur aiming for success. 

But, when her plan to impress investors fails, she gets drunk and has an unexpected romantic encounter with her landlord, who turns out to be her college junior with a long-time crush on her. 

To complicate things, they’re now working together on a project, and Yan Yue hopes An Ran might share his feelings for her.

This isn’t quite a second-chance romance Chinese drama, but it has a similar feel and I loved every minute of it. 

20. Snow Eagle Lord

Snow Eagle lord cdrama

Dong Bo Xue Ying, also known as the Snow Eagle Lord, is a young man from the Snow Eagle Territory. 

His father, who started with little, became a noble by acquiring the land, and when trouble arises, Dong Bo Xue Ying teams up with his friend Yu Jing Qui and Pu Yang Bo, a teleportation expert, to fight against demonic forces threatening their clan. 

They combine their magical abilities, martial arts, and clever thinking in hopes that it will free their realm from evil.

21. The Sword and The Brocade

The sword and brocade cdrama

Set in the Ming Dynasty, this Cdrama follows General Xu Ling Yi and Shi Yi Niang’s arranged marriage that leads to love despite her low status. 

She opens an embroidery workshop with his support, and they face challenges together while helping each other through thick and thin.

22. Mr Honesty

Mr honesty Chinese drama

Xu Yi Ren’s life takes a big turn when she loses her boyfriend and job at once.

So, her friend, Xia Di, suggests she work for an architecture company with CEO Fang Zhi You, who revealed her boyfriend’s cheating. 

Xu Yi Ren gets the job, but it comes with a strange request to cover up for her boss, and Fang Zhi You’s habit of revealing her lies causes even more trouble.

What do you think? Do you use YouTube often? How many of these dramas will you give a chance?

If you want to keep busy but save some much-needed money, any of these Cdramas on YouTube with English subtitles are the perfect choice and you’re going to have so much fun with them. 

Don’t forget to check the related posts below for even more amazing recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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