Top 8 Amazing Romantic Fantasy Chinese Dramas Begging To Be Watched

Chinese dramas take the cake for being some of the most popular, most engaging, and most available Asian dramas to watch (so many OTT platforms). 

And top of the top are xianxia dramas which aren’t the focus of this post, but I’d like to draw a distinction. 

Xianxia is a very popular Chinese drama genre that leans into magical elements (powers and mythical beings) and it’s most often contrasted with wuxia dramas, which are the more grounded, Cdramas about martial arts. 

This is all well and good, but one other genre that sort of flies under the radar are fantasy dramas which are neither wuxia nor xianxia but still feature fantastical beings. 

It’s a little hard to describe the difference between the both to someone who isn’t aware, but check out these romantic fantasy Chinese dramas on this list and let me know what you think. 

1. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My Girlfriend Is An Alien

Chai Xiao Qi, an alien with superpowers, lands on Earth and meets Fang Leng, a forgetful boss. 

Their comedic and romantic journey in this modern fantasy Chinese drama then kicks off as Chai Xiao Qi slowly adjusts to life on Earth while using her extraordinary abilities.

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2. Rattan

Rattan cdrama

Si Teng, a plant-alien hybrid, is resurrected by Qin Fang, an architect, after being hunted down and killed. 

Together, they discover the mysteries of Si Teng’s past while nurturing their blossoming romantic feelings.

This is one of the best Chinese romantic fantasy dramas that I always, always recommend to anyone who needs something new to watch – it’s so good!

3. Moonshine and Valentine

Moonshine and Valentine

Guan Pi Pi, marked with an ancient curse, crosses paths with He Lan Jing Ting, a deity from another realm. 

And his goal becomes to help her believe in love again while he tackles his own trick feelings about his unending solitary existence and the many supernatural forces at play.

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4. Miss Crow and Mr Lizard

Miss Crow and Mr Lizard

Gu Chuan, restricted by a heart condition, finds new hope and positivity through Jiang Xiao Ning, even though he faces different health issues.

5. Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams

Ling Ling Qi gains the ability to enter her colleague Bo Hai’s dreams after a malfunctioning experiment. 

And as she helps him overcome trauma in his dreams, their relationship deepens in both the dream world and reality.

You totally need to check this one out if you’ve been looking for a romantic Chinese fantasy drama that would keep you busy this weekend and I know you’ll love it.  

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6. Legally Romance

Legally romance cdrama

Qian Wei, in a coma, reverts to her teenage self in a dream world where she discovers a different side of her boss, Lu Xun.

7. Love Crossed

Love Crossed cdrama

Jiang Ke Le escapes her troubles by immersing herself in a VR world populated by the Love Boys, where she meets Lu Xiao. 

But as she delves deeper into the virtual world, she discovers many secrets that challenge her perception of reality and love.

Love Crossed is another super fantastic light fantasy romance Chinese drama with adorable and lovable leads who’ll have you rooting for them from the very first episode.

8. Mr Bad

Mr Bad cdrama

Nan Xing’s wish for unforgettable love brings her face-to-face with Xiao Wu Di, the antagonist of her novel. 

Even though they dislike each other at first, Xiao Wu Di becomes bound to Nan Xing and they start fulfilling her wishes.

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How many of these amazing fantasy and romance Chinese dramas will you give a try this weekend? Let me know in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to check out the related posts for even more top-of-the-top drama recommendations. 

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