19 Intense Thriller Chinese Dramas That Will Knock Your Socks Off

This time around, we’re looking into the dramas that bring the thrills, chills, and the good type of fun. 

I mean, if you haven’t watched a thriller Chinese drama before, get ready because these are the best of the best. 

I’m talking fast-paced action that will have you on the edge of your seat and all that good suspense that will make your heart pound twice as fast. 

Don’t miss out on any of these 19 must-watch Chinese thriller dramas – they’re so good: 

1. My Roommate Is A Detective

My Roommate Is A Detective

In the 1920s, Qiao Chu Sheng assembles a detective team with Lu Yao, a brilliant deductive thinker, and Bai You Ning, a determined reporter, to solve challenging murder mysteries.

2. Young Blood Agency

Young Blood Agency

Set in the Republican era, this Chinese thriller drama follows four passionate youths who come together to create the Young Blood Agency.

Their goal is to uncover the many perplexing mysteries, and as they gain notoriety for their successful investigations, they discover deeper connections and unresolved animosities from the past.

This leads them to realize the complex ties binding their team, and trust me when I say this thriller will keep you hooked.

3. The Ten Deadly Sins

Ten Deadly Sins 1

Hua Long, Su Mei, Bao Zhan, and Professor Liang form the SIG (Special Investigation Group), and they are are tasked with solving complex and disturbing homicide cases. 

As they work to unravel these mysteries, each member confronts personal peril, hidden plots, and personal development.

4. Storm Eye

Storm Eye cdrama

An Jing and Ma Shang are two fearless agents on a mission for justice to protect national interests. 

Ma Shang,  who is a national security agent, is tasked with tracking a spy to Shuangqing City. 

When he discovers the spy’s intent to steal top-secret research, Ma Shang then joins forces with local bureau leader An Jing, a former classmate who vanished a decade ago. 

Together, they launch Operation Storm Eye to uncover the truth.

5. The Code of Siam

The Code of Siam Cdrama

Xia Tian, a cunning criminal, toes the line of law, and when he wins big against a drug lord, his ex-lover Zhang Li, an Interpol agent, reenters his life. 

After a deadly encounter, Xia Tian is imprisoned, but he manages to escape and saves Zhang Li. 

Together, they unravel a complex plot in Bangkok involving a missing plane, a reunion, and a major conspiracy.

Does this sound interesting? You bet! This is hands-down one of the best Chinese thriller dramas out there with just a hint of romance and I just know you’ll enjoy watching it. 

6. The Silent Criminal

The Silent Criminal Cdrama

Cunning thieves plan to steal a powerful weapon but end up dead with an empty box. 

Noble warrior Long Yao investigates, so he allies with Shi Jing Yao, the town investigator. 

And while Li Huang Wu seeks her revenge, Zhao Ge wields powerful magic and intrigue and justice unfold in the town.

7. The Investigator

The Investigator cdrama

Xia Dong, an ethical investigator in global risk management, moves from the US to Shanghai to investigate more about a framed incident from his past. 

Then, he somehow reunites with his schoolmate-turned-colleague, Jian Yan. 

Together, they face life-threatening situations while upholding their principles, even after assisting a troubled old friend. 

8. Evil Nights

Evil Nights Cdrama 01

This fantastic historical Chinese thriller drama is set in old Shanghai, and it takes place at a time when a notorious serial killer terrifies the city. 

Private detective Chen Yi Ming, along with Zhang Tian Xiao, the police director’s son, and Yao Fei, a striking woman back from overseas, then come together to find the culprit. 

As they dig deeper, Chen then discovers shocking secrets linked to his own identity. 

9. Anti-Fraud League

Anti Fraud League Cdrama

A close-knit team, including ambitious Fang Yuan, brilliant Mi Ruo, lively Luo Xin, and outgoing Niu Meng, operates an insurance investigation agency. 

Together, they handle diverse insurance cases, and I know this might sound like a snooze-fest, but it’s so good I promise. 

There’s no romance in this Chinese drama, but it’s just as interesting and I daresay you’ll enjoy it a whole lot!

10. Double Tap

Double Tap cdrama

In Beijing, Li Hui Yan, a financially struggling but sharp-witted detective, often takes loans from his colleagues. 

And one day, Zhou You, a troubled funeral worker with a police connection for cadaver removal, discovers a fake death certificate. 

This sparks Li’s curiosity, and when his son’s friend is kidnapped, he launches an investigation that takes him to a remote northern town. 

Simultaneously, Zhou’s father is murdered, and he also finds his way to the same mysterious hometown.

11. The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter

In the late Qing Dynasty, a wealthy merchant named Mr. Bai is murdered in a small town in Jiangnan, and this becomes a widely known crime. 

An Pinyuan, a bounty hunter, is then sent to Baisha Town to investigate and while investigating, he finds out that Mr. Bai’s death is tied to a hidden secret. 

The four wives of the Bai family, the Japanese, and the bandits all seem involved, and the mystery is connected to An Pinyuan’s own father’s death. 

Both deaths trace back to a valuable gold mine map, and if you want a classic whodunit Chinese thriller drama, you’re going to love this one that’s all shades of awesome. 

12. The Burning River

The Burning River

In this drama, a female police captain and a young detective join forces to discover the hidden truths in several cases involving a problematic online ride and a web of complicated clues. 

The investigation reveals deep connections between the town’s past, present, and future.

13. The Long Season

The Long Season

Wang Xiang, a taxi and train driver, meets a person he’s longed to confront in a small town’s birch forest. 

And while he’s not sure whether he’s a friend or foe, he decides that he must get closure for his son. 

A mysterious discovery from two decades ago links lost loved ones across time, and this pushes them to discover a truth that transcends eras. 

14. The Embroidered Shoes

The Embroidered Shoes

Officer Qiao Heng arrives in the spooky Pinghe village during the Chinese Republican era to probe a murder involving embroidered shoes. 

But, he faces eerie encounters and strange incidents, which turn out to be ultimately connected to a series of deaths that expose the village’s hidden secrets. 

You guys, murder mysteries set in small towns are always super atmospheric and beautiful, so trust me when I say you’re going to enjoy this thriller Chinese drama a whole lot. 

15. The Long Night

The Long Night

In this very interesting thriller Cdrama, a seemingly clear-cut case turns out to be anything but. 

And after numerous witnesses and a confession, the prosecutor discovers a deeper, shocking injustice. 

This revelation consumes a decade of his life, costing him his youth, career, reputation, family, and ultimately, his very existence.

16. Burning Ice

Burning Ice Cdrama

A regular guy steps into danger when he accidentally gets tied up in a murder linked to the woman he adores.

In an instant, his peaceful life turns chaotic as he finds himself hunted by both the law and dangerous criminals.

17. Kidnapping Game

Kidnapping Game

A high-stakes game turns deadly when a gaming studio owner, Yu Hai, fakes the kidnapping of his investor’s daughter, Lu Jie, for ransom. 

But their plan takes a dark turn when Lu Jie is found dead and Detectives Wu Yuke and Miao Jia race against time to put the picture together.

18. Never Say Never

Never Say Never Cdrama

Fang Han’s girlfriend, an undercover agent named Luo Fei, is tragically killed while on a mission. 

And things get even worse when the team Fang Han is on fails to stop criminals involved in illegal activities, which results in many losses and the escape of the mastermind. 

In honour of Luo Fei and at the request of the police chief, Fang Han takes on his girlfriend’s mission undercover to dismantle the drug ring and seek justice for her death.

19. Unexpected Falling

Unexpected Falling Cdrama

Ruan Zhen Zhen had a content life with her wealthy husband until his sudden death, and this left her with massive debts. 

Lawyer Gao Jun then appears,  and when he offers help, Ruan Zhen Zhen is immediately wary of his intentions. 

Do you love thrillers? Any of these thriller Cdramas are perfect for a night-in. 

They’re so bingeable and trust me when I say that you’ll love them. 

Don’t forget to check out the related posts for even more recommendations and let me know if you have any other recommendations in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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