22 Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas Of 2023 You Should Watch

Best Modern Romantic Chinese drama of 2023 to watch

I’ll tell my kids and anyone else who cares to listen that 2023 was one of the best years in my life as a lover of Asian dramas.

We got so many new faves and, you guys, if you’ve been keeping updated with the many romance releases, then you know that the romance Chinese dramas this year have been simply amazing.

I won’t waste too much time with this preamble, so get ready to be thrilled!

Here are 22 of the best modern romantic Chinese dramas released in 2023 to watch now: 

1. Hidden Love

Hidden Love cdrama 1

Sang Zhi falls for Duan Jia Xu, her brother’s friend who is five years her senior.

They reconnect after she joins his city university, and their close friendship blossoms into love.

2. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You cdrama

In 2012, bubbly transfer student Su Zai Zai falls for the very aloof Zhang Lu Rang. 

With the help of friends, they navigate life’s challenges, and love blooms in their tight-knit group.

This is a personal fave I’ve been screaming about, and if you’re in the mood for a new-ish modern romantic Cdrama about high school students, you’ll enjoy this one. 

3. Meet Yourself

Meet Yourself

Hotel worker Xu Hong Dou decides to retreat to a small village after her friend’s death. 

While adjusting to rural life, she teams up with city folk, including Xie Zhi Yao, and discovers that we can find love and peace in the most unexpected places.

4. Exclusive Fairytale

Exclusive Fairytale

Childhood friends Ling Chao and Xiao Tu navigate youth, rivalry, and unspoken feelings in this beautiful 2023 romance drama.

When Ling Chao realizes the depth of his love for Xiao Tu, he discovers that keeping his secret crush a secret won’t be easy for long. 

5. Road Home

Road Home Chinese drama

Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen’s love withstands distance and career changes.

After years apart, fate reunites them and they get a chance to rekindle their relationship and when they meet again during winter, it was magical.

I would do anything for a second chance romance drama and I’ll tell you for free that this 2023 Chinese romance drama available on YouTube ticked all the right boxes. 

6. I Belonged To Your World

I Belonged To Your world

Qi Yue’s son from the future helps her rewrite her fate with Lu Xiao. Facing differences, they enter university together, and Qi Yue’s cheeky efforts win Lu Xiao’s heart.

7. The Love You Give Me

The love you give me cdrama

Min Hui and Xin Qi reunite after five years, and now they have to deal with the many past misunderstandings. 

As they discover their son’s health condition, they try their best to rebuild trust and love as a family.

8. Here We Meet Again

Here We Meet Again cdrama

In this drama, Xiang Yuan reunites with her former crush, Xu Yan Shi, to save a struggling company. 

Even in the face of the different challenges, they try to support each other and pursue their dreams together.

9. Scent of Time

Scent of Time cdrama

Hua Qian gets a second chance to make amends after a past mistake. 

Focused on family and redemption, she supports the love between Zhong Ye Lan and Mu Yao.

10. Fireworks of My Heart

Fireworks of my Heart cdrama

Childhood friends Song Yan and Xu Qin reunite as fire chief and emergency doctor. 

Fate brings them together again, and they realize that they’re now navigating newfound feelings and past obstacles.

11. Please Be My Family

Please Be My Family Cdrama

Qi Si Le is trying to secure the Maolin planning project to cover her daughter Xuan Xuan’s surgery expenses. 

And while pursuing her boss, Song Hao Yu, a twist involving matching brooches intertwines their lives.

In a bid to create a complete family for their children, Song Hao Yu proposes to Qi Si Le, and this launches them into marriage with an uncertain future.

12. A Date With The Future

A Date With The Future chinese

A decade after firefighter Jin Shi Chuan saved Xu Lai from an earthquake, their paths crossed again. 

As a news reporter, she’s saved by Jin Shi Chuan once more, but he doesn’t recognize her. 

Determined to win his heart, Xu Lai becomes a dog trainer, hoping love can heal past scars, and you guys, if you haven’t watched this absolute treat of a wholesome 2023 drama, you need to give it a chance ASAP. 

13. My Lethal Man

My Lethal Man cdrama

Shen Man Ning’s life takes a turn after a kidnapping case links her to Zhuang Xin Yan. 

Forced into a second life as Yan Xing Cheng’s fiancée, they evolve from hostility to love, and end up solving a 17-year-old case together.

14. I May Love You

I May Love You cdrama

Screenwriter Tang Xin has had a secret crush on her manager Tang Yu for the longest time, but he has feelings for her best friend. 

A rejected confession leads Tang Xin to resign, but Tang Yu tries to convince her to stay, and this sets the stage for potential love.

15. Bright Eyes In The Dark

Bright Eyes In The Dark cdrama

Lin Lu Xiao, head of a Special Operations Station, meets Nan Chu during a firefighting reality show. 

As their understanding deepens while they take on several rescue operations, they affirm their feelings but a dangerous forest fire is underfoot. 

16. You Are Desire

You are desire chinese

Lin Yu Jing reunites with her seatmate Shen Juan in university, and as they navigate life’s challenges, they discover their own directions. 

This is yet another one of the most modern romantic Chinese dramas released this year that 2023 blessed us with, and if you’ve been hesitant to watch it, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. 

17. Miss Mystery

Miss Mystery cdrama

Xue Tong wants revenge for her family’s murder, so she poses as Lin Bao Er and partners with Zhu Guan Wen.

Soon enough, they realize that they have become extra careful in their fake relationship, and, you guys, it was lovely watching these two initially wary people fall for each other.

18. Love Is A Panacea

Love is Panacea cdrama

In this beautiful drama, Neurosurgeon Gu Yun Zheng and former student Su Wei An unite against Huntington’s disease.

19. South Wind Knows

South Wind Knows cdrama

Fu Yun Shen and Zhu Jiu’s medical rescue initiates a rocky romance, and soon they’re overcoming their misunderstandings and uncovering many secrets about each other.

South Wind Knows is yet another fantastic modern romance Cdrama of 2023 that made me feel every single thing and I just know you don’t want to miss it. 

20. Forever Love

Forever Love cdrama

Actress Bai An Ge and sickly Gu Heng enter a contractual marriage after a car accident erases her memory. 

And when their love starts blooming, they wonder whether it can survive the contractual terms of their relationship. 

This 2023 lighthearted romantic Chinese show came to me at the exact moment I needed it, and it’s perfect for a light watch any time of the day.

21. Dear Mr Hermitage

Dear Mr Hermitage cdrama

Food blogger Su Shi Yu takes on the task of persuading Lin Wei to leave his meditation retreat. 

As they clash, they discover true independence and an unexpected connection. 

22. You Complete Me

You Complete Me cdrama

After a breakup, Jiang Shaoheng looks for fashion designer Su Banxia, and this sparks a dramatic reunion. 

You guys know I would watch a second chance romance drama any time of the day, so I loved seeing these two work their way through the past betrayals for their paths to intertwine once again.

How many new modern romance Chinese dramas of 2023 did you watch this year?

As I said earlier, this is the very first time I’ve been so active and watching every single new release I could get my hands on, and they didn’t disappoint – check them out!

Let me know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check the related posts below for even more drama recommendations. 

Happy watching!


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