8 Romantic Chinese Dramas For Introverts You Should Give A Chance

I’m in that awkward in-between stage of life where I’m slowly shedding the last vestiges of my socially awkward phase, and it hasn’t been the easiest process. 

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and a little thrown by the many leads in Cdramas who are bold, courageous, and can effortlessly work a crowd.

This post is basically me listing my favorite Chinese dramas with introverted leads who I strongly identify with.

And if you’re also an introvert, I’m sure you’ll find a new favorite in no time!

These are 8 super-sweet romantic Chinese dramas about introverts who shine in their own way: 

1. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You cdrama

This high-school romantic comedy is about Su Zaizai, a cheerful transfer student who falls in love with Zhang Lurang, a cool and introverted boy who suffers from low self-esteem and family pressure. 

Together, they overcome various challenges and grow as individuals and as a couple, while nurturing their friendships.

You guys, Lurang and Zaizai in WIFTY really complemented each other on every level, and it was so lovely watching him slowly come out of his shell.

One thing I loved so, so much was how Lurang, our introverted male lead, remained his introverted self up until the end, but his growth was so evident and it was the most wholesome thing ever.

2. The Imperial Coroner

The imperial coroner cdrama

Chu Chu is a young girl from a family of coroners who wants to become a professional coroner in the capital. 

She then meets Xiao Jin Yu, a prince and a detective who accepts her as his partner.

Together, they solve many cases and uncover a shocking conspiracy that involves Chu Chu’s family. 

3. The Story of Ming Lan

The Story of Ming lan cdrama

In this historical family drama, Sheng Minglan is the unfavored daughter of an official in the Northern Song dynasty. 

She is constantly bullied by her stepmother and half-sisters, but she quickly learns to hide her skills and true intentions. 

She then meets Gu Tingye, the second son of a powerful family, and marries him and they deal with his enemies and achieve justice.

In time, they take revenge on the ones that wronged them and you guys, Minglan was ordinarily introverted but she became even more so because of the way they constantly treated her. 

4. A Familiar Stranger

A Familiar Stranger

Shi Qi swaps faces with Shen Qin, the prime minister’s daughter who wants to escape from an arranged marriage. 

So, she marries Shen Qin’s fiancé, Xiao Han Sheng, a general whom she recognizes from a past encounter. 

Shen Qin runs away with her lover, Prince Ning, who is plotting a coup and Shi Qi and Xiao Han Sheng then fall in love. 

5. Fall In Love

Fall in love

This is another fantastic historical political romance Chinese drama for introverts and I can assure you that it’s simply brilliant.

Mu Wan Qing returns to China with her mother’s ashes, so she pretends to surrender to her father, but actually wants to find out the truth behind why her parents divorced. 

She then meets Tan Xuan Lin, a former rebel who becomes a commander of the army. 

She also befriends Xu Guang Yao, the son of a rival commander, and the three of them get involved in a complex web of love, loyalty, and betrayal. 

6. Unrequited Love

Unrequited love

Luo Zhi has a crush on Sheng Huai Nan, a boy who has been her childhood playmate for fifteen years, and even though they end up attending the same university, they drift apart. 

Luo Zhi tries to get closer to him, but she has to face his ex-girlfriend, Ye Zhanyan, and her admirer, Ding Shui Jing. 

Sheng Huai Nan also has feelings for Luo Zhi, but struggles to express them, but they eventually overcome their misunderstandings and confess their love.

Luo Zhi is also another introverted character I really, really relate to on so many different levels – the awkwardness, the overthinking, and the odd shuffling about. 

7. My Sunshine

My sunshine

This beautiful drama is about a couple who were separated by a misunderstanding in their youth, and meet again after seven years. 

The female lead is a quiet, introverted, and gentle photographer, who has a hard time opening up to people. 

On the other hand, the male lead is a successful lawyer, who is still in love with her, and the drama follows their reunion and reconciliation, as well as their past and present.

8. Meeting You 

Meeting you

Despite his brilliance in academics, Nan Xi struggled with social anxiety and found it hard to make friends, and while he longed for companionship, he was terrified of interacting with others.

Xia Rui was the opposite of him: she was cheerful, friendly, and popular, but fate brought them together, and they formed a close bond. 

Their friendship blossomed into romance, even though they had many differences, and you guys, this Chinese drama was a heartwarming story of a sweet and timid male lead who stole my heart with his many cute moments.

Are you an introvert? Do you have any introverted friends? Do you know any other romantic Chinese dramas for introverts that you would enjoy?

Remember to check out the related posts below for even more recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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