Top 30 Thrilling Political Chinese Dramas You Can Watch This Weekend

Are you in the mood for something mind-bending, political Chinese dramas that’ll keep you hooked to your seat? I’ve got you.

In this post, I’ve listed 30 over-the-top political Chinese dramas that are thrilling, engaging, and super fantastic. 

1. The Song of Glory

The Song of glory

In the Liu Song Dynasty, young Emperor Liu Yi Kang faces internal strife. 

To restore peace, he forms a strategic alliance with the powerful Shen family and must navigate political intrigue and love.

2. The Longest Day In Chang’An

The longest day in Chang an

Set in 744 A.D., this drama takes place in Chang’an during the Lantern Festival. 

Intelligence chief Li Bi, a Taoist priest, and death row prisoner Zhang Xiao Jing must thwart an impending attack and political turmoil within the court.

3. Sparrow


While the republican revolution in Shanghai is underway, secret agent Chen Shen works under Special Operations Executive Director Bi Zhong Liang.

Known as sparrows, these agents play very important roles during the revolutionary time.

This is one of the best political Chinese dramas I’ve watched in a hot while and it’s frankly so interesting to watch. 

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4. The Rise of Phoenixes

Rise of the Phoenixes

Feng Zhi Wei, disguised as a man, must survive the many political intrigues in Qingming Academy while remaining loyal to the emperor. 

Her love for the 6th prince, Ning Yi, is also tested as they face challenges and try to get their revenge.

5. Destined


Liu Yu Ru, married to the notorious Gu Jiu Si, learns business from her mother-in-law even while being maltreated. 

As war looms, the couple grows closer and they must face hardships that will shape their destined path.

6. The Liberation of Shanghai

The Liberation of shanghai

Set in 1949, this political drama shows the Communist Party’s efforts to reconstruct Shanghai after liberation – you’ll see the political, economic, and social challenges faced by city leaders in the first year post-liberation.

7. The Princess Weiyoung


After the Northern Wei Dynasty falls, Princess Feng Xin Er assumes the identity of Li Wei Young. 

Facing hardships, she uses her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman and even finds love in the process.

8. Secret of Three Kingdoms

Secret of Three kingdoms

Set in the Three Kingdoms era, this drama follows Sima Yi, a strategist, as he contends with Cao Cao. 

Political intrigue and power struggles then start as Sima Yi faces formidable opponents in his quest for ultimate power.

9. The Advisor’s Alliance

Advisor alliance

This political Chinese drama is based on the life story of Sima Yi, a great politician and strategist during the Three Kingdoms era, and how he contends with Cao Cao and his heirs.

10. Untouchable Lovers

Untouchable Lovers

Tianji Tower wants to overthrow the Liu Song dynasty. 

Liu Chu Yu and Rong Zhi’s relationship faces challenges, including memory loss and political machinations in this tale of love amid political unrest.

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11. The King’s Woman

The Kings woman

Gong Sun Li, who is being pursued by the Qin Emperor, becomes embroiled in political intrigues and tragic events. 

The story unfolds as she faces challenges, including an assassination attempt by her beloved Jing Ke.

12. Ming Dynasty

Ming dynasty

Sun Ruo Wei navigates court politics after her family’s demise, and after choosing virtue over revenge, she becomes an empress who supports Zhu Zhan Ji only to face challenges after his death.

13. The Legend of Hao Lan

Legend of hao lan

Set in the Warring States Period, Li Hao Lan, forced into slavery must use her wits to survive. 

14. The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator

In 1941 Shanghai, a spy faces exposure and is forced to pretend as a family the story shows growth with espionage, love, and navigating suspicions in a dangerous time.

15. The Rebel Princess

The rebel princess

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi, forced into marriage, join forces to protect their homeland. 

Their love story even with the power struggles, betrayals, and threats to their kingdom.

16. Singing All Along

Singing All along

Liu Xiu’s love for Yin Li Hua is underway when he becomes the founder of the Eastern Han dynasty and reinstates the House of Liu after Wang Mang’s usurpation.

17. The Legend of Xiao Chuo

The Legend of xiao chuo

In the 10th century Liao dynasty, Xiao Chuo became a fierce defender of the realm, marrying the Emperor. 

Meanwhile, Han De Rang rises through the ranks and this leads to a complex love story.

18. Can Cao

Can cao

This political Chinese drama tries to present a historically accurate portrayal of Cao Cao’s life that covers his adolescent years to the period just before the Battle of Red Cliffs.

19. The Disguiser

The Disguiser

Set in the period of the Sino-Japanese war, the drama goes into betrayal, romance, friendship, and familial ties behind espionage. 

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20. Who Rules The World

Who Rules The world

Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi, opposites in skill and intellect, join hands in a chaotic martial arts and political world while love, politics, and imperial unrest bloom.

21. The Imperial Age

The imperial age

Zhu Di, the fourth son of Zhu Yuan Zhang, fights battles, becomes a skilled politician, and rises to protect the Ming Dynasty during a tumultuous period.

22. People’s Property

Peoples Property

Set during China’s economic reform, this historical political Chinese drama shows the transformation of state-owned enterprises and focuses on the challenges faced by Huafu Company’s subsidiary.

23. Palace of Devotion

Palace of devotion

Orphaned Liu E rises to power as Empress Dowager during the Song Dynasty and she must navigate court politics and serve as regent after her husband’s death.

24. Word of Honor

Word of honor

Zhou Zi Shu, a former assassin, disguises himself and befriends Wen Ke Xing. 

Together, they unravel a conspiracy involving the Glazed Armor and face dangers and political intrigue.

25. Qin Dynasty Epic

Qin Dynasty epic

This drama follows the late stages of the Warring States era, where Ying Zheng and formidable politicians unite the six states under the Qin Empire and this marks the beginning of Imperial China.

26. Royal Nirvana

Royal nirvana

Crown Prince Xiao Ding Quan faces internal conspiracies as he strives for his father’s love, and his relationship with Wen Xi becomes a pillar of support while he faces political unrest.

27. Spy Hunter

Spy hunter

Set in 1931, Communist Party agents in Paris engage in secret deals, betrayals, forbidden love, and brotherhood while the Sino-Japanese war carries on.

28. Rookie Agent Rouge

Rookie Agent rouge

Lan Yan Zhi, a privileged banker’s daughter, becomes a spy in 1937 and she unintentionally becomes embroiled in political intrigue and espionage.

29. Court Lady

Court lady

Sheng Chu Mo, born into privilege, transforms after meeting Fu Rou who is a master weaver. 

They then go on different paths as they navigate different political challenges and dangers in their quest for greatness.

30. Scarlet Heart

Scarlet Heart drama

Zhang Xiao travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty and becomes Maertai Ruoxi. 

And soon, love and palace intrigue intertwine as she becomes entangled in the struggle for the throne.

These are hands down some of the best historical political Chinese dramas that take place during some of the most thrilling points in history and I promise you’ll totally love them!

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