8 Romantic Chinese Dramas About Love At First Sight Full Of Swoons

Romantic Chinese dramas about love at first sight scaled

I love it when I watch a drama and a lead recognizes the other person as “The One” immediately after they meet. 

It’s romantic and sweet and so heartwarming in the best way possible and you’re going to be absolutely enthralled. 

So, I’ve now listed some super romantic Chinese dramas about love at first sight full of swoons you should definitely check out. 

1. Crush

Crush Chinese drama

Sang Wu Yan falls in love with Su Nian Qin, our male lead, the minute she sets her eyes on him and one thing that makes this all the more sweeter is that she had already been in love with his secret song-writer persona, Yi Jin. 

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2. Flipped In My Youth

Flipped In My Youth Chinese drama

Chen Ye fell for Li Zhao Di the minute they met and to get her to marry him, he promised they would emigrate, but years later, he hasn’t fulfilled his promise and the added burden of their fertility issues puts a strain on their marriage. 

While this is very much a romantic Chinese drama, it’s also incredibly realistic and touches on some heavy issues – you’ll enjoy it a whole lot. 

3. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You

If you’ve watched this high school drama, then you probably remember how Su Zai Zai, who fell for Zhang Lu Rang the first time she saw him, and was so fervent about her love for him.

From high school to college to adulthood her love persevered and if that isn’t the sweetest thing, I don’t know what is.

4. Siege In Fog

Siege In Fog Chinese drama

It’s a little rare to find historical Chinese dramas about love at first sight but this lovely one about our male lead falling for Qin Sang the minute he laid his eyes on her and then forcing her to marry him even though he knew she still had feelings for her ex is forever iconic. 

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5. Song Of Youth

Song of youth Chinese drama

Lin Shao Chun disguises herself as a man to get revenge after her family’s fall.

And soon, she forms a bond with Sun Yu Lou, who falls for her at first sight, but their relationship is tested when she starts suspecting his family’s involvement in her downfall.

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6. Little Doctor

Little Doctor Chinese drama

For Guo Jing, his life changed when he met Huang Rong: he fell in love and he also realised that he needed to step into his adult shoes properly to be worthy of her. 

But he’s also poor, overly analytical, and clinical about everything, so needless to say, her brother (who is his boss) doesn’t support their relationship. 

7. You Are The Star Of Tonight

You are the star of tonight

Years ago, Liang Yi Mo saved Leng Ye Shen and he fell absolutely in love with her, but their relationship suffers many misunderstandings before they get their happily ever after.

This might be one of those very short-length series (dramas with less than 10 minutes per episode), but trust me when I say this Chinese drama about love at first sight totally packs a punch. 

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8. First Romance

First Romance Chinese drama

Yan Ke fell for Xiong Yi Fan at first sight in high school and since then, he kept his feelings carefully hidden

But then they land in the same university and now she’s a popular pianist while he’s an even more popular student and he decides that he will be finally upfront about his feelings for her. 

I loved this one a whole lot and it was such a balm to my soul to see the both of them deeply fall in love with each other. 

What do you think? Will you check out any of these amazing Chinese dramas about love at first sight? Let me know in the comment section below.

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