9 Super Good Chinese Dramas About Amnesia To Binge This Weekend

Best Chinese drama about amnesia to watch now

I know for sure I’m not the only one who has like hyper-specific taste and special tropes I hold dear to my heart. 

For this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Chinese dramas about amnesia where one or both of our leads lose their memory and must learn to survive again.

It’s always sad and heartwarming to see them slowly start to find a new normal in a world where everything is unfamiliar. 

So, I’ve now listed 9 of my personal favorite, cringe-free Chinese dramas about amnesia that you should absolutely give a chance. 

1. Lover Or Stranger

Lover Or stranger

Luo Qian Yi, a renowned violinist, loses her identity and memory after a tragic avalanche incident in Hokkaido, Japan.

And so, her fiancé is left to search for her even as she tries to make sense of the fog of her forgotten past.

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2. To Get Her

To get her

Idol Tu Si Yi gets trapped in a video game and his girlfriend Lin Zheng Zheng must help him become king despite his memory loss and initial hostility.

3. Forget You Remember Love

Forget you remember love

CEO Shan Jun Hao loses his memory after an accident and forms a close bond with Ye Qian Yu, but they’re unaware of their previous encounter and her hidden motives.

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4. The Trick of Life and Love

The trick of life and love

After saving her old enemy Ning Cheng Ming, who now has amnesia, Li Qian tries to keep her budding feelings under wraps when their past conflicts resurface.

5. Closer To You

Closer to you cdrama

Surgeon Wu Jing Hao travels back in time to help classmate Han Fei overcome guilt from a tragic accident, and this gradually brings them closer together.

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6. Circle of Love

Circle of love

Gu Meng wants to get revenge on her supposed ex-fiancé Hong Ye, but an accident erases her memory, and before she knows it, she gets even more Tangled with him.

Of all the Chinese dramas about amnesia on this list, this is perhaps the most problematic and off because she kept losing her memory and Hong Ye was the most toxic male lead ever. 

7. Well-Intended Love

cuGaG lJxrJf

Xia Lin enters a fake marriage with CEO Ling Yi Zhou to secure a bone marrow transplant, and this soon leads to genuine love amid.

Yi Zhou develops amnesia at one point and then continues faking it so that he can get the perpetrators. 

8. Sweet First Love

Sweet First love

Zhuo Yifeng, starts suffering from selective amnesia after a car accident,  and together with her childhood friend Su Muyun and others, she does all she can to get her memory back. 

9. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My Girlfriend Is An Alien

Chai Xiao Qi, an alien with unique powers, forms a comical and romantic relationship with the overbearing boss Fang Leng, who fakes amnesia as they slowly fall for each other.

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What do you think? Do any of these Chinese dramas about amnesia sound interesting? Will you check them out? Let me know in the comment section.  

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