9 Quirky Historical Chinese Dramas Loaded With Funny Moments

I think a lot of people avoid historical Chinese dramas because they’re oftentimes a little too political and too complex to watch. 

But there are some very lighthearted ones which are quirky at best and they’re super funny and interesting to watch.

So, now I’ve rounded up 9 absolutely hilarious quirky historical Chinese dramas that will leave you in stitches and make you cackle from the very first episode. 

1. Oh My Emperor

Oh my emperor 1

Luo Fei Fei, a modern-day doctor, gets transported to ancient Huang Dao which is ruled by rotating monarchs from the Zodiac signs. 

Despite an unexpected twist of fate, she befriends Emperor Bei Tang Yi and faces challenges with a playful spirit. 

And with her group of feeble villains, Luo Fei Fei sets out to do something very bold (to win the emperor’s heart) and it was pure laughs from start to finish. 

2. The Moon Brightens For You

Moon Brightens For you

Zhan Qing Hong wants to be a martial arts master, but when she makes moves towards his dream, she discovers a world controlled by traitors. 

With Lin Fang’s help, a playboy seeking revenge, they set out to reform and rebuild the martial arts world.

I know this might not sound super funny on the face of it, but there are so many scenes and hilarious lines that have stuck with me and I know you’ll enjoy their brand of slapstick comedy. 

3. The Queen Of Attack

Queen of attack cdrama

Liang Wei Wei, an online novelist, has been writing a romance featuring Queen Liang Wei Luo and King Jing Qing. 

Heartbroken, she turns Wei Luo into an evil character, but unexpectedly, she gets trapped in her own story and must face the wrath of the evil queen. 

To save herself, Liang Wei Wei approaches the male lead, Jing Qing, repeatedly, and now caught between two queens, Jing Qing’s choice becomes a central dilemma.

You guys, I love a love triangle as much as anyone, but I never knew that an engineered one would hit all the right notes.

4. The Sleepless Princess

The Sleepless princess

Princess Chu Yue, who is battling insomnia, marries General Xue Yao to uncover his brother’s suspicious death. 

Together, they find a sweet and heart-wrenching romance with each other while seeking the truth and still manage to have some comedic moments in it. 

5. Dr. Cutie

Dr cutie cdrama 2

Shen Zhao Er survives her family’s unjust execution and studies medicine to investigate and find out what actually happened. 

Now disguised as Tian Qi, she enters Ji Heng’s family and must keep her head on her neck while surviving the many twisted murders and conspiracies.

In this drama, our female lead pretends to be a boy and as we all know, this trope is always super, super funny – needless to say, lots of funny moments in this one. 

6. A Girl Like Me

A girl like me

Baroness Ban Hua wants to reform her bad reputation, so she becomes friends with Count Rong Xia and she helps him unravel the truth behind his family’s tragic fate.

7. The Legend of Jin Yan

The Legend of jin yan

In this funny historical Chinese drama, a general’s daughter, Wen Su Jin, and the young king Xiao Yu fall in love. 

And despite their initial conflicts, their love grows as they work together for the country.

8. Love With Blackbelly Lord

Love with blackbelly lord

Su Qing Ying, a modern secret agent, becomes the princess of Dongyue, but then she escapes a trap set by her fiance and meets Jun Li Ye, the regent of Beiling. 

There’s nothing more utterly swoony than the cat and rat trope where both leads are petty nutcrackers who are ready to chase each other from morning till night. 

And in this drama, our leads had fierce personalities that caused even fiercer issues and you’re going to absolutely love them. 

9. My Heroic Husband

My Heroic husband

Su Wen Xing, once determined to succeed in his father’s cloth store, is humiliated. 

But his life takes a turn when an old classmate offers to help him build something of his own.

I assure you that every single funny historical Chinese drama on this list is amazing, so if you’ve been hesitant to make a choice, go for it! 

The related posts have even more amazing recs for you that are simply stunning so make sure to give them a chance. 

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