10 Old-Ish Chinese Rom-Com Dramas You Shouldn’t Miss

Old romantic Chinese comedy drama to watch

2024 is definitely going to be a good year for Chinese drama lovers.

And if you are tired of waiting for new releases, I’ve rounded up this list of the best 10 romantic comedy Chinese dramas released in the past decade.

They are cringe, very problematic, and tend to drag but I promise they are going to transport you to another world and give you the biggest bolt of nostalgia ever. 

1. Skate Into Love

Skate Into Love cdrama

When Li Yu Bing and Tang Xue reunite at Lin Da University, the former is now an ice hockey star who wants revenge, but meeting Tang Xue thaws his heart. 

And in time, they solve their misunderstandings, heal their first loves, and survive new rivals while rediscovering their passion for ice sports.

2. Perfect and Casual

Perfect and casual cdrama

Yun Shu and Si Nian engage in a contractual marriage for different reasons (she needs a house and he needs a girlfriend) after a fractious first meeting.

These two then move from initially disliking each other to falling hopelessly in love – so much so they even start getting jealous of the people around each other. 

3. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

My Girlfriend Is An Alien

Chai Xiao Qi, a bubbly alien girl, stays on Earth and then meets the overbearing boss Fang Leng. 

Even though Xiao Xi’s power complicates their budding romance, they do what they can to fight for love. 

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4. Chef Hua

Chef hua

While pursuing her passion for culinary arts, Hua Xiao Mai meets the martial arts expert Meng Yu Huai. 

And they soon become quarrelsome lovers while advancing in the food business.

5. Lucky’s First Love

Luckys First Love 2

Xing Yun joins a gaming company and deals with her black-bellied boss, Xia Ke. 

Their bickering then brings them closer as Xing Yun grows from sketch artist to gaming designer.

6. Because of Meeting You

Because of Meeting you

Zhang Guo Guo grows up in a Wonton shop and meets brothers Li Yun Kai and Li Yun Zhe, and their love blossoms as they pursue their dreams.

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7. My Unicorn Girl

My Unicorn Girl cdrama

Sang Tian dresses as a male ice hockey player to join a college team. 

But this leads to complications when she is told to share a dormitory with Wen Bing, whom she has a history with.

8. Poisoned Love

Poisoned love

Fang Yan, a talented voice actor with a mental illness, meets Shi Meng, a film producer.

It was lovely to see both of them grow and embrace the parts of themselves they had kept hidden from others. 

9. The Centimeter of Love

Centimeter of Love

Doctor Xu Qing Feng and senior airline pilot Guan Yu Qing fall in love despite their difficult home lives and parental pressure.

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10. Boss & Me

Boss and me

In this workplace romance, Feng Teng, a conglomerate president, and his employee, Xue Shan Shan’s relationship evolve from a blood donation to Feng Teng sending her packed lunches. 

What’s beautiful about this is that Shan Shan’s sunny personality eventually melts Feng Teng’s heart and I just know you’ll love this one.

What do you think? Will you check out these Chinese dramas anytime soon? Let me know in the comment section. 

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