9 Musical Chinese Dramas To Watch That’ll Make You Feel Good

If you love music and you love Chinese dramas, chances are you’ve always wanted to find that sweet middle point. 

So, I’ve rounded up this list of the best of the best Chinese dramas about Music and I know you’ll love them!

1. Love Scenery

Love scenery

Liang Chen and Lu Jing, initially strangers, are brought together by their shared passion for music and big data. 

They bond while pursuing their dreams, with kindness and authenticity.

2. Love Behind The Melody

Love Behind The melody

Li Sa Sa, a talented pipa player, finds herself transported to the Sheng Dynasty where she meets Lu Jing Nian. 

Together, they form an all-women’s musical group and must survive the challenges and fall in love through their shared love of music.

3. Almost Famous

Almost Famous

Cheng Ming dreams of stardom and attends a performing arts academy where she meets pop idol You Zhi Qi. 

But, a misunderstanding leads to a scandal that tests heir budding relationship and You Zhi Qi’s career.

4. Childhood Sweethearts Pianist

Childhood Sweethearts pianist

Yang Chu Mo enters Xingchen Music College and reconnects with childhood crush Mu Liu Nian. 

Despite initial rejection, she tries to improve her piano skills to win his heart, and trust me when I say you’ll love this funny modern romantic Chinese drama. 

5. Last Friend

Last Friend

Qin Yi and Zhong Yi, best friends, part ways after a singing competition. 

Then, Zhong Yi forms a band with roommates and discovers a secret about Qin Yi that leads to reconciliation and music as a bond.

6. Youth Melody

Youth melody

Recent college graduates navigate adulthood, including Leo Ku’s business ventures, Jiang Meng Jie’s tomboy character, and relationships among friends played by Heechul, Zhou Mi, and Yang Yang.

7. Boom! Boom!

Boom boom

Lin Bo He, a boxing enthusiast, with the help of friends, pursues her dream of music through a band and they eventually take part in a major competition.

This coming of age Chinese drama is wholesome in all the ways that count and you’re going to absolutely love it!

8. Falling In Love With Me

Falling in love with me

Tone-deaf Tong Yu Xin becomes an online sensation with a magical necklace that charms audiences. 

After accidentally transferring it to Tang Yu Tong, she tries to win it back through seduction.

9. An Interrupted Song

An Interrupted Song

Mu Xiao Xi meets Kong Chen Yi, a music prodigy, and their relationship evolves from friends to lovers despite challenges. 

After parting ways, they reunite years later, reflecting on their past and their enduring connection and soon they fall in love all over again.

You guys, this is another precious musical Chinese drama that I lobed with everything in me and you’re 100% going to enjoy it. 

What do you think? Do you think you’ll give any of these musical Chinese dramas a chance? Let me know in the comments below.

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