6 Sweet Chinese Dramas Where The Girl Falls First

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There was a time when the foolish-girl-and-super-smart-guy trope was so popular in Asian dramas, but it’s become my least favorite trope.

That’s not to say people aren’t often naturally awkward and scattered, but it’s been overused to the point of annoyance.

If you’re like me, you might have dropped one too many dramas after the third awkward scene.

So, these lovely romantic Chinese dramas, where the female lead falls for the guy first and actively pursues him, were a breath of fresh air that you’d appreciate

1. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful cdrana

I always remember Chen Xiao Xi as a girl who was relentless and enthusiastic about showing up for her crush, Jiang Chen, every single time. 

He was probably the only person she was this dedicated to in her whole life and it was so sweet watching him slowly learn to open up as they grew up together.

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2. Hello, The Sharpshooter

Hello the sharpshooter

In this drama, two childhood friends reunite while she covers the Olympic preparations, and soon enough their past feelings start bubbling up.

Tang Xin was hopelessly drawn to Shen Qing Yuan from the beginning, and she did all she could to shake him (hint: he soon fell for her as well).

3. Unrequited Love

Unrequited love Chinese 1

Luo Zhi has had a crush on Huai Nan for the longest time, and by the time they get to university, they have a certain level of friendship, but even that is complicated.

I like an unrequited love as much as the next girl, and I’ll tell you for free that this endlessly wholesome drama was everything my heart needed. 

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4. Cute Programmer

Cute Programmer

Nobody could ever accuse Lu Li of being lazy or reluctant to pursue her crush, Jiang Yi Cheng, because firstly she follows him to his university, enrols in his major, and by the time they graduate, she finds out that the company he works at only hires men, so she decides to pretend to be a man.

5. Be With You

Be with you

Qi Nian intentionally gets close to Ji Yan Xin to get inspiration, but she soon starts developing feelings for him even as his brother, Ji Si Qi, gets entangled in the mix.

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6. Crush

Crush cdrama

I especially loved this romantic Chinese drama where the girl falls first because she had been in love with his secret identity, and then when she meets him for the first time in real life, she also falls in love with him.

Our male lead in this drama is visually impaired, so when she meets him, they are seated outside, and she practically glues her eyes to his face. 

Later on, it feels to her as if she’s cheating because she’s also in love with this mysterious singer, but she isn’t aware that the person she just met is the man.

What do you think? Will you give any of these lovely dramas a chance? Do you know any other romantic Chinese dramas where the girl falls first and chases the guy? Let me know in the comments below.

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