Top 10 Exciting Time Travel Chinese Dramas You Can’t Miss

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Time travel is easily one of the most popular tropes in drama and other forms of media that would probably never go out of fashion.

And if you ask me, I would say that what maintains the refreshing nature of this trope is that it’s something a lot of us want but isn’t entirely possible yet.

In dramas, the time travel trope could either involve a character going from the past to the future or vice versa, but either way, there’s a character who moves through time and space either accidentally or intentionally.

And in these beautiful time travel Chinese dramas, there’s everything from romance to thriller to political historical Chinese dramas, and I just know you’re going to be hooked.

1. Go Princess Go

Go Princess go

Playboy Zhang Peng accidentally travels back in time and wakes up as the crown princess, and now he’s torn between finding a way to go back to his time or spending as much time as he can allow with the ladies.

2. Cinderella Chef

Cinderella Chef

Ye Jia Yao travels back to ancient times where she becomes the daughter of a magistrate, and soon, she’s winning hearts with her cooking and lovable nature. 

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3. Love Weaves Through A Millennium

Love Weaves Through A Millennium

In this time-travel Chinese drama, Gong Ming accidentally time-travels to the present and falls in love with the actress Lin Xiang Xiang.

If you’re a loyal watcher of old Korean dramas, this plot might sound familiar and that’s because it’s a remake of 2012 Drama Queen In Hyun’s Man

4. Tang Dynasty Tour

Tang Dynasty Tour

Archaeologist Yun Ye gets stuck in the Tang Dynasty, and to survive, she realizes that she must rise through the ranks and rub shoulders with all the movers and shakers. 

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5. Till The End Of The Moon

Till the end of the moon

In this xianxia drama, Li Su Su goes back in time to stop the resurrection of a demon lord, but the more she learns about his past, the more she understands his actions. 

6. Nine Times Time Travel

Nine Times Time travel

Shan Yu discovers he can time-travel and tries to save his first love, Min Ying, but he soon discovers that altering the past isn’t always the best solution. 

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7. Embrace Love

Embrace love

Superstar Yan Mo who has a rare blood disease travels to modern times to save her life but ends up falling in love with the scientist who can help her.

And as with anything that has to do with time travelling, you can expect that their love is doomed from the very beginning. 

8. Legally Romance

Legally romance

Qian Wei is generally dissatisfied with her life and when she enters a coma after a ghastly accident, she dreams of her teenage self and even meets her boss who now has a markedly different personality.

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9. Blossom Dumping World

Blossom Dumping world

After a night of heavy drinking, Xia Xiao Qing is thrust back in time and she becomes a courtesan who must use her smarts, wiles, and beauty to survive. 

If you want a fantastic Chinese time travel drama with a healthy dose of politics that’ll keep you hooked, you’re going to enjoy this one. 

10. Belated First Love

Belated First Love

Hua Xiao Chi travels ten years into the future, where she confronts her past self and takes bold actions to change her fate.

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What do you think? Will you check out any of these time travel C-Dramas? Let me know in the comments below.

And don’t forget that the related posts have even more recommendations that will keep you busy all through. 


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